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A Rational Look at Christianity; Basing Reason in Truth

Updated: 2018-02-20T14:20:14.382-08:00


Community vs Author?


Richard Bauckham Acknowledges "...the current consensus of Gospels scholarship which assumes  that each of the Gospels was written for a specific church or group  of churches: the So called Matthean Community,Markan community, Lukan community,and Johannine community." [1] He then goes on to refute this idea. He argues that the gospels were not produced for insular communities that never

Progressive Review: Bart Ehrman's "The Triumph of Christianity," Part 1


I've been waiting for this one for a while; the publication was delayed for reasons unknown, but it finally got to my mailbox early this week. Time doesn't permit me a full read-through these days, so I'll be reviewing it here in spurts.  So far I'm up to page 50, and the main point up to then is one that's going to send the Acharya S crowd into hysterics: No, Bart says, Constantine was not

Harmonizing Resurrection Accounts


Geotto  Skeptics are always using the differences in the number of women at the tomb and who saw Jesus first and told whom in each of the four gospels to foment confusion and doubt. We have no primordial document that can  be reconstructed to  give us the original event. The acounts we have are irreduceable because they are historical  eye witness accounts and cannot be reduced. We can,

The Bogus Gandhi Quote


I first made this post in 2012, and since then I've made a sort of mini-career out of tracking down bogus quotes like this one (including a video version below). It's a sort of fun microcosm of the way information is mishandled in the Information Age. ** I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ. – Mahatma Gandhi A Christian can probably

The Question of Science and God


There are some who believe that science has sounded the death knell for the belief in God. But that is far from the truth. In fact, science -- understood and applied appropriately -- and belief in God -- a correct belief in the God of the Bible -- are not incompatible at all. There are still areas that we have not yet fully figured out how to reconcile, but that is not the same as saying that the

The Historicity of the Women of the Tomb


The women at the empty tomb who were the first to preach the Gospel strike an important blow for women in the church, yet they are written off as made up, fictional, the product of folk lore, by the major and most accomplished scholars working under the assumptions of the from critical school. Form criticism is a philosophy and methodology of Biblical criticism, "Criticism" in relation to the

I Want a Stupidphone


Recently, Mrs H and I broke down and took a radical step in our personal lives. We bought our first smartphone. It may be a surprise that this is being said by me in 2018. It's like saying we just now discovered the wheel. Especially since I'm hardly less than Internet savvy, right? The main reason we bought the thing had little to do with making phone calls. Mrs H is discriminating about her

Cave Art and Animals - The Uniqueness of Human Beings


At my job, I regularly teach a class on safely assisting individuals with medications. During the class, I note that I have a dog. The dog will eat anything except for what the veterinarian gives it. For some reason, that dog can sense a veterinarian's pill and spit it out. So what do I do? I wrap the pill in cheese. That dog will eat anything wrapped in cheese. But then, I add, people are

Real Contradiction in the Resurrection Accounts?


Our atheist friend the regular on the comment section "Pixie" has an argument about the Resurrection accounts that is interesting and deserves answering: Mark is clear that Jesus went on ahead to Galilee. This is in both chapter 14 and 16. The supposed appearances in Jerusalem contradict that. You page on harmonization fails to even mention Galilee, totally ignoring both Mark and Matthew!.

Confirmation Bias Bias


This post was something I wrote in 2012, but needless to say, I still hear this excuse pulled up time and time again as a simple reason to wave away arguments. ** There are a number of ways people have to avoid arguments while appearing to actually be saying something of significance. One of these ways, I have noted, is to make an issue of what is called "confirmation bias". The way it

William Lane Craig: Looking at the Interplay between Premise 1 and 2 of Liebniz' Cosmological Argument


I drive quite a bit for my job. As I drive, occasionally I will look in my rear view mirror and notice a car behind me which I would swear had not been there when I looked only seconds before. (Fortunately, it is rarely a police car with lights flashing.) Moreover, I don't remember passing any side streets or driveways where the car could have entered the road. When it does happen, I find

No one Expects the Spanish Inquisition!


In his most recent post on Cadre Comments BK writes: "There is no question that Christianity in the West is under attack from some in the public square."[1] BK wrote a fine article and he identifies five areas of attack: "(1) Biblical patriarchy is little more than a mask for men’s will to power; (2) Christians view the Bible as something which allows them to keep their power and privilege

Unmasking a Cahn Artist


I make it a habit to go after end times con artists like John Hagee and Jack van Impe. Jonathan Cahn is just the latest in that string, and recently, the Christian Research Institute posted a review I did of Cahn's latest crackpot effort to wrestle the prophetic out of the mundane. Enjoy the lunacy.

