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New Trump deportation rules to get tough on undocumented immigrants

Tue, 21 Feb 2017 18:38:22 GMT


Now, immigration agents, customs officers and border patrol agents have been directed to remove anyone convicted of any criminal offence.

Australian model Ethan Turnbull and friend rescue teens from icy New York pond

Tue, 21 Feb 2017 17:05:17 GMT


An Australian model and his skateboarding friend have been hailed as heroes in New York after they risked their lives to save seven teenagers who fell through ice in Central Park.

Marine Le Pen refuses to wear a headscarf in Lebanon, pledges to restore Assad ties

Tue, 21 Feb 2017 16:09:05 GMT


French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen refused to wear a headscarf to meet a top Islamic leader and pledged to restore ties with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad during a trip to Lebanon.

Legalised same-sex marriage linked to fewer youth suicide attempts, study finds

Tue, 21 Feb 2017 14:42:36 GMT


This finding supported the idea that stigma - involving loss of status, discrimination or stereotyping - may underlie some suicide attempts, public health experts said

Australia silent as Cambodia's Hun Sen deals final blow to democracy

Tue, 21 Feb 2017 13:15:00 GMT


Prime Minister Hun Sen on Tuesday arranged for his government to change laws that critics say will bulldoze what is left of Cambodia's opposition parties and political institutions.

Israeli soldier Elor Azaria jailed for 18 months over killing of Palestinian attacker

Tue, 21 Feb 2017 11:48:35 GMT


A young Israeli soldier convicted of killing a Palestinian assailant lying wounded on the ground was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment on Tuesday, far less than prosecutors requested, in one of the most divisive cases in Israel's history.

Prosecutors request eight years' jail for Sara Connor over Bali cop's death

Tue, 21 Feb 2017 10:49:14 GMT


Prosecutors have requested that Byron Bay woman Sara Connor be sentenced to eight years' jail for a group attack that led to the death of a Balinese police officer on Kuta beach last year.

Bizarre New York story: she was buried as a pauper, then a neighbour moved in

Tue, 21 Feb 2017 06:58:48 GMT


Karen Mary Connors lived alone and died alone, in what had been her family's summer home, with only a few houses standing between her and the Atlantic Ocean.

Prosecutors request eight years' jail for Sara Connor's boyfriend David Taylor over Bali cop death

Tue, 21 Feb 2017 08:52:40 GMT


Prosecutors have requested that David Taylor, the boyfriend of Byron Bay woman Sara Connor, be sentenced to eight years' jail for the fatal group assault of a Balinese police officer on Kuta beach last year.

Difficult battle for western Mosul could displace 400,000 civilians

Tue, 21 Feb 2017 02:18:27 GMT


Since Sunday, Iraq troops have been fighting their way to the Islamic State stronghold of Mosul.

Mike Pence, Jim Mattis scramble to manage fallout from Trump's global diplomacy crapshoot

Tue, 21 Feb 2017 13:00:38 GMT


Only Donald Trump could turn the concept of the organ grinder and the monkey on its head.

Working-class bistro thrown into media storm after Michelin star mix-up

Tue, 21 Feb 2017 00:18:21 GMT


Most restaurateurs would be thrilled to learn that their establishment had been awarded a Michelin star. But when Véronique Jacquet heard the news on the local radio last week, she knew something wasn't quite right.

Malaysia calls North Korea 'delusional' over denial of Kim Jong-nam body

Tue, 21 Feb 2017 00:40:32 GMT


Malaysia is "deeply insulted" by North Korea's questioning of the investigation into the poisoning of 46 year-old brother of Kim Jong-un.

Equal pay would be 'bad for families' argues Utah Republican

Mon, 20 Feb 2017 23:39:52 GMT


A Utah Republican said that men have traditionally earned more than women and, citing "simple economics", argued that things should stay that way.

British parliament debates visit of US President Donald Trump

Mon, 20 Feb 2017 21:59:32 GMT


British lawmakers on Monday kicked off a debate on whether to withdraw an invitation to President Trump for a state visit - an offer that had been extended by the British prime minister with unprecedented speed.

