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Published: 2015-12-29T16:51:30-06:00


The Tweet of the Week 2015 Compendium


Click on the link to download the .pdf file of THE TWEETS OF 2015

Transition time


This will be the last Change of Subject post using this blogging platform -- the one I and so many of you have grown accustomed over most of the last 11 years. Like the rest of Tribune online content, my...

Medical pot shops are coming! Take a chill pill, folks.


Friday's print column You’d think licensed dispensaries for medical marijuana were all-ages opium dens from the wariness bordering on paranoia with which state and local officials are grudgingly preparing for them to open. A year ago Friday, Gov. Pat Quinn...

Open Thread: The Weeks In Review


Chicago Newsroom CAN TV: Ken Davis is joined by David Kidwell (Chicago Tribune) and Alex Richards (Chicago Tribune). They discuss the city's highly suspect red light camera system. i>You may subscribe to the audio version of the Chicago Newsroom podcast...

Fine lines final four


The Tweet of God, a popular parody feed, has two of the four finalists this week. Voting closes at noon Friday. Here is a direct link to the poll. Which of these tweets do you favor the most

Two takes on medical tokes


Opening paragraphs of the Tribune story on what the City Council plans to do about medical marijuana: Aldermen took steps Tuesday to further limit where medical marijuana dispensaries could be located in the city. The dispensaries would be banned from...

Missed it by that much


Story: An 86-year-old man who attempted to help police foil an armed robbery at a Crestwood phone store by firing at the fleeing suspect may not have broken the law, but firearms trainers say he ignored a basic rule of...

16 is the new 21


More proof that baseball needs to speed up its act last night at Wrigley Field: This game, which took six hours, 27 minutes, was the longest game (by time) in Cubs’ history. It surpassed the previous record of six hours,...

Fine lines


The week's finest lines, culled from Twitter and presented here for you to note, in comments, your favorites. We'll winnow down the set to a short list of finalists for a click vote tomorrow. 1. Parenthood is the joy of...

'As much as you love the bulldog, the fact that it exists at all is borderline animal abuse'


This new video from College Humor wittily makes an important point, one with which I, the owner of a purebred dog, resignedly concur: Everyone says our dog -- a Chesapeake Bay Retriever -- is gorgeous. She is. She's also loyal,...

Eight observations on the widely covered study in the August issue of the American Journal of Infection Control on how fist bumps are far more sanitary than handshakes


Wednesday's print column 1. The whole thing sounds like a middle-school science project. Using one rubber glove dipped into a "bacterial broth" (yum!), and a sterilized second glove, a biochemist and a doctoral candidate at Aberystwyth University, Wales, shook hands,...

Sullivan defends `decent, pragmatic' Obama


From Andrew Sullivan's blog essay, Why Am I Moving Left? From that first stimulus vote on, [Barack] Obama faced a unanimous and relentless nullification Congress. If he favored something, they opposed it. Despite Obama’s exemplary family life, public grace and...

Black and white is the new orange in MIchigan jail


Reuters: The Saginaw County Jail is replacing its orange prisoner jumpsuits with horizontal black and white striped jumpsuits because the popular prison life series "Orange Is the New Black" has led locals to make fashion choices inspired by the behind-bars...

Land of Linkin'


An occasional listing of intriguing, wacky, useful, provocative and otherwise interesting links that readers and I have come across and think you might want to see. Kafka's Joke Book: A horse walks into a bar. The bartender asks, “Why the...

Bump it up! Time to replace the handshake with a newer, more sanitary greeting ritual


Story: Scientists at Aberystwyth University in Wales have shown that a shake transfers more bacteria than other forms of hand-on-hand action. They are calling for the widespread adoption of the fist bump instead... The findings, published in the American Journal...