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Where to lunch in Seattle

Wed, 30 Nov 2016 22:43:07 UT

We know the feeling of being surrounded by a million restaurants and not knowing what to eat come noon.

Field day at the farm: Tropical spices with a local niche

Sat, 26 Nov 2016 14:00:00 UT

Kipps joined about 110 people at the farm for a field day to explore the potential and challenges of cultivating ginger and its cousin, turmeric — two spices that promise health benefits as well as a lucrative niche market for small farmers. Backyard gardeners seeking a personal supply of a natural remedy joined serious farmers weighing the risks and rewards of growing a tropical plant that's in demand for everything from smoothies to craft beer. At Randolph Farm, the plants are grown in hoop houses known as "high tunnels" — a sort of unheated greenhouse that extends the growing season and allows farmers to feed the local-foods movement. Ginger and turmeric are ancient ingredients in Asian cuisine and medicine, sought out for their anti-inflammatory properties and as versatile aromatic spices. Ginger is a flowering perennial, reaching 2 to 4 feet in height and producing the popular rhizomes that are sold fresh or dried in supermarkets. An extension specialist in marketing and agribusiness, Nartea told the group there's added value in turmeric's broad leaves, which often are discarded before the root is marketed. VSU, a land-grant institution, hosts workshops and field days for hands-on demonstrations at Randolph Farm, a 416-acre agricultural learning center on River Road. The goal is to help farmers improve traditional row crops and also learn about exotic new possibilities.

Original Gerber Baby, Ann Taylor Cook, turns 90

Wed, 23 Nov 2016 13:30:52 UT

The original Gerber baby has turned 90. The baby food maker says Ann Taylor Cook celebrated her 90th birthday on Sunday. Cook was about 4 months old in 1927 when her image was sketched in charcoal by a family friend. The drawing was submitted to Gerber a year later when Gerber put out a call for images to be used in its new baby food advertisements. Cook's picture became the company's official trademark in 1931. Cook became a mother of four and taught literature and writing in Tampa, Florida, for 26 years before retiring in 1989.

GMO labeling supporters fined $320K over campaign disclosure

Mon, 21 Nov 2016 21:43:59 UT

(AP) — An Iowa-based organization that supported a Washington state ballot measure to require labeling of genetically modified foods in 2013 has been fined nearly $320,000 over campaign finance violations. Earlier this month, another Thurston County judge ordered the initiative's opponents, the Grocery Manufacturers Association, to pay $18 million in civil fines for concealing the true sources of $11 million in contributions received from some of the nation's biggest food and beverage companies.

Klosters offers great alpine skiing and royal connection too

Mon, 21 Nov 2016 14:51:20 UT

The royal connection — one of the cable cars is even named after Charles — has shaped the public's perception of the tiny town of Klosters in Switzerland, but it's only one of many reasons to visit. The mix of terrain focuses on mid-level skiers, with an emphasis on neatly groomed slopes, and it's always exhilarating to ski to a new village or find a new restaurant tucked away on the lesser known runs. Instead of sitting isolated in a car trying to decipher road signs in an unfamiliar language, you spend time in a train often filled with other skiers, including, inevitably, some English-speaking locals with well-informed opinions about the best place to ski, eat and drink. The easy run from Zurich makes Klosters an attractive day trip for youthful skiers eager to get in a day's skiing without having to pay for lodging. Passengers on the early morning trains tend to be wearing ski gear and munching energy bars as the trains climb toward Klosters and other nearby ski towns. Klosters also has an excellent bus system to take skiers from their hotel, or the rail station, to several chairlifts — and one of the main lifts is actually just around the corner from the train station.

Seattle restaurants to take your visiting relatives

Mon, 21 Nov 2016 03:24:48 UT

You've cooked enough. Ditch the kitchen at these fine eateries.