Donald Trump supporters see a successful president, and are frustrated with critics who don't

Mon, 20 Feb 2017 21:46:42 GMT


Many of President Donald Trump's most dedicated supporters - the sort who waited for hours in the Florida sun this weekend for his first post-inauguration campaign rally - say their lives changed on election night. Suddenly they felt like their views were actually respected and in the majority.

Donald Trump names General H. R. McMaster as national security adviser

Mon, 20 Feb 2017 21:20:56 GMT


US President Donald Trump has announced that General H. R. McMaster will be named national security adviser and Keith Kellogg will be chief of staff for the National Security Council.

Confessions of a virtue signalling, leftard social justice warrior

Mon, 20 Feb 2017 20:36:41 GMT


Right now, or should I say alt-right now, there are some new phrases that seem coined to troll liberals, journalists and others.

Milo Yiannopoulos appearance cancelled amid uproar about his underage sex talk

Tue, 21 Feb 2017 07:44:43 GMT


In one clipped part of a lengthy January 2016 interview, Yiannopoulos denounced the "arbitrary and oppressive idea of consent".

Russia's UN envoy Vitaly Churkin dies in New York

Tue, 21 Feb 2017 05:22:06 GMT


The ministry gave no details on the circumstances of his death on Monday but offered condolences to his relatives.

Donald Trump said: 'look at what's happening in Sweden' - here's what's happening there

Tue, 21 Feb 2017 01:20:08 GMT


Analysis by a Swedish newspaper came to the conclusion that refugees were responsible for only one per cent of all incidents.

Millions in South Sudan in urgent need of food, as UN declares famine

Tue, 21 Feb 2017 00:45:45 GMT


War and a collapsing economy have set off a famine in South Sudan, the United Nations announced Monday, and millions of people are in urgent need of food.

Donald Trump mocks Sweden's immigration policies as Pence reassures EU it has US support

Tue, 21 Feb 2017 12:13:13 GMT


The president tweeted on Monday that: "The FAKE NEWS media is trying to say that large scale immigration in Sweden is working out just beautifully. NOT!"

Ex-cop in Philippines says he led death squad at Rodrigo Duterte's behest

Mon, 20 Feb 2017 15:31:30 GMT


A retired police officer wracked with guilt over the murders of two of his own brothers has reversed himself and confessed to leading the Philippine death squad that killed them, saying that he was acting on the direct orders of Rodrigo Duterte before he became president.

Famine declared in South Sudan's Unity State

Mon, 20 Feb 2017 12:26:10 GMT


A famine has been declared in parts of violence-plagued South Sudan, where about 100,000 people are facing starvation, three UN agencies say.

North Korea's ambassador in Kuala Lumpur insists dead man was not Kim Jong-nam

Mon, 20 Feb 2017 12:09:50 GMT


North Korea's ambassador in Kuala Lumpur has denounced Malaysia's investigation into the assassination of Kim Jong-nam, the half-brother of North Korea's leader, and insisted the man poisoned at Kuala Lumpur airport last week was not him.

At least 14 killed, dozens injured in Philippines bus crash

Mon, 20 Feb 2017 09:31:32 GMT


The death toll in a bus accident near Manila has risen to 14 after three more victims died in hospital.

Thomas Keating pleads guilty over Phuket jet-ski tragedy that killed 'soulmate'

Mon, 20 Feb 2017 07:13:14 GMT


Victorian man Thomas Keating has pleaded guilty to reckless driving before a Thai court over a tragic jet-ski crash that killed his partner Emily Collie.

Fake terror attack: Sweden cops Trump's alternative facts treatment

Mon, 20 Feb 2017 05:28:57 GMT


You couldn't make this up. Well, yes you could.

A back-channel plan for Ukraine and Russia, thanks to Trump associates

Mon, 20 Feb 2017 05:10:10 GMT


A week before Michael Flynn resigned, a sealed proposal was hand-delivered to his office, outlining a way for Donald Trump to lift sanctions against Russia.

Kim Jong-nam assassination: video emerges purportedly showing his death

Mon, 20 Feb 2017 08:17:33 GMT


Two women are seen to approach the 46 year-old playboy from opposing directions in what appears to be the busy departure hall of Kuala Lumpur airport's low cost terminal.

