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Note to Readers


Due to illness, this blog is not currently being updated.  Please feel free to search for articles of interest or to read older post.  Thank you for reading my blog all these years and I hope to be back up on my feet soon. Blessings, prayers and positive thoughts are appreciated.

Eileen aka CyberCelt(image)

Happy Holidays, No Matter How You Say It.



Integrate TV, Social and Search


CMO Evan Greene of The Recording Academy (producer of the Grammy Awards) will join present a panel at the Search Insider Summit. The topic will be the integration of television, social and search. According to Mr. Greene:

2013 will bring the explosion of content that connects broadcast, offline marketing and online video. Streamed video content will become one of the biggest drivers, leading to conversions from Web sites to search results to social pages in sites like Facebook and Twitter -- not just for national brands, but small local mom and pop stores too. Technology will make it affordable and easier to generate return on investments to produce it.

Angels on Skateboards


Yesterday was  the eighth day of December 2012. I participated in a craft show in Bastrop, Texas. It was a beautiful day; misty and cool in the morning; warmer as the day wore on. You would've thought it was a summer day except for the falling leaves that clogged the streets and storm drains.

This was my first time in many many years to experience being a seller of wares to the public. The last time, was 1970 and I was selling candles on the Drag (Guadalupe St) in Austin.  Quite a few folks made their living selling handmade bread, clothes, food stuffs and treasures on the Drag.  It was fun. If I had the candles, a blanket, and hopefully, some money with which to make change, I was set.

In Bastrop, the mood was quite different. Gone were the nods of recognition, the spirit of oneness and the feeling of belonging. Instead, there were 10 foot spaces on a roadway, and no help available to unload your wares. However, we set up and were ready for the hordes of people to descend at 9 AM.

As folks began to trickle by, some stopped to chat, mostly to say that they had just gotten there and would be looking around. Later on, when those same people walked by with their purchases, they would smile and say "maybe next year."

We booked our booth very late in the game. You've all heard the marketer's creed, "position, position, position." It is true. As we sat there, catching up on old times and old friends, we both sold several items. After adding up the expenses like the space rental, the hotel room for the night before, time, gas for the drive, and the physical stress, we decided we had not handled our craft show very well.

The one blessing for which I am totally grateful, is the appearance of two teenage boys on skateboards. For some reason, they gravitated toward our table, and we saw them several times during the day. When it became a time to pack up our tables, chairs, mannequins, racks and assorted wares, the teens on skateboards arrived. I asked, "would you help us?"

They both started taking things from our arms and walking them toward our vehicles. They moved everything in a matter of minutes. This is a very good thing because my friend was recovering from recent shoulder surgery and my back was stiffened up from being on concrete all day.

After packing up, I turned to the two boys on skateboards and said, "May I pay you?" They both said, together, " it's not necessary. We are glad to help."  "Well you're going to get a hug from 2 old women." We hugged both boys and one of them said, "that's the best deal of the day."

So, if you find yourself in need of help in Bastrop, look for two blonde teens on skateboards. I believe if you say the words, "I need help," the boys will find you.

Angels are all about us. They do not all have long white hair and wings. Some have short spiked hair, jeans, T-shirts and skateboards. You'll know them by their smiles.(image)

Use Website Tags Properly


The use of tags on websites to call content or advertising has increased. While providing more opportunities for providing content and targeting, tagging can also give away your visitors' information and your stats.

It is not rocket science, but you should make sure the code is clean and that there are no conflicts. We have all sat looking at a white window while a slow site loads. The site is probably undergoing "tag overload."

Whenever you are finished installing tags, check your site's load time from several computers. If you watch the left side of the status bar, you will see the name of the application that "hung."

