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Preview: Rick Cooper, The PDA Pro

Rick Cooper, The PDA Pro

Small business advice on technology, productivity and sales - Join the conversation!

Published: 2009-01-13T14:11:55-08:00


Tips to Track Tasks


Do you have a To Do List? Do you have one list or many? Do you actually get the tasks on the list done? I have several different task lists. I add tasks to my customer database on I...

Time for a Technology Audit


Are you leveraging technology to grow your business? Are you making the best use of the tools you have? Or, are you throwing money down the drain because you're failing to capitalize on your investment in technology? Many entrepreneurs spend...

Change your Habits, Change your Life


As you wrap up 2008 and look toward 2009, it's a great time to think about your habits. Do you habits support you or hinder you? What habits are leading you toward success? Which habits are leading your toward failure?... a Great Source for Blogs


Looking for blogs that offer insights and information? Look no further. offers a human-edited view of the blogosphere. You can quickly and easily find blogs by category and topic or read daily blog roundups of some of the best...

Get Ready for Something Big!


What's happening right now in your life? What's happening right now in your business? Are you feeling scared? Are you feeling frustrated? Or are you feeling optimistic? Interesting! There's a lot of gloom and doom news out there, but I...

Complimentary Teleseminar - Drive Safe and Talk Safe – Mobile Headset Tips


Do you use a mobile phone while driving? How do you stay productive while driving, but avoid the risk of DRIVING DISTRACTED?!? Join me for a complimentary teleseminar where I will interview Mobile Headset Expert John Waller on tips to...

4 Hour Workweek vs. GTD


One of my favorite books in recent years is the 4 Hour Workweek, by Timothy Ferriss. Tim challenges readers to work less and play more, what he calls lifestyle design. Without getting into the details of the book here, I...

Treo 755P Requires You to Remove Battery for Soft Reset


The Palm Treo 755P requires you to remove the battery in order to perform a soft reset. Amazing! I have the Treo 650 and you have to open the case and then use the stylus tip to reset it. It...

Seth Godin Offers a Lengthy Email Checklist


Author and Permission Marketing Expert Seth Godin offers a great checklist to review before sending email. It's a little impractical to run through the checklist every time you send a message, but I think his point is to make you...

Unclutterer Shares Web-Accessible Project Management Tools


Barbara Beal-Lopez from Brightfarm turned me on to a site called Unclutterer, devoted to providing tips to stay organized. It's a great site with plenty of ideas on how to organize your life and business. The site includes information on...

Upcoming Speech to the American Marketing Association


Niche marketing is all the buzz. Companies want to know how to reach niche markets to increase their profits. Small businesses have been far more successful at niche marketing than larger companies. It's much easier to reach one niche market...

Celicase Designer Lisa Rodrigues Joins us May 7th on Attracting Ideal Clients Radio Show


How do you carry your PDA or smartphone? Men often carry them on a holster or in a pocket. Women drop them into a purse and often struggle to find them when they ring. Celicase Designer Lisa Rodrigues created a...

Sync your PDA


When was the last time you synced your PDA or smartphone? Most people don't sync often enough and they're asking for trouble. Connect your device to your computer and sync it daily. It only makes sense. And also be sure...

Challenge Yourself!


What is holding you back? What do you need to do to move forward in your life and your business? Take a moment now and brainstorm a few ideas. Now, challenge yourself! Challenge yourself to take one step to move...

Google Acquires Feedburner


In another sign Google is taking over the world, they have acquired Feedburner. If you have a blog or a podcast, you should be using Feedburner to understand how many people are subscribing to your content. The fact that Google...

Make your Life Great!


What steps are you taking to make your life great? One of the leading bloggers on this topic is Phil Gerbyshak with his Make it Great blog. He was recently interviewed by Adversity University Founder Stephen Hopson. During the interview,...

Amazon Launches a New Wireless Reading Device


Amazon has launched an intriguing new device called the Kindle. It's an ebook reader with wireless access. It not only allows you to read books though. You can also read newspapers and blogs. Given the huge trend toward going green,...

Overcoming Overwhelm


Do you ever feel overwhelmed? Do you feel like you just can't get ahead? Sometimes life is challenging. And if you fall behind it can be hard to catch up. Those are all symptoms of overwhelm. So, what can you...

Launched a New Blog Called Attracting Ideal Clients


Want to grow your business? I have launched a new blog called Attracting Ideal Clients. This blog is for small business owners, especially service professionals, who want to grow their business by attracting their ideal clients. More on this in...

How Do You Feel About Technology Right Now?


I'm just curious, how do you feel about using technology right now? Are you really connected with the technology you're using? Or are you so over it??? I constantly have a love/hate relationship with technology. I have way too many...