'Make America Smart Again': US scientists rally against Donald Trump's policies

Sun, 19 Feb 2017 23:47:36 GMT


Hundreds of scientists, environmental advocates and their supporters have rallied in Boston to protest what they see as increasing threats to science and research in the US.

Wenger's treatment unacceptable: Guardiola

Mon, 20 Feb 2017 12:54:11 GMT


Under-fire Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has found support from rival English Premier League manager Pep Guardiola.

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace turns on Donald Trump claim after latest attack on media

Mon, 20 Feb 2017 11:45:51 GMT


Trump repeatedly attacked the media as "fake news" in several tweets in recent days. One Fox anchor has hit back.

Lindsey Graham says 2017 is all about hitting back at Russia

Sun, 19 Feb 2017 20:17:11 GMT


Graham called on Trump to make a clear statement that Russia must pay a price for interfering with the election.

Student confesses to throwing wooden block at Donald Trump's motorcade

Mon, 20 Feb 2017 11:45:55 GMT


A Secret Service spokeswoman said one vehicle was struck as the motorcade made its way from the airport to Mar-a-Lago.

Explosion near Bogota, Colombia bullring, scores injured

Mon, 20 Feb 2017 11:38:39 GMT


Hundreds of protesters have gathered weekly to demonstrate against bullfighting in Bogota.

'What has he been smoking?' Sweden asks US to clarify Donald Trump's rally remarks

Mon, 20 Feb 2017 11:45:49 GMT


Sweden has asked the US State Department to clarify remarks made by President Donald Trump implying that the Scandinavian country had been the target of a recent terrorist attack.

Monks and worshippers defy police during standoff at Thailand's largest temple

Mon, 20 Feb 2017 11:31:57 GMT


Hundreds of police have been deployed to Thailand's largest temple where worshippers and monks are vowing to prevent the arrest of a prominent monk.

'The time has come to recognise Palestine': Kevin Rudd reveals his 'deepest fear'

Sun, 19 Feb 2017 22:58:48 GMT


Former prime minister Kevin Rudd says the "time has come" for Australia to recognise Palestine, saying his deepest fear is the "drifting towards the disintegration and death of an independent Palestinian state."

SpaceX rocket launched from historic NASA pad in Florida

Mon, 20 Feb 2017 11:38:40 GMT


A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket has blasted off from a historic NASA launch pad at the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida that has sat idle since the end of the space shuttle program nearly six years ago.

China sends a message to Donald Trump with North Korea coal ban

Sun, 19 Feb 2017 16:39:22 GMT


China's move to ban coal imports from North Korea, effectively slicing the country's exports by about half, came with a message for the U.S. and its allies: It's time to do a deal.

Bomb rips through market in Somalia's capital Mogadishu, killing dozens

Sun, 19 Feb 2017 15:52:32 GMT


A blast from a suicide car bomb ripped through a market in Somali capital Mogadishu on Sunday, killing 39 people and injuring around 50.

Americans take an anxious journey to the centre of Donald Trump's mind

Sun, 19 Feb 2017 06:19:52 GMT


The man who wrote the book on narcissistic personality disorder has joined the debate over Donald Trump as his presidency grinds its gears.

Inside Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago: A winter White House where guests pay to play

Sun, 19 Feb 2017 02:18:43 GMT


If you are lucky, the president himself could stop by your table for a quick chat. But you will have to pay $US200,000 for the privilege.

A push for diesel leaves London gasping amid record air pollution

Sun, 19 Feb 2017 00:06:39 GMT


London is choking from record levels of pollution, much of it caused by diesel cars and trucks, as well as wood-burning fires in private homes.

President Donald Trump struggles to fill jobs when total loyalty is a must

Sat, 18 Feb 2017 22:16:29 GMT


Past criticisms of Donald Trump are proving unacceptable among contenders for top jobs in his administration.

World Trade Centre bombing mastermind dies in prison

Mon, 20 Feb 2017 23:58:25 GMT


Omar Abdel-Rahman, the 'blind sheikh' convicted over the bombing of the World Trade Centre in New York in 1993, has died in prison.

One killed, 27 injured in Belgium train derailment

Sat, 18 Feb 2017 16:28:46 GMT


One person was killed and about 27 injured, three seriously, on Saturday when a carriage toppled onto its side in a train derailment in Belgium, rescue workers said.

