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Aspiring PolyMathis

POLYMATH: a person of encyclopedic learning PolyMathis: a wannabe polymath, willing to talk on just about anything in God's good universe

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All my old stuff will be slowly moved there. And these two sites (polymathis, too) will always be here until Google kicks me out!..Don't laugh, canned me for writing too many gay marriage articles.

Pastoral thoughts on family integrated church movement, 8 part series


In Scotland, by the North Sea, the small town of Elgin had simple educational requirements. The directory for the local grammar school required that "upon the Lord’s day, masters and scholars shall convene in school at eight o’clock in the morning, and after prayer in the English tongue, the several classes shall be exercised—the seniors in the exposition of a sacred lesson [of the Psalms or catechism]...and the juniors in getting ‘by heart’ some select English psalms, or the ordinary catechism; they shall return to school in the afternoon at the first bell after sermon, and be exercised till the second bell in reading their sacred lesson…" (Grant, 427).
This requirement is dated 1649. Scotland had Sunday school 131 years before the supposed first Sunday school of Robert Raikes.
[Continued here...]
[The following are Pastor Mathis' lecture notes in a multi-part series from the Spring 2014 Presbytery of the Midwest Seminar, "A Pastoral Evaluation of the Family Integrated Church Movement." More information on the movement, homeschooling and the history of Christian education, see the new book Uniting Church & Family(Kindle format).]

Homeschooling academic success exaggerated


 A recent Breitbart news article continues to propagate exaggerated claims of homeschooling academic superiority. Quoting an older article that summarized various unsubstantiated claims about homeschoolers in general, the Breitbart article garnered over 2000 comments.The article slowly spread across cyberspace, propagated through local facebook postings, and was picked up by a Colorado news source. Although some of the readers noted in the comment section the unsubstantiated nature of the news-report, one respondent replied: "So what, who cares? The article is interesting and I happen to know that universities love home schooled students."(continued here)[...]

What will four more years look like?


What will the next four years of an Obama presidency be like?

To know the future one must investigate the past. In this case, the place to start is with his own words:

"Implicit in [the Constitution] structure, in the very idea of ordered liberty, was a rejection of absolute truth, the infallibility of any idea or ideology or theology or 'ism,' any tyrannical consistency that might lock future generations into a single, unalterable course..." (The Audacity of Hope, p. 93).

(continued here)

Christian news perspectives on the Aurora movie massacre


I have a unique opportunity to write unfettered for a secular news source. As the Christian Perspectives Examiner, I pray that my past and future articles will glorify God through this horrid crime:

1. People seek God after Aurora movie massacre
2. Aurora theater massacre affects local Christians
3. Christians pray for Aurora theater massacre

Post-analysis of Supreme Court's defense of Obamacare


1. Foxnews on Robert's non-existent rationale and the definition of tax.

2. A proposed non-political solution at the Wall Street Journal.

3. How the younger are adversely affected by this law at Reason.

4. Freedom from paying other people's murders is a concern forgotten by many.

5. Other social-impacting concerns (no law is an island), here.\

6. Summary of minority opinion's rebuttal, here.

7. Helpful summary of the underlining constitutional problem, the General Welfare clause, here.

8. From Judge Napolitano, here.

Family Integrated Church four-part podcast series


For those who prefer audio interviews, here is the entire four-part series:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Otherwise, check out the written series of related articles here.

Part 3 of family integrated church podcast series


Continued here.

God strikes High Park


The outstretched arm of the God of heaven struck the mountains of Colorado. In an apparent lightning strike, fire broke out in High Park late last week, according to the Denver Post.

[continued here]

Part 2 of family integrated churches podcast series


At, here.

Colorado homeschool summer conference


"...This yearly conference focuses on the family, discipleship, parenting and worldview thinking. In fact, CHEC has morphed beyond simple basic information and support for homeschoolers..."

continued here.

Family Integrated Church interview series at


Here is the beginning of a series of interviews I gave Mrs. Campbell at

Homeschooling organization misquotes history


"In connection with the Family in Crisis symposium in Denver, an article was posted claiming historical precedence for rejecting Sunday school. The article, "R.L. Dabney on Sunday Schools Superseding God’s Means of Grace," was posted from a Colorado based homeschooling organization, Generations with Vision. The purpose of the article is to demonstrate that at least one significant leader in early American Protestantism stood soundly against the newly formed Sunday schools of the early 1800s." Continued here.)

Christian viewpoint of the Columbine massacre


On April 20, 1999, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold sought redemption through the barrel of a gun. Butchering innocent students in a fit of rage, these two American youths were angry with life, themselves and God. Through the demented logic of hate-filled hearts, they sought what all mankind secretly desires: deliverance from a guilty conscience. Such an incredible analysis will be ridiculed, but please follow this line of reasoning." (continued here.)

Denver pastors discuss family integrated churches and like matters


"At a symposium in Denver, a panel of three pastors discussed why Christian families are losing their children to the world and how this can be prevented. Local homeschooling advocate and internet talk show host, Rev. Swanson, was on the panel presenting his vision of family restoration. The event was hosted at Park Hill Presbyterian Church on Monday night, April 2."