The IAB is working on a draft best practices manual.  They have released a draft for comment. View or download the PDF file here:


How to Get Customer Testimonials


How to Get Customer Testimonials for Your Direct Response OffersHere is a basic truth about human nature: We are, by nature, followers—all of us. We feel more comfortable and more secure when we are following well-trod paths, doing what others have done before us. This is certainly true when it comes to purchasing products. Before we shell out our hard-earned money on a new product or service, we like to know that others have bought the same thing—and been satisfied with it.All of this is a roundabout way of saying that customer testimonials can go a long way toward closing sales, and toward making your sales copy more impacting and effective. For direct response marketers, then, obtaining customer testimonials is massively useful—but it can also be hard to do. There are, however, a few techniques any direct response marketer can use to help obtain some of those precious endorsements and consumer reviews.Offer an IncentiveAsking for something for nothing seldom works, so, when you solicit clients for testimonials, sweeten the deal. Offer them something in return. Provide them with an incentive for their feedback.Be careful about what you offer, though. A good bet is to offer some of your products, for free—because this will attract enthusiastic comments from customers who really, truly, genuinely like what you’re offering. An alternative is to offer something a little bit more generic, like cash, but then you run the risk of getting a lot of vague or disingenuous testimonials from folks who don’t necessarily have any great enthusiasm for your products.Using Social MediaYou can also glean reviews from social media sites. Facebook will allow you to set up a Reviews section, for example, which you can use to encourage your friends and fans to leave some feedback. Also make sure you make use of more specialized, niche review sites; if you’ve got a lot of travel offers, for example, you can perhaps get some reviews via travel sites like Expedia or Travelocity.Of course, e-mail works, too. Once you put together your incentive program, e-mail it to your whole client list. You might even make it look nice, as an HTML page, and send the link to your valued customers.Unsolicited ReviewsA final word of advice: Remember that your products are probably going to draw a lot of reviews that you never even asked for—and keeping abreast of those reviews is crucial. Set up some Google alerts and use social listening programs to track your brand mentions on Twitter. See what people are saying about your offers—and if you stumble across someone who really seems to dig what you’re selling, reach out to that person and ask if you can use their words as an official testimonialIt is not necessarily an easy or a quick thing, compiling legitimate consumer reviews—but it does work, and it will help you close sales. Once you get some reviews, compile them all on a “Testimonials” page, but also use them throughout your Web content. Make every effort to help potential customers feel comfortable with what you are offering!Guest author Rich Gorman is a revered direct response marketer, blogger, and expert of online money making. [...]

Generation X Remain Positive on Economy


According to SymphonyIRI’s Q3 2012 MarketPulse study, Generation X generally has a positive outlook on the economy, but are more frugal than baby boomers and seniors.

Susan Viamari, editor of Times and Trends, SymphonyIRI, says
. . . sandwiched between baby boomers and Millennials, Gen-Xers are aged 35 to 44... sometimes referred to as the ignored generation. and their spending power should not be overlooked by CPG retailers and manufacturers...Gen-Xers were graduating from college and ...entering the adult world after the 1987 stock market crash and the recession that followed... nuch like The Great Recession has influenced Millennials.

  • 24% think their financial situation has improved during the last 12 months, and 37% feel their finances will improve during the coming year.
  • 37% buy brands that are on sale rather than their preferred brands
  • 32% select products to create more meals at the lowest cost possible
  • 33% choose products based on loyalty card discounts
  • 20% steer clear of certain aisles to avoid unplanned purchases
Gen-Xers also do their homework before heading to the store:
  • 69% make shopping lists and use a variety of tools in their list-making process
  • 49% review circulars,
  • 48% use coupons,
  • 14% leverage the Internet, and
  • 10% refer to a retailer’s website.
Generation X is more “wired” than boomers and seniors when it comes to CPG-related behaviors:
  • 55% of Gen-Xers download recipes off websites and other online sources
  • 52% download coupons from manufacturer websites
  • 51% download coupons from retailer websites
  • 51% download coupons from couponing sites
  • 38% research products online
  • 35% visit deal sites
  • 31% use social media sites to get coupons
  • 23% look for updates from retailers/manufacturers via email/text message
  • 18% research products on blogs
  • 7% purchase groceries online and have them delivered
For additional information from SymphonyIRI, please visit here.(image)

Dona Nobis Pacem : Give Us Peace


Blog Blast for Peace 
November 4, 2012

 Think only of peace today.
Think only of others today.
Cherish the Earth today.

Boomers and Christmas Spending


According to Forrester Research, Boomer expenditures during the upcoming holiday include mobile, gadgets, devices and high priced computers. Boomers average $650 spent online, while Gen X spends $581 and Gen Y spends $429.

