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Comments on: US Airways Blues

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Fri, 16 Mar 2007 20:59:40 +0000

My husband and I flew U.S Airways on March 9th to Las Vegas from Boston. We Checked 3 bags, when we arrived in Las Vegas at 10:30 am our bags were not there. They assured us that they would come in on the 3pm flight from Boston and be delivered right to the Hotel. At 8pm that night we had to go purchase clothing and other items to get through the night, we had a show to go to that night. The next day 2 pieces of our luggage was delivered to us at 8am. My husbands clothes and a small bag that I had thrown just a few items in to have room to bring thing home in. My luggage with all my clothes and nessessary items in it still missing , and no one had any answers. We flew home on March 13th still without that bag. Nothing like finally getting the chance to get away with my husband for 5 days without kids and having to go through hell looking for my own property. The one time that I took the time to shop for a vacation they loose a bag full of brand new clothes with the tags on them. I call everyday with the same answers from everyone I talked to, we don't no where your bag is but as soon as we find it we will return it to you. In the mean time you should fill out the lost property report. I don't want to fill out a report I just want my stuff back. Never again I will pay double to fly some other airline if I have to.

By: Mark

Fri, 16 Mar 2007 19:42:38 +0000

I could kick myself for not finding this blog BEFORE I stupidly booked my latest flight on USAirways...Buffalo-Charlotte-Tampa and return. Every flight was at least an hour late with no explanation of course. (Why does USAir even bother publishing a timetable????? they never pay attention to it anyway). We missed our connection on the way home and were told by a surly "customer service" agent I should have factored an extra day into my trip to allow for delays!! Gee, I'll pass that on to my boss....maybe the company will start giving us our vacation entitlement plus a couple of extra "travel delay days". On the flight from CLT-TPA two flight attendants got into an argument in the middle of the cabin because one accused the other of taking ice from her drink cart without asking. Nice show for the passengers who couldn't believe what was happening. Guess that explains it....if the crew hate each other, no wonder they treat paying customers like crap. I really, really pity anyone who has to fly regularly on business and is held hostage by USAirways' dismal service. Too bad that airline didn't just die a natural death when it was in bankruptcy. Sure, lots of people would have been unemployed but seeing as most of them couldn't care less about their jobs anyway I doubt many passengers would have cared.


Thu, 15 Mar 2007 21:07:32 +0000

SADLY, EVERYONE WHO CHOSE TO EXPRESS THEIR DISCONTENT TOWARD US AIRWAYS AND US AIRWAYS FLIGHTS OPERATED BY AMERICA WEST ARE SPEAKING THE TRUTH. I being an employee of eight years can't offer you any kind of apology but an explanation of how screwed up both these merged carriers are and a little advise. Not too long ago, US Airways were the highest paid employees in the industry and America West was always the lowest paid. In fact, most of America West's employees made below poverty level wages if they chose to work a normal work week. Now we have a marriage of two crappy airlines with crappy wages and anti employee, bottom of the barrel management. Unfortunately, the flying public is paying for terrible service as a result. For my advise: fly another carrier. I work and witness everything described above. I only work for the flight benefits, and I avoid flying US Airways if at all possible- even though it is free for me. I pay a small fee to fly another carrier and avoid the hell of US Airways service. If you can pay a little more to fly another it. Lastly, if you don't get the answer you want from one person, go to another. There are a few employee like myself who will gladly help you, but I feel no obligation to apologize for the misfortunes created by continuing mad management.

By: TooLegit

Thu, 15 Mar 2007 16:53:55 +0000

US Airways was the worst airline I have ever had any experience with. First my flight was delayed 3 hours and they had to rebook me for the next morning because there was no way I could catch my connecting flight. So thye told me I was booked for a 6 am flight the next day and then I stayed the night in a crappy hotel. At 4 am, I tried to check in and they told me that I didn't a reservation. I was never given any paper copies of anything because I was booked right at the gate. So it took them 45 min to relocate the reservation I had made the night before. So I finally got on the plane and then I had the same seat as someone else. Had to move to the very back at this point! When I arrive and get to the baggage claim, I find out that my luggage was lost. Another hour of trying to find someone to help me and get my things. The are the absolute worst and I would pay the extra bucks to go with anyone else.

