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Updated: 2017-10-11T07:41:01.131-04:00


This blog is old news


The Miami Herald blog that replaced this one, Infomaniac, is no longer being posted to. Since I'm no longer working in any capacity for the Herald, all blog posts are now at my original news research blog, Behind the News. I also post photos of the Appalachian mountains at my Southern Highlands Cam blog.This blog hasn't been updated before now for over a year, aside from comment spam.

No more entries here


This is the old blog. The new blog is here. The archives of this blog, covering 10/04-7/05, will remain here.

The blog is moving


I've started posting to the new Infomaniac blog on If you need to change a link, the address is blog will stay where it is (the archives will not be moved to the new blog) and so far the blogroll is more complete here than on the new blog. So you may want to keep this link for reference purposes, although I won't be adding new posts.Note, again, the

Teele and DeFede


(I'm finding more and more as the day goes on. New links being added at bottom of this post.)As expected, there's discussion of this story in local blogs, giving a different perspective beyond the journalistic ones I pointed to yesterday evening. The Cuban bloggers, who have strong feelings about DeFede, have lots to say about The Herald, its coverage of this story, and the journalists who are



The Arthur Teele story has been raising a lot of questions in journalism circles; there are several postings and letters on the Romenesko site, for example. Now some journalists have set up an online petition in support of Jim DeFede.And, some readers are upset about this story, too. Note this comment was added to the last post:How can u ignore the whole art teele thing? It happened in your very

Remembering a different tragedy


Someone posted to Metafilter today that it's the 60th anniversary of the day a plane hit the Empire State Building. It was an Army Air Corps plane, trying to land at Newark airport. The pilot, flying in bad conditions, saw the East River below, and thought it was the Hudson. This was a terrible tragedy, but now mostly forgotten. Many people don't even know it happened. According to this

Watching the shuttle


Last night we were sitting outside and looking at the stars, and wondering: would the Space Shuttle pass in view any time during its voyage? Of course, there's help from NASA:Realtime Tracking draws a map of the earth and shows you exactly where the shuttle and the International Space Station are in relation. Right now the shuttle is over the Indian Ocean and the ISS over New Zealand. I had no

Bloggers jump on Microsoft's map service


Lots of posts everywhere about this, but a new blog scanning site from C/Net, Blogma, seems to have the best summary. When Microsoft released their beta version of MSN Virtual Earth just a few weeks after Google launched Google Earth, bloggers were bound to try to compare them.Funny thing. They looked up the Apple headquarters in Cupertino, CA, and found that it showed a bare piece of land there

Florida blog news


Finally, the blogging bug seems to be hitting Florida. You may have noticed I added a couple more blog links to the Florida list on right side: here's another, and it's local. Critical Miami has been around since April, and posts on South Florida news and living. (Check out their recipe for Miami Hummus, for example. Now I know I've had this before...)(Via Metafilter.)I also found a link here

Follow the money


Here's an astonishing story, from The London Review of Books, Where has all the money gone? (a shorter version is in The Guardian: So, Mr Bremer, where did all the money go? ) The story actually ran a couple weeks ago; the link from Digby , says "I urge you to read the whole story. It was published earlier this month and fell down the memory hole. It's simply unbelievable."I've seen some

Bloggers clearinghouse


Artist, marketer and blogger Hugh Macleod of Gaping Void (check out his cartoon cards if you haven't seen them yet) has come up with a genius idea for bloggers who have a need they'd like to get spread around. Have you written a restaurant or movie review? Have a freelance business, need a job, want to find a date? If you've posted it on your blog, Hugh's created the HughPage Wiki where you can

By the way....