Continued here.

Review of Cameron's Monumental


"Monumental is a movie based on zeal. A zeal to bring America to her former glory. But it is a zeal not fully in accord with the facts."

(continued here)

Impeachment bill in US Congress


"Resolved by the House of Representatives (the Senate concurring), That it is the sense of Congress that, except in response to an actual or imminent attack against the territory of the United States, the use of offensive military force by a President without prior and clear authorization of an Act of Congress violates Congress's exclusive power to declare war under article I, section 8, clause 11 of the Constitution and therefore constitutes an impeachable high crime and misdemeanor under article II, section 4 of the Constitution."

Full information here.

Government free to kill US citizens?


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The Family in Crisis: Three Pastoral Responses [a symposium]


There will be a public discussion about all issues germane to the crisis in the families, including family integrated churches and the like. The building is small but the event will be recorded. The hosting church has made the formal announcement:

"You are cordially invited to a panel discussion at Park HIll Presbyterian Church on April 2, 2012, at 7 p.m. entitled "The Family in Crisis: Three Pastoral Responses." In a discussion moderated by the Rev. Greg Thurston, the Revs. Kevin Swanson, Shawn Mathis, and Matthew Kingsbury will present their views on how the Church should respond to the difficulties faced by Christian families today, interact with one another, and take questions from the audience. Held in conjunction with the next stated meeting of the Presbytery of the Dakotas, this evening is intended primarily to further discussion within the presbytery. As this is a matter of great concern to all the Churches, however, we earnestly desire the interest and input of all the brethren."   

As soon as the recordings are up, I'll pass the link on.

A sketch of the history of Christian age-segregation


The following is a sketch of the facts I have uncovered in my research over the last few years in response to claims from many homeschoolers and/or family-integrated proponents. It is a slightly modified reprint (spelling and format) from the original posting at Boliver,If you are referring to Divided, please see the comments at the puritan forum here. And my review here. It is important to know that the organization behind the movie actually has two problems with the modern "youth programs": separation from parents and age-segregation. Thus the history of Christian schooling as well as catechizing are both relevant in showing the gross inaccuracies of this movement. [To fully understand the NCFIC and her leaders please read my article, What is a Family Integrated Church? (According to a current church member of Mr. Brown's church and one-time intern for Mr. Brown and currently employed with the NCFIC, Mr. Glick, my article was accurate).]Here is a sample of the history of catechizing (and school class divisions). Jewish Church: "In this period a synagogue presupposed a school, as with us a church implies a Sunday school. Hence the church and Sunday school, not the church and the district school, is a parallel to the Jewish system. The methods in these schools were not unlike those of the modern Sunday school. Questions were freely asked and answered, and opinions stated and discussed: any one entering them might ask or answer questions. Such a Jewish Bible school, no doubt, Jesus entered in the temple when twelve years the apostolic period teachers were a recognized body of workers quite distinct from pastors, prophets, and evangelists (see 1 Cor. xii. 28, 29; Eph. iv. 11; Heb. v. 12, etc.). The best commentators hold that the peculiar work of teachers in the primitive church was to instruct the young and ignorant in religious truth, which is precisely the object of the Sunday school." (A Religious Encyclopedia, Schaff, 2262)Ancient Church: “These catechetical classes and schools were intended to prepare neophytes, or new converts, for church-membership, and were also used to instruct the young and the ignorant in the knowledge of God and salvation. They were effective, aggressive missionary agencies in the early Christian churches, and have aptly been termed the 'Sunday schools of the first ages of Christianity.' The pupils were divided into two or three (some say four) classes, according to their proficiency. They memorized passages of Scripture, learned the doctrines of God, creation, providence, sacred history, the fall, the incarnation, resurrection, and future awards and punishments..." (Schaff, ibid)Reformation & Post-Reformation:The Geneva Academy had two divisions: schola privata and schola publica (the Academy proper). The schola privata (the lower school) was divided into seven grades, admitting children as young as age six. Most boys stayed in each grade a year, but could advance earlier. School began at six in the summer and seven in the winter and lasted until four in the afternoon. Children went home under escort from nine to eleven in the morning. Classes were on Saturday as well and included an afternoon recess. The children sung Psalms one hour a day as well. Catechism classes were held Sunday afternoons. (The History and Character of Calvinism, John T. McNeil (New York: Oxford University Press, 1967), 194ff. cp. Calvin and the Biblical Languages, John Currid (Christian Focus Publications) 2007). Article 21 of the Dutch Church Order of Dordt (1618)[...]

Ron Paul on the National Defense Act


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Ron Paul highlights in South Carolina


width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen> Two things he said that I do not hear other politicians saying: a corrupt culture produces bad laws. And more laws will not fix a corrupt culture.

Federal Reserve finally audited


Read the report here.

Stewart on Ron Paul being second


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Santorum's view summarized


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