Boomers make extensive use of the Internet: 91 percent use email, 88 percent use search engines, 80 percent research health and 74 percent get their news online.
Baby Boomers buy for themselves but also for their parents and their children. In fact, Baby Boomer women influence 80% of household buying decisions.
Baby Boomers purchase 67 percent of new cars; 74 percent prescription drugs and 51 percent OTC drugs;  42 percent online travel and 80 percent of luxury travel, with $157 Billion worth of leisure travel per year.  Eight out of ten own their homes and one out of four have vacation homes.

The Baby Boomers hold 70 percent of the nation's wealth and will inherit billions more. So, if you are not including boomers in your target market, you are missing a huge opportunity.

via Engage: Boomers (Media Post blog)


Too Many Hats for This Marketer


Marketing and Advertising in the 21st Century

Has anyone besides me gotten a little crazy over all the changes in marketing and advertising?  I used to do all my own search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) for my web sites and blogs. I think I spent more time on forums asking questions than working on my websites! 

Questions, like:

  • Do I use metatags or Dublin metatags and should they change on every page?  
  • Should the description change on each page? 
  • How do I use graphic alternative text and name fields?  
  • How many times should a keyword appear on a webpage? 
  • How may keywords are too many?

Too Many Hats

As search engine marketing has become more and more complicated, keeping current with the changes to algorithms, link rules, updates and duplicate content has become too time consuming. I considered selling the two websites and just keeping the blogs. There were just too many hats for this marketer to do it all.


I started researching for an advertising and marketing agency,  I thought I might outsource the work I could no longer do myself. I wanted to use an agency that knew their way around social media, search engine marketing and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Video email marketing and content management are other promotional tools that I have considered.

More Assistance

As my business grew, I thought about outsourcing graphic design services and logo design services. One firm I have been researching is PTS Multimedia. They seem to offer most popular marketing and advertising services.

Of course, my illness has slowed my work and subsequent income, so I will save the research on advertising agencies. I do not know what the future holds, but I now have a Plan B--PTS Multimedia.




Using Microsoft Paint and Microsoft Snipping Tool for Basic GraphicsDeveloped by:Eileen TrainorCovenant EnterprisesCyberCelthttp://CoolAdzine.blogspot.comhttp://Advertising-for-Success.blogspot.comSeptember 27, 2012In Support of:Blog Blast For PeaceNovember 4, 2012Short Graphics TutorialFind Your ToolsFind two programs on your Windows computer: Paint and Snipping Tool. If you have used these before they will be visible on your Start Menu. If not, go to Start Menu → All Programs → Accessories.   Open the Accessories folder by clicking on it. Look for the Paint Icon. Right-click the Paint Icon and select Send To → Desktop (creates shortcut)Okay, now you have Paint handy. Let us see if we can get the Snipping Tool on the desktop, too. Nope, does not work with a right click. Try it again a little differently. Go to Start Menu → Snipping Tool. Do not open, just right-click and select Pin to Task Bar. The Snipping Tool is now located on your task bar at the bottom of your screen. Left click and drag the Paint Icon to the Task Bar. Now we have both our tools together, let's find a Peace Globe to use.Pick a Peace GlobeGo to and pick out a peace globe template.You may snip the template with your Snipping Tool or right-click and save link as [name].[jpg]. Make sure you change HTML to .jpg in Snipping Tool.Here is one I chose. I make sure I have it on my desktop by right clicking on the original on Facebook and saving the graphic to my desktop.Now, shut down Snipping Tool and open Paint.Explore PaintOkay, let us look at another screen of Paint.The Home screen holds many familiar tools, like: Clipboard (cut, copy, paste), Images (crop, resize, rotate), Tools (pencil, paint bucket, text tool, eraser, eye dropper and magnifying glass). Next to the right is the option for brushes. Next are Shapes (all types, outline or fill), Line (or arrow width), Colors (color 1, color 2, all colors, edit colors)As you can imagine, this page is the most used in Paint. There is, however, one button that can save the day (UNDO). It is at the top left of this screen and looks like an arrow point to the left. The button next to UNDO (REDO) is almost important.     I can see from looking at the rulers that I have some space to enlarge the Peace Globe. I want to add some graphics, the name of my blog, the phrase “Dona Nobis Pacem) and the date.One Peace GlobeOne Last ScreenFrom the last screen, you may open, close, start new project, email a finished project, print,    Save and Save as. Save as is very important. If you open a graphic and makes changes, Save as [different name].jpg. If not, when you Save, you replace the original with the one you created or edited. If you as under a different name, it is easy to try something new using the original graphic. Renaming can be as easy as adding a 1, 2, 3 after the name. (Peace1, Peace2, Peace3.jpg).Namaste,CyberCelt[...]