Australians should have better deal on visas following Brexit, Alexander Downer

Sat, 18 Feb 2017 15:19:04 GMT


Australia's high commissioner in London, Alexander Downer, says that after Brexit Australians should be given the same right to work in the UK as European Union citizens.

Nagaland, where men are on strike until women go back to the kitchen

Sun, 19 Feb 2017 00:06:46 GMT


A remote state in India is going against mandated affirmative action, believing that giving women equality will destroy their society and ancient customs.

Julie Bishop presses Myanmar leader for 'credible' Rohingya investigation

Sat, 18 Feb 2017 13:15:19 GMT


Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has told Myanmar's leader Aung San Suu Kyi Australia is "deeply concerned" about atrocities on Rohingya Muslims documented in a UN report.

What if the nerds are reading Donald Trump right?

Sun, 19 Feb 2017 01:22:27 GMT


For economics nerds, there's no event more exciting than the annual meeting of the American Economic Association. Over three days in January, this year in Chicago, more than 13,000 of the very brightest cram into the one hotel to check out jobs, check out each other and swap the very latest research.

Donald Trump calls the media 'the enemy of the American People'

Sat, 18 Feb 2017 10:47:43 GMT


President Donald Trump further escalated his attacks on the news media when he tweeted that mainstream outlets are not his enemy but are "the enemy of the American People."

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says there is a 'problem' with the value of the euro

Sat, 18 Feb 2017 09:38:50 GMT


German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Friday that there was a "problem" with the value of the euro because the European Central Bank was tailoring its policies to weaker members of the euro zone and not strictly to Germany.

Donald Trump calls the media 'the enemy of the American People'

Sat, 18 Feb 2017 10:42:03 GMT


President Donald Trump further escalated his attacks on the news media when he tweeted that mainstream outlets are not his enemy but are "the enemy of the American People."

Cuba says United States has deported 117 Cuban migrants since policy shift

Sat, 18 Feb 2017 08:40:24 GMT


Cuba said on Friday the United States had deported 117 migrants back to the island nation since ending its policy granting automatic residency to almost every Cuban who reached US soil as part of the normalisation of relations.

Four suspects in Kim Jong-nam murder fled Malaysia, one North Korean man arrested

Sun, 19 Feb 2017 12:28:28 GMT


Four North Korean suspects in the assassination of Kim Jong-nam, the elder half-brother of North Korea's leader, flew out of Malaysia within hours of the brazen attack at Kuala Lumpur airport last Monday, police say.

Anti-Trump energy flags during a second day of protests

Sat, 18 Feb 2017 03:29:06 GMT


A second consecutive day of protests against US President Donald Trump's month-old administration appeared to lose momentum on Friday.

Pakistan erupts in grief and anger after shrine attack

Sat, 18 Feb 2017 13:46:41 GMT


Hundreds of protesters - enraged, inconsolable and demanding justice - converged outside on the site of a suicide bombing that killed dozens on Thursday to demand security.

As Australia scorches, sea ice spread around Antarctica hits a record low

Sat, 18 Feb 2017 22:56:00 GMT


As parts of Australia set heatwave records and the government considered building new coal-fired power stations, the vast continent to the south last week quietly marked a milestone.

The hunt for the pangolin, the world's most trafficked mammal

Sun, 19 Feb 2017 04:38:12 GMT


We have spent the past few weeks combing Indonesia for an elusive sighting of the world's most trafficked mammal.

'Nobody cares about us': Family flees US border patrol to seek asylum in Canada

Sat, 18 Feb 2017 15:38:29 GMT


Eight asylum seekers, including four children, barely made it across the Canadian border on Friday as a US border patrol officer tried to stop them

Ecuador presidential candidate vows to remove Julian Assange from embassy

Sun, 19 Feb 2017 00:01:13 GMT


Opposition's frontrunner in Sunday's presidential election has a 30-day plan in mind.

The White House's strangely strong denial that its 'deportation force' idea is back

Fri, 17 Feb 2017 19:23:06 GMT


During the 2016 campaign, Donald Trump toyed with the idea of deploying a "deportation force" to round up and deport undocumented immigrants. Then he waffled on that proposal for a few months.

