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Suspect in officer's slaying spews expletives at judge


ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) -- A suspect in a police officer's slaying directed expletive-laced outbursts at a judge during his initial hearing Thursday on charges that he also killed his ex-pregnant girlfriend....

Obama commutes 330 drug sentences on last day as president


WASHINGTON (AP) -- In a last major act as president, Barack Obama cut short the sentences of 330 federal inmates convicted of drug crimes on Thursday, bringing his bid to correct what he's called a systematic injustice to a climactic close....

Actors, mayors to join inauguration-eve Trump demonstration


NEW YORK (AP) -- Robert De Niro, Sally Field and other celebrities plan to join the mayors of New York and Minneapolis to rally cities to chart their own course on health care, climate change and other issues during Donald Trump's administration, organizers said ahead of the inauguration-eve demonstration....

91-year-old man to attend 18th presidential inauguration


SALEM, N.J. (AP) -- Although he's a Democrat who voted for Hillary Clinton, a 91-year-old New Jersey man will still be traveling to Washington to witness his 18th presidential inauguration....

Study: Texas abortions declined as clinics got farther away


AUSTIN, Texas (AP) -- The number of abortions performed throughout Texas dropped after a 2013 law forced the closure of clinics in all but the largest cities, and the decline was steeper the farther a woman lived from one of the remaining clinics, a study found....

Trump's America: Caution in evenly split Nebraska county


LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) -- A block from Nebraska's Capitol, with its unique one-chamber, nonpartisan Legislature, is the lobbying office of Bill Mueller and Kim Robak, who embody the make-it-work spirit of this city: They're husband and wife, Republican and Democrat....

Black Americans weep for the Obama era and uncertain future


WASHINGTON (AP) -- On the night in 2008 when Barack Obama was elected the country's first black president, many black Americans wept. Eight years later, they weep again for the end of an era some thought they would never live to see - and for the uncertain future they face without him....

Judge hints at trial for lawsuit on harsh CIA interrogation


SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) -- Psychologists who designed the CIA's harsh interrogation methods for the war on terror want a lawsuit from three former detainees dismissed, but a federal judge said Thursday that he was inclined to allow it to move to a trial that was expected to include classified information....

In Alaska, minus 59 takes toll on cars, pipes, state of mind


ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) -- Cynthia Erickson woke up early, hoping her four furnaces were working....

41st President Bush stable, wife '1,000 percent better'


HOUSTON (AP) -- Former President George H.W. Bush, who has pneumonia, remained in stable condition Thursday at Houston Methodist Hospital, while his wife, Barbara, said she is feeling "1,000 percent better" after undergoing treatment for bronchitis....