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The Forgotten Man


The Forgotten Man by Jon Naughton



Jon Corzine's Buddy


Thank You President Bush


What a Drag!


McCain - Palin 2008


New Jersey Health-care Choice Act


Assemblyman Jay Webber is proposing legislation that would lower the cost of health insurance in New Jersey and reduce the number of uninsured without requiring a subsidy from taxpayers.We’ve supported similar ideas in the past and suggest our lawmakers in Trenton give serious consideration to Webber’s New Jersey Health-care Choice Act. It’s a model for health-care reform that we desperately need

“Progressive” Democrats Target Small-Town America


Has anyone else noticed a pattern of “progressive” Democrats venting their frustrations on small-town people?Gov. Jon Corzine has targeted small towns with a grossly unfair school aid funding formula and the reduction or total elimination of municipal aid. Corzine claims the state of New Jersey just can’t afford small towns any more.Presidential candidate Barack Obama tells his San Francisco

Proposed State Aid To Municipalities


Governor Jon Corzine’s proposed 2009 New Jersey state budget calls for cuts to municipal property tax relief based on population.Municipalities with populations of less than 5,000 would receive no municipal property tax relief from the state. Those with populations greater than 5,000 but less than 10,000 would have municipal aid cut in half. The remaining municipalities with populations greater

New Jersey State Budget Comparison 2008 vs 2009


The text of Governor Jon Corzine’s budget address may be read here and a summary of his proposed New Jersey state budget for 2009 may be reviewed here.The following is a comparison of Governor Corzine’s 2008 vs. 2009 state budget by revenue source and expenditure by budget area.Data Source: New Jersey Department of the Treasury – Office of Management and Budget2008 New Jersey State Budget2009 New

New Jersey Taxpayer Education Tour – Part 2


In our previous post we provided a high-level overview of the spending side of New Jersey’s state budget. Today, we’ll take a look at the revenue side and again compare the changes from 1998 to 2008This year, the state’s income tax will generate $12.4 billion - more than all other state taxes, fees and revenue sources combined, with the exception of the state’s sales tax. The sales tax will bring

New Jersey Taxpayer Education Tour – Part 1


Governor Jon Corzine has been conducting town hall meetings across the state to educate New Jersey residents about the state’s financial crisis and his $38 billion asset monetization plan. He uses graphs and charts in his Power Point presentation to explain his side of the story and to convince people that the creation of a Public Benefit Corporation and hefty toll road increases are the answers

Have You Heard About the $1 billion State Tax Cut?


Governor Jon Corzine has pledged not to spend more next year than in 2008 if his “financial restructuring plan” is approved. With all the hullabaloo about the toll road increases, we must have missed the coverage about the nearly $1 billion tax cut we’ll be getting next year.Below are the state’s revenue projections for this year and for 2009 from New Jersey’s 2008 budget. As you can see, the

Mitt Romney For President


New Jersey Needs $38 Billion Plan For Employee Benefits


What’s the real purpose of Governor Jon Corzine’s $38 billion asset monetization plan? It’s all about paying for New Jersey’s public employee benefits. The conversation about the state’s bond debt and Transpiration Trust Fund is misdirection and cover for the real problem The funding requirements for both are basically flat, as we previously explained. It’s the staggering increases for public

Does New Jersey Need A $38 Billion Asset Monetization Plan To Solve an $800 Million Transportation Funding Problem?


Why is Governor Jon Corzine proposing a $38 billion asset monetization plan that will require large toll increases on the NJ Turnpike, the Garden State Parkway and the Atlantic City Expressway?The Governor says he needs the money to pay down the state’s debt to a more manageable level and to provide additional funding for the state’s Transportation Trust Fund Authority (TTFA).In our last post, we

Why The Sudden Panic Attack Over New Jersey’s Bond Debt?


As of June 2007, New Jersey’s debt was $29,719,322,000. As you can see from the state’s payment schedule shown below, the required annual payment is fairly consistent - $2,570,837,000 in 2007 and by 2013, it’ll be $2,524,619,000.That’s not to say New Jersey’s debt isn’t much higher than it should be. Take a look at the state’s credit card statement as of June 2007. (Click on the graphic to the

The Traitorous Twelve


Without the support of a small group of Republicans in the state Senate and Assembly, Governor Jon Corzine’s school spending and state aid bill would have failed. These senators and assemblymen have much to answer for having betrayed the public school students and taxpayers of New Jersey, their constituents and the Republican Party.A tally of 41 yes votes was needed for the governor's measure to

Republicans Should Support Corzine’s Plan


We have studied the numbers and we agree with Jon Corzine. There's little choice but to either raise taxes (which we oppose) or leverage state assets in some way similar to what he has proposed. Even with major spending cuts (which should occur regardless of what happens), the people of New Jersey are still in too deep.In our view, Republicans are going about this all wrong – trying to stop

What’s Wrong With New Jersey? 2008 Edition - Exhibit #2


New Jersey’s Economic Development Authority approved $11.5 million in corporate or personal income tax cuts for filmmakers and stars including Alec Baldwin, Bruce Willis and Anjelica Huston.The saga of a recovering sex addict and a film about a serial-killer piano tuner are among 11 movies that were approved for tax breaks today to encourage filming in New Jersey.Well, at least your hard-earned

State Aid Profile – Quick Facts


The New Jersey Department of Education has posted the school spending and state aid details for each district based upon Governor Jon Corzine’s proposed plan.Corzine’s plan is complex, but there are a few key figures in the State Aid Profile you should review to understand what the plan will mean for your school district and your property taxes. After reviewing the numbers, you can contact your

Decoding Your School District’s State Aid Profile


You can now view your school district’s State Aid Profile based on Governor Jon Corzine’s school spending and state aid program.To help you understand Corzine’s plan and the State Aid Profile, we’ve created this post to guide you along using the Livingston school district as an example. Livingston is represented by Senator Dick Codey, Assemblywoman Mila Jasey and Assemblyman John McKeon.First, an

What’s Wrong With New Jersey? 2008 Edition - Exhibit #1


Here’s a great example of what’s wrong with New Jersey,The idea:Politicians in New Jersey and every state should wake up to this opportunity to fill their state treasuries. A system should be devised whereby all gift cards and certificates issued by chain stores, individual stores, shops and restaurants in a state must be consecutively numbered and accounted for. A state should be able to claim a

Republican Leaders Introduce School Aid Proposal


Governor Corzine has proposed a $711,836,000 adequate school budget for the Newark school district and $707,109,000 in state aid. That represents a 2 percent increase in state aid over last year.Based upon Newark’s student enrollment of 44,720 students, Corzine’s spending and state aid per student is as follows:Corzine’s Proposal – Newark DistrictAdequate budget per student: $15,918State aid per

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