AddThis : Another Advertising Network


On September 19, MediaPost revealed the strategy of AddThis,which will connect consumers and advertisers in the #3 largest social network. AddThis will have access to data on 1.3 billion web users and the profiles of 250 million social networkers.
. . . support paid, owned and earned media by building tools will help it maintain one of the largest social and interest graphs on the open Web outside of Google and Facebook
Does anyone else feel that personal privacy is disappearing faster than campaign promises?  I am going to update my Norton and check my firewalls. I feel like I am at war.

This is a followup post to this post on August 30 about the AddThis button on this blog.''


More Ads for Facebook


Facebook is testing a mobile advertising network, going head to head with Google and AppleTests Mobile-Ad Network. Facebook will partner with advertising networks to serve banner advertisements on mobile phone applications.

Banner sizes will definitely be smaller, so you may want to develop some smaller sized ads or see how you advertisements scale down on a mobile screen.

Via: Ad Age(image)

Not all Heroes Walk on Two Legs


September 11, 2001

After the World Trade Center Towers collapsed, the search and rescue dogs worked hard to find survivors. Some SAR dog dragged their handlers through wreckage and had to be physically restrained, which is unusual as these are highly trained animals. Without concern for their own safety, they continued to sniff and paw at the debris in hopes of finding someone alive.


Keeping Time and Out of Trouble


Searching the web the other day, a transposed combination of letters deposited me at  The website was intriguing, so I signed up for a trial and went exploring. When I bill by the hour, I keep track of time on a piece of paper.  If I forgot to log some time, it is lost. If I am working on multiple projects, tracking time can become troublesome. Clockodo Timekeeping ProgramClockodo is a web-based timekeeping program that appears to take the trouble out of timekeeping and billable hours. The program also can track multiple projects and personnel, as well as collate information into graphs (pie and line), project reports and other formats.How It WorksThe web interface of Clockodo looks like a desktop, complete with wood grain. After you login, you may add a new project, a new customer, a new service or work on an existing project. Timekeeping for the individual is easy. Just click the clock in the upper right corner of the desktop and a window opens with a grayed out clock.  When all the data is entered, the clock will turn green.  When your time is being tracked the clock turns yellow.Select your project and add or update the service provided or task description. Start your time clock; however, if you forget, you may make a manual time entry.  The final report will show whether the time entry was "on the clock" or manually added. It would probably be a good idea to document why a manual entry was completed. There are many reasons: at customer site, network down, working at home, etc.  If you wish to stop working on one task and work on another, you must add the task in this same clock window by using the green + key. If you do not, you will be replacing the data entered with new data. Customers, Projects and Services Projects for every customer are tracked, just as the services for each project are tracked.  The services that are set up in Clockodo are accountancy, acquisition, conception, customer pitch, design, education and programming. However, it is easy to add services, using the handy green + key.Other FeaturesOnce a project is completed, it may be deactivated.  This will keep the inactive project from appearing on lists, but the time entries remain for reporting purposesIf you currently use a timekeeping program, you may import your data into Clockodo.  You also may export the data in a comma separated value (CSV) file.Full backup of all files may be performed from within the Clockodo application.  The files are kept for 90 days.[...]

"Capture" Your Readers


This caught my eye on the ADD THIS web site. I can understand that user authentication will cut down on spam, but the capture of information bothers me. The script will capture your Twitter, Facebook or Google+ username as well as any public information.

