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Programming Note: Rosh Hashanah 5778 - Shana Tova!
Tonight is Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year and I will be offline the next two days. Specifically, I will be offline Thursday and Friday...(image)

Google's Ranking Algorithms Dynamically Change Based On Query & Context
The other day I reported how Google said there is no such thing as the top three ranking signals despite what may have been said before. I said it is likely because some queries weigh some signals more important than others...(image)

Google Search Ranking Update Chatter Continues
As you know, we reported Google algorithm search ranking shifts this past Monday based on weekend chatter. That died down for a bit but overnight it spiked back up...(image)

Google Tests Indoor Maps In The Local Knowledge Panel
Sergey Alakov spotted and posted on Twitter that Google is now testing showing indoor maps, when available...(image)

Google: We Don't Use Click Data Directly For Search Rankings
A couple weeks ago, we reported that the head of Google Brain said that Google uses click data for rankings. I have the audio recording of him saying it but...(image)

Does The Time To Fetch & Render Indicate Possible Google Crawling Issues?
Andrew Shotland asked Google's John Mueller an interesting question around the fetch and render tool in the Google Search Console...(image)

Google Keeps Debunking 301 Redirect Dilution Myths
For the past couple years, Google has been trying to communicate that 301 and 302 redirects pass full PageRank...(image)

Google: Shopping Cart Abandonment Not A Search Ranking Factor
Google's John Mueller said that having a high shopping cart abandonment rate is not a specific issue with ranking in Google. It is not a ranking signal...(image)

Google AdSense Ad Balance Tool Now Back
Google posted on the AdSense Google+ channel that the ad balancer tool which is a tool that can be used to show less lower paying ads on your site...(image)

Google Logo For Amalia Hernandez - 100th Birthday Of The Mexican Ballet Dancer
Today on Google's home page in the US, Mexico, Canada and many other regions is a special Google logo, Doodle, for Amalia Hernandez. It would be her 100th birthday today...(image)