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Published: 2012-09-05T00:52:03-07:00


the san francisco earthquake blend


just sticking my head in here for a second to draw your attention to these awesome photos by Shaun Clover. He selected archival photos from the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and fire and then took photos from the exact same...

decolonized area rapid transit


the amazing poet, graphic designer, and cultural worker Kenji Liu (who is on the board of Kearny Street Workshop, where I work) just decolonized BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) with this map above, which he created by committee on Facebook....

sanborn maptcha


way cool! Somebody took the Sanborn insurance atlas of San Francisco from 1905 (before the earthquake and fire) and is mapping it, page by page, onto a contemporary map of the city. It's a big job so they need help....

the connected states of america


via Bernice Yeung, an interactive map of how connected via cell phone the US is, by county. Click on a county to see which other counties it connects with most. Then explore the site to look at the beautiful and...

edward glaeser on the daily show


edward Glaeser loves him some city. Check it out.


via Pireeni, this lovely map tracking trains in New York's subway system as they leave and course through the city. As each line crosses another, it "plucks" it like a string, and you hear a thoughtfully chaotic music. Subway art....

foreclosures: then and now


then: Via. Via. Via. Via. Via. Via. now: Via. Via. Via. Via. Via. Via.

the silent evolution


awesome. This artificial reef was created by artist Jason deCaires Taylor in Mexico out of environmentally friendly materials. It comprises 400 sculptures cast from members of the local community. I saw this and thought: now that's some reparative terraforming! It's...

liveblogging: emerging terraformations: consequences


and now, for the final installment (once again, will post now and correct later): Michael Light (photographer and pooky) Not a scientist or historian, but a visual artist. feels like a journalist, in that he can do everythign but not...

liveblogging: emerging terraformations: speculations


aaaand we're back. Posting now, cleaning up later. Format: having speakers sit in audience so they can see slides. Ira Bennett (ASU, Cosortium for Science, Poicy and Outcomes, Ctr for Nanotch in Society, chemist, policy wonk) "Science Fiction as Technology...