From the website:

If you missed the announcement last week, we’ve added Social Sign In (SSI) to our plug-in suite. Integration to your site will allow users to log in using their existing social accounts on the three largest social networks - Google, Facebook and Twitter. Your users will have a more personal connection to your site while providing you with accurate authentication and demographic data.
If you use this script, I would appreciate if you stop back by and let us know how it works. I know that privacy is just a concept in today's world, but it still matters to some. (image)

Mobile Shopping Applications Gain Market Share


Top 10 Shopping Apps for June 2012 (Smartphones, U.S.)
RankApplicationUnique AudienceAvg Time Spent (hh:mm:ss)
1eBay Mobile
2Amazon Mobile
9Out of Milk Shopping List
10SavingStar Grocery eCoupons
Source: Nielsen, August 2012  (Read as: During June 2012, 13.2 million smartphone owners used the eBay Mobile application, from Android/iPhone handsets in the US.)

 June 2012 Data

eBay and Amazon topped the list of shopping apps used by mobile users. Daily deal sites like Groupon and LivingSocial had 10 million Americans using their apps during the same time. Meanwhile, applications in the Shopping/Commerce category were accessed by 45 million smartphone owners, who used apps in the Shopping/Commerce category 17 times on average

For additional information from Nielsen, please visit here. (image)

Social Millennials Model for Brand Image


Millennials = people 15-26 years old, also called Generation Y and Echo Boomers

4 Things Brands Can Learn From Social Millennials
by Mike Doherty, Jun 29, 2012, 6:55 AM

Millennials are early adopters and users of social media. First, they are accessible.They are seen as extremely warm and inviting.

Next, sociable people are seen as actively caring for the needs of their friends. We all know these people-- they are happiest when they know that everyone else is having a good time.\

Sociable people are also a resource for those around them. They always have a good inclination of what’s going on in the world. 
Sociable millenals are the spark for their friends. They sense gaps in the social rhythm and they use those to interject a burst of energy to get the rhythm going again.

Brands can be perceived as social by Millennials, they will have to continue to learn to fulfill the roles above in the experiences they create. 

July 4th


Happy July 4, 2012

Private Search and Do Not Track


Have you seen the [private search] line on your analytics page.  What once provided search terms and other information is no longer available.  I believe this is part of the "do not track" movement.

There is a great article in Ad Age about how marketers may survive in the coming "do not track" world. Below is a quote from the website:

Spurred on by privacy advocates and regulators, browser makers continue to raise the stakes in their approaches to implementing "Do Not Track" options. Microsoft has announced that next version of Internet Explorer will ship with the "Do Not Track" option already checked
Some of the biggest ad holding companies have reached out to Microsoft this month to make their case against the do-not-track default for IE.  Microsoft always goes its own way, so I would prepare for "do not track." 

Advertisers want the ability to combine their own data with third party behavioral or even location data to make ads more targeted and effective. They may just have to go back to writing advertising that is honest and transparent and draws the client into a relationship. In other words, engage the client without knowing if he used Crest or Colgate this morning.

So, we have gone from general advertising, written on what is known about the target market, to targeting and retargeting and tracking people as they visit websites to [private search].  We appear to have gone full circle.

I am not sure how I feel about this as a marketer and a consumer.  What do you think?(image) needs help with reputation


I happened to open an email from  It was an explanation, of sorts, of the services provided to people whom sign up and fill out the form.  Supposedly, a free synopsis of my  online "reputation," would be forthcoming.  I visited the website, filled out the form and waited for my summary. Imagine my surprise when I see personal profiles and Google results populate the screen.

Next, I received an on screen notice that the "process" takes a long time and I would receive my "reputation report" via email.  Well, I did receive an email and I visited to view my report. There was no report.  There was a three-panel advertisement showing what I could have if I would upgrade.

I wrote off my lists of honest websites and thought no more about their duplicity in advertising.  Then, I received a call from a sales rep from asking me how I liked the service.  I asked, "Do you mean the service that was supposed to send me a reputation report? The service that did not profile the report, but directed me to all the services available IF I upgraded?  The salesman said, "Oh, the report is not much, it is just information from profiles and Google search engine results."

