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Brief waiting room interaction could prompt increased fruit and vegetable consumption among families

Thu, 19 Jan 2017 04:04:51 -0500

Low-income families were more likely to use their federal food assistance on nutritious food after learning that their dollars can be doubled for more fruits and vegetables, a new study finds.

Researcher awarded $1.8 million grant to explore how chronic stress impacts cancer development

Thu, 19 Jan 2017 03:32:54 -0500

A five-year, $1.8 million grant (R01CA203965) from the National Cancer Institute awarded to Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey resident research member Wenwei Hu, PhD, will support research to further elucidate the mechanisms behind the most frequently mutated gene in human tumors - p53.

Disadvantaged women more likely to suffer heart attack than men, new study finds

Thu, 19 Jan 2017 03:04:50 -0500

Women from low socioeconomic backgrounds are 25 per cent more likely to suffer a heart attack than disadvantaged men, a major new study has found.

Lap band surgery can be safe and effective option to manage obesity during adolescence

Thu, 19 Jan 2017 03:02:12 -0500

Lap band surgery has significant benefits for severely obese teenagers and, despite its controversial nature, should still be considered as a first option to manage obesity during adolescence, a new study has found.

Researchers uncover new pathway in the body that stimulates liver repair

Thu, 19 Jan 2017 01:25:54 -0500

A team of Michigan State University researchers, led by James Luyendyk in the College of Veterinary Medicine, has uncovered a new pathway in the body that stimulates liver repair.

Research finding provides new target for regulating cell division

Thu, 19 Jan 2017 01:21:31 -0500

Modern genome sequencing methods used to measure the efficiency of synthesis of individual protein during cell division has found that the enzymes that make lipids and membranes were synthesized at much greater efficiency when a cell is ready to split.

Exercise helps mitigate side effects of AIs in breast cancer survivors

Thu, 19 Jan 2017 01:21:06 -0500

A researcher at Syracuse University has simple advice for breast cancer survivors struggling with the side effects of Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs): exercise.

Patient's heartbeat could be used to protect personal electronic health records

Thu, 19 Jan 2017 01:20:40 -0500

Researchers at Binghamton University, State University of New York have devised a new way to protect personal electronic health records using a patient's own heartbeat.

Scientists developing painless ‘smart’ patch that releases insulin in response to rising glucose levels

Thu, 19 Jan 2017 01:20:17 -0500

Treatment for certain diabetes cases involves constant monitoring of blood-glucose levels and daily insulin shots.

KU Leuven researchers develop new dental implant that helps prevent and fight infections

Thu, 19 Jan 2017 01:19:35 -0500

A multidisciplinary team of researchers at KU Leuven (University of Leuven, Belgium) has developed a dental implant that gradually releases drugs from a built-in reservoir. This helps prevent and fight infections.