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Published: 2012-03-01T10:51:40-06:00


TV Humor


A friend of mine sent me this joke. It probably would only appeal to those with a consumer electronic background, but I thought I'd post it. Politically Correct TV Standards SECAM Used by France and the former Soviet union. No...

Hard to Silence


God truly has an awesome sense of humor.

Politically Correct Terrorism – ABC’s Castle


I am not a typical TV viewer. I care about college football and probably watch too many games during the collegiate football season. Other than that, I rarely watch TV as I prefer to spend my free time on other...

American Taxation - A Primer for Internationals


Some European friends of mine asked about our tax experience. I thought other international readers might be interested, so here is my impression. Approximately half of all American adults pay the federal income tax. All American adults need to file...

Stereotypical Islamic Terrorists


Remember the inept terrorists from Back to the Future? In real life, many terrorists fall into that stereotype.

Taxpayer Funded Abortion


Remember when politicians were arguing over ObamaCare? The Democrats promised taxpayer monies would not be used for abortions. However, the Democrats refused to include language in the bill precluding this. Now the Obama administration has approved a plan to give...

Politically Incorrect Marketing


A friend emailed me this. I probably appreciated it even more since our family car was recently rear-ended by a Mexican who then drove off despite his airbags having employed. However, in this day of cell phones, it is difficult...

Innovative Heating and Cooling


I don't know if I'll ever build another house. However, if I do, I will give serious thought to a mini-split system like the Fujitsu system. I despise air ducts; they take up valuable room in your house, collect dust,...

Obama at Bat


A friend of mine sent me this link and I thought my readers would appreciate it....

EMP: A Clear and Present Danger


Last summer, I experienced one of the scariest novels I have ever read. It truly scared me and the author was not who you might expect. Instead of Steven King, Dean Koontz, or the horror writer of your choice, this...

37 Years, Over 50 Million Dead


A reader sent me a link to a recent abortion article. It is well worth reading for those of us who care about the unborn....



I really enjoyed Bill Sammon's book, Strategery, which was written by the senior White House correspondent for the Washington Examiner. The book is mostly written from a pro-Bush perspective, but provides some interesting insights in addition to any commentary on...

Report on the E3Expo


The E3 Expo was quite interesting with many new products. The most significant of which was seeing Sony's and Microsoft's response to the Wii. The long-term implications of Microsoft's solutions were fascinating.

Cool Space Game


Someday I still hope to design and publish my own space strategy game. In the meanwhile, I've been playing Sins of a Solar Empire - a realtime strategy (RTS) game that is a lot of fun with great graphics for...

Who is Ethically to Blame for the Oil Disaster?


A friend of mine asked me who I blamed for the oil disaster? BP? The federal government? The legal issues are interesting, but morally I blame the radical environmentalists (who have much more political power than the oil industry, even...