I told the salesman that I believed in transparency and honesty in advertising and I did not feel was either in its advertising.  I continued with the fact that I expected a profile, one that was generated after supposedly explored 1000s of websites on my behalf,

The salesman said, "I can give you a profile, but its very general.  You know, what is shown in search results and public profiles."  I declined and again made a pitch about honesty and transparency and advertising.  The salesman said he would pass it on and gave me his phone number if I needed help with the site.

The salesman did not GET IT.  I was not visiting the site again.  The website promises one thing and delivers nothing.  So, if your online reputation could use a little cleaning up, change your profiles and check the search engine results for your name and user name.  Do not bother with as they need help with their image.

Remember to keep advertising honest and provide what you say you give.  If you promise, e-books, provide downlink.  If you promise a summary, provide as best a product as you have. Get rid of the "This is my final offer," "Today only" popup riddled sales page and write a succinct summary of services provided.  You will be glad you did and your reputation will be enhanced.(image)

Screaming Google Tablet Release


Someone got a training document that spills the beans on the new Google tablet.  Take the following with a grain of salt, but if its true, I am first in line to purchase.  I am so ready to lose my laptop.  I have been eying my husband's Kindle Fire that I gave him for Father's Day. LOL

Back to GooTab:
The 7-inch, Nexus-branded tablet built by Asus will run the latest Android operating system and sport a 1.3Ghz quad-core Tegra 3 processor, GeForce 12-core GPU and 1GB of RAM with either a 8GB or 16GB option for storage. 
The GooTab will support ad targeting services for paid-search and display. Last week, Google announced new search ads in Google Maps for mobile users.  Google claims that the redesign of mobile ads increased click-through rates by 100 percent. Evidently, these improvements are local search having markers that show you how close you are to an advertiser's  location and clicking on an ad now takes you to an advertiser's Web site.


Take Another Path to Your Future


Texas is facing a shortage of skilled workers, such as plumbers, stone masons, welders, pipe fitters, electricians, builders, machinist, nursing and technical fields, available in semiconductor manufacturing.

So, before you go into cosmic levels of debt to attend four to six years of college, you may want to check out vocational training programs that run from 18 months to two years.  Many of the skilled positions continue your education as you move through journeyman to the master level.

For more information, contact Austin Community College and Gary Job Corp in the Central Texas area. To read the entire article, please read the article here.


God and the Soldier


Memorial Day 2012

The soldier stood and faced his God Which must always come to pass...
He hoped his shoes were shining Just as brightly as his brass.
"Step forward now, you soldier, How shall I deal with you?
Have you always turned the other cheek? To My Church have you been true?"
The soldier squared his shoulders and Said, "No, Lord, I guess I ain't...
Because those of us who carry guns Can't always be a saint.
I've had to work most Sundays And at times my talk was tough,
And sometimes I've been violent, Because the streets are awfully tough.

But, I never took a penny That wasn't mine to keep...
Though I worked a lot of overtime When the bills got just too steep,
 And I never passed a cry for help, Though at times I shook with fear,
And sometimes, God forgive me, I've wept unmanly tears.
I know I don't deserve a place Among the people here...
They never wanted me around Except to calm their fears.
If you've a place for me here, Lord, It needn't be so grand,
I never expected or had too much, But if you don't, I'll understand."

There was a silence all around the throne Where the saints had often trod...
As the soldier waited quietly, For the judgment of his God.
"Step forward now you soldier,
Walk peacefully on Heaven's streets,
You've done your time in Hell."

(Author Unknown)

Facebook for Business: 4 Steps to Success


Facebook for Business webinar

HubSpot Webinar
Wednesday, May 30, 2012
1 pm EST / 10am PST 


  • Chris Luo is the Head of Global SMB Marketing at Facebook. He is responsible for the scalable acquisition, growth, and retention of small and medium business advertisers on Facebook.
  • Rebecca Corliss is an Inbound Marketing Manager at HubSpot leading the company's content creation teams.

Facebook for Business Webinar

  • Learn from the experts at
  • Only 16% of users see the updates on your Facebook Page.
  • Facebook is an important marketing channel, but how can you get people's attention?
Free as always, but visit the preregistration page for the Facebook for Business webinar.