By: Dan

Thu, 15 Mar 2007 16:44:07 +0000

US Air sucks they implmented a new policy to steal your miles if you haven't used them in six months..... They stole all my miles..... I've been flying USAIR since 1997. Now I'm maried and have three kids. My family and I will never fly with these jerks again. I'm going to post this message on the web and tell everyone I know about these thieves.

By: SF

Mon, 12 Mar 2007 03:57:24 +0000

This airline is out of control. They lost my baggage twice in less than a week. When you call to get a status on the baggage no answer. A recorded voice says try to get an answer on line. An e-mail comes back saying you will get an answer in 48 hours. And they make their apologies. DON'T APOLOGIEZE JUST FIX YOUR STUPID AIRLINE.

By: Rick

Sat, 10 Mar 2007 21:53:01 +0000

I will never fly this airlines again... spent 3 1/2 hours standing in line in the Cancun Airport. Then they tell us that all the flights are delayed so we waited for another two hours. When we finally got on board the plane it was a pig pen and our seats were all the way in the back of the plane where we had to listen to the flight attendents complain about how tired they were. One of the attendants actually fell asleep! All I can say is, been there done that. Never again!

By: Frank

Sun, 04 Mar 2007 19:10:59 +0000

US Airways is a joke! Gross incompetence to say the least. They simply cannot get their act together! While checking in at Port Columbus Intl Airport for Ft Lauderdale connecting in PIT, the back log of flights that should have already taken off for other destinations (DCA, PHL, LGA) obviously affected my flight in departing on time. At 9:30am we should have boarded yet the three previously flights mentioned that were scheduled to depart at 900 still had not completely boarded even at 9:45am. At 10:30am we finally boarded and then encountered an "overweight" issue. A passenger willing to give up his seat caused an additional 20 minute delay as we departed at 1100am, arrived PIT at 11:40 and missed my connection for FLL. They said they rebooked me on a flight from PIT to DCA to go back to PIT then on to FLL. They said "Wait, this doesn't make sense, I think you need to speak with SPecial Services" I go to special services, get a supervisor involved and asked what the 800 Custome Relations number was. The Supervisor asked his co-worker "Isn't it something like 800 and spells out a name? " "What's that word again?" as he asks the person he supposed to be supervising. Then they said the only flight was leaving direct from PIT at 6:00 pm. I had to wait 6 hours at PIT airport for the flight. Then at 5:30 (boarding time) a plane was at the gate with crew unaccounted for. The missing crew was supposed to ferry the plane out of there to DCA so as to make room for the arriving plane to depart at 6:00. Well that never happened. They had to do a gate change and that plane arrived PIT lat. We boarded at 6:30pm then had to de-ice and didn't depart PIT for FLL until 6:50pm and I arrived after 9:15pm that night. What a joke. There are no mechanicals or weather issues yet they cannot depart on time to save their life nor can they even account for missing crew. Then on the return from FLL back to Columbus the flight connecting in Charlotte, NC only after landing at Charlotte, the connection was delayed because of a missing flight attendant unaccounted for. At the last minute she's a "No show" and crew planning is looking to schedule another Flight attendant for the flight which was delayed over 90 minutes. I've experienced better service at a Greyhound bus station or McDonalds or Wal-Mart then I have with US AirWays. They simply do not have their act together and it is total chaos! I will never fly US Airways ever and wil be sure to tell everyone to do the same. Frank

