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Updated: 2017-02-06T04:15:31.938+03:00


heeeyyyy :)hows it going robin .. ok im not just s...


heeeyyyy :)
hows it going robin .. ok im not just saying this lol but seriously i was wondering where u disappeared to .. i missed ur long comments :P

regarding the zionist assface and how i put up with him well ive addressed that issue in a couple of posts before .. its nothing really .. actually now if you noticed i just ignore him most of the time i dont even bother replying cuz hes clearly demonstrated hes incapable of having a reasonable discussion .. i just figure itll make him like more of an ass than he already is if i just let him talk to himself .. but mainly my rationale is that just imagine how the REAL palestinians suffer back home at the hands of the bastard zionists and they dont have an option where they can just block the suffering or turn it off .. and yet despite all the hardship they endure they keep fighting back and they never let it break their spirit .. and so what would it say about me if i couldnt take a few dimwitted comments on my blog you know .. i mean i feel stupid just comparing their suffering to what i put up with from assface .. its not like im enduring any pain or actually suffering but you get my point .. sure he tries to provoke me and get under my skin but that will never happen my skin is too thick .. plus unlike him i have a life lol .. basically all what he is doing is just showing the world what zionists are all about i.e. being huge asses .. so i dont mind hes doing me a favor actually

and blessings right back at ya :)

Hey Mo,That's YOU with the smile amongst the other...


Hey Mo,
That's YOU with the smile amongst the other babies crying.

ANYONE who has the patience you have with your resident sour puss Zionist ill willed troll should be given a saint's award!!

Yes, I DO believe that a person's dispoistion is a mix of nature AND nurture, and "assface" is on the loosing end in BOTH areas!!

Greetings to Dharhan from SoCal and blessings kul ayom (sorry for the spelling :)