Late-night hosts skewer Donald Trump's news conference

Fri, 17 Feb 2017 18:47:16 GMT


President Donald Trump's combative news conference on Thursday afternoon left some people speechless.

Trump White House denies report it is considering using National Guard to arrest immigrants

Fri, 17 Feb 2017 18:41:35 GMT


"That is 100 per cent not true. It is false. It is irresponsible to be saying this,' Sean Spicer says.

Wave of leaks against Donald Trump stirs fears of a US 'deep state'

Fri, 17 Feb 2017 16:21:10 GMT


The United States risks developing an entrenched culture of conflict between the president and his own bureaucracy, experts warn.

Donald Trump targets environmental and climate rules as Scott Pruitt takes EPA role

Fri, 17 Feb 2017 22:20:17 GMT


The Trump administration is preparing to roll back Obame-era environmental safeguards as Scott Pruitt prepares to take head up the Environmental Protection Agency.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says Washington not tilting towards Russia on Syria

Fri, 17 Feb 2017 14:42:00 GMT


US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has told allies that Washington backs UN efforts to broker a political solution to the Syrian war.

Kim Jong-nam assassination suspects were paid for TV reality 'prank': police

Sat, 18 Feb 2017 07:08:50 GMT


The women were possibly duped by a spy ring into attacking Kim Jong-un's half brother.

Trust trumped as cracks and leaks appear in the White House

Fri, 17 Feb 2017 13:15:00 GMT


In the crazy cross-currents of the first weeks of the Trump administration, it is an absence that is most striking – trust is missing in action.

Tony Blair urges Britons to rise up to resist 'Brexit at any cost'

Sat, 18 Feb 2017 02:11:01 GMT


Tony Blair urged Britons to "rise up" and demand a second Brexit referendum in a last-ditch effort to remain in the European Union. 

Philippines files drug-related cases against critic of President Rodrigo Duterte

Fri, 17 Feb 2017 11:01:05 GMT


The Philippines has filed three drug-related charges against a senator and staunch critic of President Rodrigo Duterte's war on drugs, saying she allegedly received money from drug dealers inside the country's prisons.

It's impossible, say family of Indonesian woman held over Kim Jong-nam death

Fri, 17 Feb 2017 09:30:30 GMT


The mother of the Indonesian woman arrested in Malaysia over the death of Kim Jong-nam says her daughter is a "simple country girl".

Donald Trump's raving attempt at shifting blame an autocrat's outing

Fri, 17 Feb 2017 10:28:35 GMT


At the end of a week in which he misplaced his national security adviser, and found a replacement who bolted, Trump said his administration "is running like a fine-tuned machine".

Rohingya women who spoke out on rape, murder 'pursued by Myanmar officials'

Tue, 21 Feb 2017 00:09:15 GMT


When journalists and investigators descended on Rakhine state, some Rohingya villagers had the courage to speak out. Their fate since then has been grim.

Malaysia hunts four North Korean spies over Kim Jong-nam's assassination

Fri, 17 Feb 2017 04:12:39 GMT


Malaysian authorities believe four North Korean spies orchestrated the assassination of Kim Jong-nam, the playboy brother of North Korea's leader, and remain in the country.

Donald Trump's choice for National Security Adviser, Robert Harward, turned down offer

Fri, 17 Feb 2017 00:57:53 GMT


Donald Trump's choice for National Security Adviser, retired Vice Admiral Robert Harward, turned down the offer.

First fake news, then a resigned, indifferent public (just ask the Russians)

Fri, 17 Feb 2017 11:31:30 GMT


Donald Trump -- whether influenced by the Russians or from his own native talent – seems to have mastered the key defensive technique of "whataboutism".

Michael Flynn in FBI interview denied discussing sanctions with Russian ambassador

Thu, 16 Feb 2017 23:10:59 GMT


Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn denied to FBI agents in an interview last month that he had discussed US sanctions against Russia with that country's ambassador to the United States before President Donald Trump took office, contradicting the contents of intercepted communications collected by intelligence agencies, current and former U.S. officials said.

Donald Trump delivers a series of raw, personal attacks on the media in a press conference for the ages

Thu, 16 Feb 2017 22:59:41 GMT


Donald Trump entered the East Room on Thursday reeling from a week filled with resignations, withdrawals and continued questions surrounding his campaign's contacts with Russia.