By: Air Line Employee

Sun, 04 Mar 2007 10:53:08 +0000

Heres's a switch... I work for an airline in Washington state and I LOVE IT~! If passengers took at least SOOOME iota of responsability for thier travel my job would be a piece of cake. I have had passenges who: DON"T KNOW WHAT AIRLINE THEY ARE TRAVELLING ON ~!!!! DON"T KNOW WHAT TIME THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO LEAVE DON"T KNOW WEATHER THEY HAVE PAPER OR ELECTRONIC TICKETS " PS IF YOU DON"T HAVE YOUR PAPER TICKETS THE DAY YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO TRAVEL YOU PROBABLY WON"T BE GOING ANYWHERE" This is the KICKER..... DON"T KNOW WHERE THEY ARE EVEN GOING ~!!! This one kills me~! When the passenger is asked this information this is usually the response : "Well can't you look it up in your computer???" NO I CAN"T~! IF YOU DON"T KNOW WHERE YOUR GOING WHAT AIRLINE YOUR ON OR WHEN YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO LEAVE.. THEN HOW THE HECK ARE WE SUPPOSED TO KNOW~!!! Passengers who book thier own flites are guilty of several things that can cause issues upon arrival at the airport... Booking the WRONG DAY... MONTH ...... FLIGHT....CITY YES EVEN CITY~! Wich is hillarious considering if you use Travelocity, Orbitz or Cheap Tickets they all display the ITINERARY BEFORE YOU BUY YOUR TITCKET~! READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS BEFORE YOU BUY.... All most allllllllll tickets are NON REFUNDABLE PENALTY FOR CHANGE ~! WHY? You ask....Because when you purchase a ticket you are agreeing to what is known as a " CONTRACT " and YES WE WILL CHARGE YOU~! SEATING .. THIS IS MY FAVORITE~! YOU ARE NEEEEVER GARAUNTEED A CERTAIN TYPE OF SEAT ON THE AIRCRAFT... YES YOU HAVE ONE BUT YOU ARE NOT GARAUNTEED A WINDOW OR AN ISLE... WHY? Because AIRLINES have the right to designate seats for certain types of travellers... IE: PRISSONERS Being escorted by GUARDS, HANDICAPPED, UNACOMPANIED MINORS ECT..... Sooo just because you selected that seat when you made your reservation or when you checked in does not mean you will get to keep it~! If you used a travel web site to purchase your tickets they are your TRAVEL AGENT.. NOT THE AIRLINE~! Call them if you screwed up your ticket~! Most airlines will refer you back to your travel agent first to resolve your mistakes. Get to the AIRPORT EARLLLLYYY~! Don't show up to the airport 30 mins prior to departure with bags and expect to get on...~! Airlines have bag cut off FOR A REASON~! Your bag does not just go on the bag belt and then go directly into the belly of the aircraft... Nooo trust me it doesn't~! Travel Documents ~!.....FOR THE LOVE OF GOD BRING THEM~!!! PASSPORT, PHOTO ID... ORIGINAL BIRTH CIRTIFICATE OR CERTIFIED COPY.... NOOOO HOSPITAL BIRTH CIRTIFICATS~! NO YOU CAN NOT GO TO MEXICO OR CANADA WITH A DRIVERS LICENCE~! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YOU CAN NOT HAVE 12 CARRY ONS~! Most travellers do not realize that Boarding Agents can be personally FINED $5000.00 for vialating FAA "FEDERAL GOVERMENT" regulations regarding carry ons. THIS IS NOT NOT PAID BY OUR EMPLOYER~! IT COMES DIRECTLY OUT OF OUR PERSONAL POCKETS~! COMMUNICATE YOUR TRAVEL PLANS WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY ~! WEEE get TONS of these people who are looking for you and HAVE NOOOO CLUE WHERE, WHEN or WITH WHICH AIRLINE YOU ARE ARRIVING I saved the best for last BAGGGAGE ~! 99% Of the people I check in DO NOT HAVE THIER NAMES ON OR IN THIER BAGS... NOR DO THEY DOUBLE CHECK THE CLAIM CHECKS THEY ARE GIVEN BEFORE LEAVING THE TICKET COUNTER...BIGGEST MISTAKES~! IT GETS BETTER.... HALF OF THEM DON" T KNOW WHAT THIER BAG LOOOKS LIKE ~!!!! We are looking for a Purple rolling bag that actually turns out to be a BLACK DUFFLE BAG~!.....and then they wonder why it can take more that a day to find the bag~!!!!! I have worked in this industry for a little over three years and I personally have YET to see a passengers bag not SHOW UP~! LIMIT[...]

By: Leah

Wed, 28 Feb 2007 19:47:32 +0000

We flew US Air for the last time on February 5, 2007. Arrived several hours before the flight, checked 9 pieces of luggage on a straight flight from Philadelphia to New Orleans. Only 8 bags filled with dirty clothes landed in New Orleans, the one bag that contained valuables of course never appeared. Each time I have attempted to speak to someone to resolve this, my call is turned over to a foreigner (most probably) in another country whom I cannot understand. I Hate US Air and will walk before I fly with them again.