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Free Style VS. NBA Live 2008


As a basketball nut, I saw almost every NBA game from middle school. It has been more than 9 years! It is really a long time for me. And here I wanna share something about basketball.

Freestyle: USA Time Zones Guide


I've seen many people asking questions like "What time will it be on my city?" when GameKiss Freestyle has an event or something like it, that's why I decided to make a guide, for those who have no idea about the different time zones! I'll help you out making your life more simple and easier read on!

Freestyle Basic Guide Collections


Collected a large number of guides for fans to start this game.

Guide to Shooting Guard


Yo! It's your homie SirSlappy and I am bringing yall nubz yet another one of my super special sexy awesome guides to help you guys PWN at yet another position. What position am I teaching you about this time? No other than my favorite position of all time...SG

Freestyle - Kukgi Guide


In kukgi while you ride the through-pass you must input STEPS (either up, down, left, right, left+down, left+up, right+down, or right+up) to shoot without doing the frog shot or the turning shot.

Freestyle - Blocking Guide


Hi, I'm Kactus. This is my blocking guide (currently incomplete). This guide will teach you how to block different freestyles/skills. Well, I can't say that I'm the best blocker in the game, but I do have some experience in this field.

FreeStyle Beginner’s Guide - III. Key Configuration


This skill is used to stand still to stop the opponent defensive player. This skill is usually used to protect (screen) one of your teammates who has the ball from opponent defensive players. You need to predict the defensive player's movement prior to using this skill because it takes a moment before the skill is initiated.

FreeStyle Beginner’s Guide - II. Game Preparation


You need to create a character in order to play FreeStyle.

Woo! FreeStyle Comes Back to NA!


I just got angry with myself because I found this too late! FreeStyle has come back to NA and I didn't found it until now!

FreeStyle Beginner’s Guide - I. Installation and Start


You must first sign up for a membership at before playing FreeStyle. Click Sign-up on the upper right corner of the website to move to the sign-up page. Fill out the membership application form and click OK to join membership.

Compete in FreeStyle Street Basketball for Your Dream


The registration began for the first Club Tournament of the FreeStyle Street Basketball at FreeStyle clubs from different cities and regions will be participating in this Rookie Club Tournament and we expect some hot actions among the competitors in four separate divisions.

Freestyle Street Basketball: Official Release on May 6th


Gamekiss is pleased to announce the official release of The Freestyle street basketball - the world first online street basketball game on May 6. With the official release, players are invited to join the fun in one of the most innovative Full 3D online sports game on the market with unique features!

FreeStyle:Stars and Stripes Tournament will start!


Stars and Stripes Tournament will start on July 21st! prizes include a 50,000 and 25,000 point prize for second and third place, with all final winners receiving an exclusive FreeStyle T-shirt

FreeStyle Basketball in PH: Dig to Win Great Prize


MMOsite is celebrating 2 year Anniversary! To help with this celebration, we are running an official contest for great in-game prizes from Freestyle Basketball in PH.

Freestyle Offically Launched


Sierra Online, a division of Vivendi Games, teamed up with leading Korean developer JC Entertainment to bring FreeStyle Street Basketball to virtual courts across North America for the PC. FreeStyle Street Basketball is now officially available in retail stores or via digital download.

[FS]Freestyle come across OB


On Tuesday May 15, FreeStyle Street Basketball will officially launch!

[FS]MY Trip in Freestyle NA


My trip in NA FS, a very good game for basketball funs.

[FS]Alpha Test Tournament Day One Ends!


Day one of the FreeStyle Alpha Tournament for North America has come to a close.

[FS]Two Freestyle News


Alpha Test Announced and FreeStyle Preorder Program Announced

Free Online MMO Basketball


Freestyle Street Basketball is a fast-paced massively multiplayer online basketball game where players meet on virtual courts to challenge each other in a dynamic pick-up game environment, featuring cutting-edge music, fashions and gravity defying basketball moves.