Mexican woman says she was stolen as baby in Spain

Thu, 16 Feb 2017 23:31:03 GMT


Her Spanish parents were told she died at birth, a legal complaint says.

Donald Trump press conference transcript in full

Thu, 16 Feb 2017 23:03:17 GMT


President Trump on Thursday announced his new nominee for labour secretary, Alexander Acosta, during a news conference at the White House. Following is a transcript of that event, as prepared by the Federal News Service.

'Wild and unhinged' Trump rants, raves and deflects blame to the media in press conference

Fri, 17 Feb 2017 11:31:33 GMT


"Tomorrow, they will say, 'Donald Trump rants and raves at the press.' I'm not ranting and raving... I love this. I'm having a good time doing it."

US President Donald Trump attacks media, leakers at combative press conference

Thu, 16 Feb 2017 22:59:46 GMT


Trump, discussing the heated phone call with Malcolm Turnbull, said it was "terrible it was leaked".

Australia mulls bigger commitment to Islamic State fight

Fri, 17 Feb 2017 00:25:33 GMT


The US is contemplating whether to put 'boots on the ground' in Syria, as part of Trump's push against IS.

'Day without immigrants' protest hits restaurants, schools

Fri, 17 Feb 2017 11:50:58 GMT


Immigrants across the country were on strike on Thursday to highlight their importance to the American economy.

Bombings in southern Pakistan and Baghdad claimed by Islamic State kill more than 100

Thu, 16 Feb 2017 17:28:59 GMT


A bomb has ripped through the most revered shrine of Sufi Islam in Pakistan, killing at least 25 devotees and wounding several dozen others, officials say.

US student suspended for taping professor calling Trump's win 'an act of terrorism'

Fri, 17 Feb 2017 05:01:58 GMT


A California college student has been suspended for recording his professor's anti-Trump rant, which went viral and led to violent threats against the instructor.

Donald Trump, meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu, backs off Israeli-Palestinian two-state solution

Thu, 16 Feb 2017 09:21:07 GMT


Donald Trump jettisoned two decades of diplomatic orthodoxy by declaring that the US would no longer insist on the creation of a Palestinian state.

Dozens die of bird flu in China amid fears of new health crisis

Thu, 16 Feb 2017 09:39:01 GMT


As many as 79 people died from H7N9 bird flu in China last month, the government said, stoking worries that the spread of the virus this season could be the worst on record.

Two more people detained over death of Kim Jong-nam

Thu, 16 Feb 2017 14:11:54 GMT


A second suspect has been arrested in connection with the death of the estranged half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, Malaysia's state news agency Bernama says.

Assassination of Kim Jong-nam may join list of unsolved Malaysian mysteries

Thu, 16 Feb 2017 06:50:07 GMT


The bizarre assassination of the banished son of the late North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il in Malaysia raises more questions than answers.

Donald Trump is suddenly looking like a very weak autocrat

Thu, 16 Feb 2017 12:55:45 GMT


Trump has attacked the media yet again, and it's becoming a pattern in which he deals with setbacks by lashing out at other institutions.

Conjuring up Watergate as clouds darken over Trump administration

Thu, 16 Feb 2017 08:56:21 GMT


This town often gets way ahead of the game, but the credentials of some conjuring up the dark days of Watergate are not to be sneezed at.

Spicer-ize my name: How White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer would say your name

Thu, 16 Feb 2017 01:58:04 GMT


We've had Malcolm Trumble and Joe Trudeau. So how would Sean Spicer say your name?

The Trump brand was built on winning. So what happens when it starts to lose?

Thu, 16 Feb 2017 09:21:09 GMT


The White House is perhaps the best imaginable venue for product placement.

Pentagon may recommend US deploy combat troops in Syria: CNN

Wed, 15 Feb 2017 22:59:02 GMT


Washington: The US Defence Department may recommend that the United States deploy regular combat troops to Syria to fight Islamic State militants, CNN reported on Wednesday.

He watched his house burn as Christchurch fires get out of control

Thu, 16 Feb 2017 00:38:36 GMT


Henry Reese watched through a thick haze of smoke as his Christchurch family home burnt to the ground on Thursday morning.