Dad's cookbooks make up new library at Farmer's Pantry store

Sat, 19 Nov 2016 16:01:38 UT

Dad's cookbooks make up new library at Farmer's Pantry store Matthew loved the written word, and he loved people and he loved food. [...] Nancy and Dania hope others get a taste of that love and passion and insanity when they check out a piece of his collection, reported The Tribune ( The Farmer's Pantry, 931 16th St. in downtown Greeley, has a portion of those books available now for checkout: a cookbook library made up solely of Matthew's extensive collection. Glen Cook (yes, that's really his name) and Todd Doleshall, the co-owners, agreed to carry the collection after a couple days' discussion because it fits in with the mission of the store. Matthew was a sportswriter and editor for many newspapers, including the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel and the Detroit Free Press, and he loved to host dinner parties. Even when she was little, Dania never ate chicken nuggets, pizza or frozen dinners unless she was hanging out with her friends. Once the customers read a recipe they want to try, they can walk around with Cook, who can offer ingredients and advice.

Churchill Downs adding room for 1,800 in time for 2018 Derby

Fri, 18 Nov 2016 09:53:19 UT

The Louisville track says the project will add new luxury suites, interior dining tables and third-floor seats. The track said in a news release Thursday that the project includes up to 36 new luxury suites for 1,140 guests in groups of various sizes, event space on each of three levels providing interior dining for 576 guests and construction of 110 new third-floor Grandstand seats.

Correction: Food-American Table-Gift Guide story

Thu, 17 Nov 2016 16:07:03 UT

Barbeque and southern foods expert Elizabeth Karmel rounded up her favorite products of the year and suggests these gifts for those who cook — and those who just like to eat: Nourishing Stories and Recipes from Notable Friends is a star-studded compilation of favorite home recipes and the stories that tell them from culinary icons as well as fashion, music and theatre greats. — Williams-Sonoma has teamed up with Share our Strength and celebrity food folks including Ina Garten, Chrissy Teigen and Trisha Yearwood to create artwork for the No Kid Hungry Kitchen Spatula. Proceeds from the silicone spatulas benefit No Kid Hungry in its campaign to end childhood hunger in the U.S. Available in stores and online, 30 percent of the proceeds go to charity. $12.95 Designed to fit both men and women, they come folded up and packaged like a single doughnut, and are available in six different "flavors" such as Oreo Ring, Rainbow Sprinkles and Berry Sprinkles. $15.50, The knife takes the traditional features of an 8-inch chef's knife and adds a bigger "belly" to create a smoother motion for all chopping, mincing and dicing tasks. — Ice Cider (think dessert wine) made from heirloom apples ... can you think of anything more appropriate or delicious to serve with a warm apple crisp, apple cake or a nice wedge of cheddar cheese? Eleanor and Albert Leger, founders of Eden Ice Cider, produce a rich full-bodied ice cider from their apple orchards where they grow both sweet and sour heirloom varietals. Sure I can boil a soft-boiled egg but sometimes it's more cooked than I like it, especially if I get busy doing something else while I'm boiling the eggs.

EXCHANGE: Rural Grant Park farm leads way for 'agritourism'

Wed, 16 Nov 2016 10:58:51 UT

(AP) — The crisp cool evening was marred only by the smell of a large, lazy pig, but the kids didn't seem to mind. People step into wide open spaces and they're around people they know and strangers, around food and music and drink. The magazine's scout was drawn to the story of the farm and the group of less than 30 volunteers who keep Locavore running, Rachael said. Rachael, a marketing consultant, and her husband, Chris, a biomedical engineer, along with their children, Nathanael, 7, and Evelyn, 4, moved to the farm because they felt like their lives were too chaotic and too busy. [...] they started the nonprofit project, which focuses on hosting open air dinners made from organic, locally-grown, pasture-raised produce and meat. Farms take advantage of their unique nostalgic and family appeal, and customers enjoy everything from Airbnb-ing on a sheep farm to quilting classes and maple syrup harvesting. Trends show it's small, family-owned farms that are opening their doors to tourists who want to pick their own apples, see where their beef is raised or simply wake up to a sunrise over a corn field. Beyond wanting their guests to slow down and enjoy the land, the goal also is to support farmers in Kankakee and the surrounding counties. "There's a perception that we're making a killing, but that's not happening," said Sara Gallagher, co-owner of Stella Bear Foods and one of the volunteers at Locavore.

Is there a future for farming in growing Gallatin Valley?