There was a blog on that lasted over two years before this blog switched over to a Blogspot address (see below for coming changes). The links to the old blog somehow disappeared along the way, but yesterday I was Googling something and ran across a link to one of my blog pages from 2003. Lo and behold, there were all the links to the entire two-year run of the blog! I haven't checked

Terrorism, intelligence, and war costs


Londonist discusses the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes and has some interesting things to say about what this will mean for people in London, and the rest of us:"It definitely wasn't a random event and of course it's still happening - the poor bastard was only on his way to work. This morning 7 million other people are doing the exact same thing. Already wary of others around them following

Monday morning roundup


Alright, everyone always says they're tired of all the bad news in the media. So, here's a new news site with just happy news. Enjoy the story about the 1-eyed dog who watches TV. Lewis and Clark: the voyage of discovery continues, from the U.S. Geological Survey, satellite images of the route L&C took. We've been hearing a lot about Lewis & Clark for the 200th anniversary of their trip, and no

Blogging/journalism flap in Miami


The media gossip site Romenesko led today with a Daily Business Review story about several New Times staffers being suspended after complaining about comments in blogs by a couple editors there.One of the blogger/editors, a former Tampa-area librarian, has been noticed before for her comments on her blog; the blogs by both editors seem to have been deleted.

Diversion for a hot summer day


Ever think about why we have ice cream sodas, sundaes, or banana splits? The Christian Science Monitor has a wonderful story, Where does a sundae come from?, on the origins of these distinctly American treats. Would you ever have known that the 'Sunday' was created because there was a ban on drinking carbonated drinks, so sodas weren't allowed on Sunday? Or that marshmallow really was once made

Glorious photos


There was lots more on the Web about yesterday's moon landing anniversary. But the best of all, I think, was this Apollo 11 Panorama posted to Hans Nyberg's Panoramas site. If you want to see what the moon really looked like to those who landed there, this is probably as close as you can get.For more wonderful photos, there's Square America.This site takes photos found in old photo albums and

More on casualties


Iraq Body Count has released a new study, done with the Oxford Research Group, and published it as a 28-page PDF: Dossier on Civilian Deaths. The report collates reports from news media and other sources and finds that over 67,000 Iraqis were killed or injured in the two-year period from the March 2003 invasion until March of this year. Of those, over 24,000 were killed, at a rate of 34 a day.

The judge


Via Rex Hammock, a site already devoted to the confirmation of John Robers to the Supreme Court: Does this site have an agenda? Well, the 'about' page says this is one of the goals of the group that posted the site: "Forcing the media to report the facts about President Bush's commonsense conservative agenda". OK then.And more, also via Hammock: is blogging



For the anniversary of the 1969 moon landing, Google has created a moon logo on the Google homepage. But, even better, they've created a version of Google maps of the Moon which shows the sites of each moon landing. Very cool.Seems like everyone's excited about this anniversary, but not sure why the 36th would attract so much attention...Well, 1969 was a good year, after all, at least if you were

Personalize your Web


It's a phenomenon that's growing by leaps and bounds, and isn't yet part of most people's lives: Personalizing your Web. Over the last few years there've been projects like Friendster (and Dogster, and Catster), and Orkut, and others, where you could link together all your online friends, their photos and messages; and places to post your photos (like Flickr) abound. Of course there are

Monday roundup


Here are some of the things bloggers are pointing to today:NOAA has posted satellite photos of destruction from Hurricane Dennis including photos of Pensacola Beach and Gulf Islands National Seashore.New Yorker article by Seymour Hersh on whether the U.S. manipulated the election in Iraq.In my reporting for this story, one theme that emerged was the Bush Administration's increasing tendency to

London remembers


This morning in London, the entire city stopped for a pause to remember the victims of Thursday's bombings a week later. The Guardian Newsblog reports, and has comments from dozens of people who report what it was like for them.What the Guardian said:Just before midday today, a steadily growing stream of Guardian staff trooped silently down the five flights of stairs from our offices onto

FEMA concerns


Also found via the Facing South blog, this report from the Mobile, Alabama Register: Probe: FEMA has 'serious shortcomings'. A timely concern as Floridians begin to recover from yet another devastating hurricane. This investigation finds "Among FEMA's problems (not specifically mentioned in Sean's piece) was a too-cozy connection between disaster relief and President Bush's re-election campaign,

War for hearts and minds


News on the London bombings becomes more and more upsetting as reports come in that the bombers were British-born, normal seeming young men. In a frightening report from The Times Online, leaked British government memos say extremism is on the rise due to the war in Iraq:"The Iraq war is identified by the dossier as a key cause of young Britons turning to terrorism. The analysis says: "It seems