Responding to the “Crimes of Christianity”; The Inquisition


“[What] we have today is worse than ignorance of the Bible. It is contempt for it. Just about anyone who quotes the Bible, let alone says it is the source of his or her values, is essentially regarded as a simpleton who is anti-science, anti-intellectual and sexist.” ~ Dennis Prager, Jewish thinker and nationally syndicated talk show host, from I’m Back, Here’s Where I’ve Been. There is no

Answering the "no Tomb" theory: for Pix


The no Tomb theory says Jesus was given burial like most crucifixion victims, the body disposed if  in a mass grave or garbage dump with no real rites or blessing, and no trace of an individual burial. I used to argue this stuff morning, noon,ad night on message boards That was many year ago,I mishandled my arguments because I just forgot how it works, Pix essentially argues that Jesus was

The Age of Slogans


I've taken a turn in ministry of late where I seek out churches who would like to have an apologist come teach or speak, but can't afford it. Then I raise funds sufficient to go visit them. In general, you could say that this is representative of a desire to go where the church people WANT apologetics, rather than trying to convince a church that they need some of it for their own spiritual

William Lane Craig on "If Mind is Reducible to Brain Function, Why Trust Thought?"


William Lane Craig remains one of the most erudite and knowledgeable of today's Christian philosophers. His book, Reasonable Faith, has remained one of my favorite Apologetics tools because he lays out many of the Christian claims so clearly and cogently that only the most hardened of skeptics dismisses him or his work as being without weight. Certainly, his writings have led many people to

Breaking News: Liberals are not fundies; Answering Atheist assertions about folklore in Gospels


One of our regular atheist friends on the blog, "Gary," says: "Not only were the Gospels written by anonymous non-eyewitnesses, scholars suspect that fictional folklore are included in these books. The question is: Which stories are fiction, and which are fact?"[1]  On his own  site he quotes the great scholar Ray Brown in support  of this idea:  I find the special

The Doctrine of Perspicuity, Part 2


Continued from last time... In order to make a distinction between the doctrine of perspicuity as expressed by my opponent, as it is referred to by such documents as the Westminster Confession, I will hereafter refer to the former as radical perspicuity.  Radical Perspicuity: A Biblical Basis? In seeking Biblical justifications for radical perspicuity, I found very little that

Early Heresies and Our Understanding of the Nature of Christ


J.P.'s latest post about perspicuity reminds me that while the basics of the Christian faith are really pretty clear, there is much in the Bible that is not always clear upon a casual reading. (And, of course, those who go in without the guidance of the Holy Spirit will find the matters discussed wholly incomprehensible. See Matthew 13.) Many of the doctrines that unfortunately divide the church

Good Deals on Christian Apologetics Books - A Limited Time Offer


I know that I already have a large collection of apologetics books which set forth outstanding arguments and resources for defending the truth of the Bible, but there's always room for more -- especially when the books only take up some room in cyberspace. Publisher David C. Cook is offering, for a limited time only, a small collection of really great Christian books for delivery to Kindle

The Doctrine of Perspicuity, Part 1


This comes from an article I wrote in 2008, but I still see this objection raised time and time again. *** Recently on the TheologyWeb forum, a (reputed) Christian made the following charge against me regarding my explanations of the use of riposte in the Bible: Ordinary believers are unable to discern the true doctrine of Riposte (insult) which requires JP Holding's Hebrew and Greek

Dr. John Lennox: Video - Christmas for Doubters


John Lennox is a wonderful spokesman for Christianity. In many ways, he is the one Christian apologist who has acquired the mantle of C.S. Lewis in the way that he is able to take points that are sometimes difficult for those unfamiliar with thinking about Christianity and reduces them to simple arguments using metaphors and examples that anyone can understand. Since it is the Christmas season,

Harry S. Truman's Christmas Greeting


From time to time, it is helpful to look back at the manner in which the country formerly recognized and cherished our Christian roots. Of course, today it is difficult for any Christian in government to say anything that would seem to promote the true meaning of Christmas, but it wasn't that long ago that Presidents and others in government would freely recognize the birth of Christ without

Fun with Flat Earth Fundies, Part 4 and Last