Sat, 12 Nov 2016 07:02:24 UT

Working six acres of leased land off Stucky, two left fallow as part of his crop rotation, Strike says he's grossing nearly $300,000 this year growing vegetables and selling them through farmers markets, farm shares and local grocers. [...] he says, there's enough unmet demand that he'd like to expand — if only he can find the land. [...] traffic from rural housing developments makes it harder to move livestock and equipment between fields — particularly when newer arrivals don't have the patience to wait behind cows or tractors. Furthermore, the economics of land development are such that it's nearly impossible for farmers to compete with subdivisions in a pure market sense, even on the best soil. When inheritance taxes are assessed based on development value, for example, families can be forced to sell off portions of their holdings in order to pay. When it exhausts its current resources, the city will almost certainly lean on agricultural water to keep its utility customers supplied — and is already buying up rights as it has opportunity, trying to stay ahead of the curve. Another possibility — with non-trivial environmental and financial costs — is building new reservoirs to capture more spring runoff to tide farmers through during the low flows of summer. In recent years, the thrust of farmland preservation efforts in the Gallatin Valley have revolved around conservation easement programs, which provide a voluntary mechanism for property owners looking to shield their land from development. The easements work by having property owners make an agreement with a nonprofit or government agency, essentially signing over their right to develop the property while retaining ownership. Depending on the situation, property owners can receive tax benefits or compensation in exchange, providing an incentive that can help close the financial gap between development and preservation. Nearly 122,000 acres o

CU to let parking scofflaws pay tickets with food donation

Sat, 12 Nov 2016 02:25:23 UT

The Daily Camera reports ( ) the university is partnering with the Harvest of Hope Pantry, a Boulder food assistance program, for the "Food for Fines" food drive. Some restrictions apply, but people who received a ticket before Nov. 1 can bring in a minimum of four non-perishable food items to the CU Parking Services lobby and have the fine waived on the afternoons of Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Guy Fieri, vegetable fan? Sure, the Food Network star says

Wed, 9 Nov 2016 14:12:35 UT

NEW YORK (AP) — Of all the celebrity chefs out there, there's one you'd least expect to sing the praises of spinach, kale and Brussels sprouts. The spiky-haired champion of American comfort food is more associated with greasy chili dogs than salad, the fryer over the fig. Fieri has built a food career on a certain amount of flash — a rock star image complete with tattoos and jewelry, a fleet of yellow muscle cars and high-octane dishes including Bacon Mac 'n' Cheese Burgers. Both sides are on display in his new cookbook, "Guy Fieri Family Food " (William Morrow), with recipes that range from Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza to Quick Cracked Bulgur Wheat Salad. [...] as much as Fieri is cheered by fans for his down-home approach to unfussy fare, he's also dismissed by foody elites who find his manner brash and culinary skills lacking. The New York Times in 2012 had a scathing takedown of his Times Square restaurant, asking: "Is the entire restaurant a very expensive piece of conceptual art?" Fellow Food Network chef Alton Brown sees professional jealousy as the fuel of the anti-Fieri fire: There are people who have plied their trade for a long time in the culinary world that might see a guy that won a food competition show and, all of a sudden, is a superstar. [...] he has embraced gluten-free options and organic foods, especially after the death of his younger sister. Morgan Fieri died of skin cancer in 2011 — she is memorialized with a color tattoo on his left arm — and she pushed him to come up with delicious meals while juggling severe dietary restrictions. With the holidays coming up, Fieri hopes to spend time with his family — wife Lori and their two sons — and he had this advice about big meals: slow down, put the phones away and have lots of courses.

Soda tax measures leading in San Francisco, Oakland

Wed, 9 Nov 2016 06:06:59 UT

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Ballot measures to tax sugary sodas were leading in early returns Tuesday in San Francisco and Oakland, giving possible momentum to a national movement to crack down on sweetened drinks. The tax would apply to energy, sweetened tea and sports drinks, but not to diet sodas. Monica Chinchilla campaign manager for San Francisco's Measure V said supporters were "very pleased with the early results" and "hopeful and excited" about the possibility of changing the tide of public opinion about sugary beverages. Proponents hope that success in the San Francisco Bay Area will prompt other parts of the country to tax the drinks they say contribute to obesity, diabetes and other health problems.

Food & Wine: 2 Seattle bars among America's best

Fri, 4 Nov 2016 18:58:26 UT

Seattle may be more known for its craft breweries -- or even its nearby wineries -- but Food and Wine has picked out a pair of swanky local bars as members of America's best.