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Preview: Perl


A compilation of O'Reilly Media's information about the Perl programming language from news, books, conferences, courses, community, and reports.

Updated: 2012-09-10T16:35:48-08:00


PerlOST Author has a Close Encounter on Mars with the Rover Curiosity


I’m proud to have been associated with the August 2012 landing of the Curiosity rover on Mars. Since 1983 I’ve been working for and then contracting to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), and I work with IT infrastructure on providing … Continue reading (image)

Seeking prior art where it most often is found in software


Patent ambushes are on the rise again, and cases such as Apple/Samsung shows that prior art really has to swing the decision–obviousness or novelty is not a strong enough defense. Obviousness and novelty are subjective decisions made by a patent … (image)

Regular Expressions Cookbook



Take the guesswork out of using regular expressions. With more than 140 practical recipes, this cookbook provides everything you need to solve a wide range of real-world problems. Novices will learn basic skills and tools, and programmers and experienced users will find a wealth of detail. Each recipe provides samples you can use right away.


Damian Conway weighs in on new features, best practices and Perls future


Damian Conway is a prominent member of the Perl community, author and presenter. Key points from the full video of our recent interview include: Perl 6 might not be here yet but it is seeping into Perl 5. [Discussed at … (image)

Intermediate Perl



Get a clear roadmap for improving your skills with Intermediate Perl, and gain working knowledge of Perl's objects, references, and modules—ingredients that make the language so versatile and effective. Written by the authors of the bestselling Llama book, Learning Perl, and updated for Perl 5.14, this book offers a gentle but thorough introduction to intermediate programming in Perl.


Developer Week in Review: Oracle's big bet fails to pay off


Oracle fails to convince a jury that Google owes them big bucks, the annual refresh of Perl has arrived, and FreeBSD says goodbye to an increasingly restrictive GCC license. (image)

Four short links: 22 May 2012


New Zealand Government Budget App -- when the NZ budget is announced, it'll go live on iOS and Android apps. Tablet users get details, mobile users get talking points and speeches. Half-political, but an interesting approach to reaching out to voters with political actions. Health Care Data Dump (Washington Post) -- 5B health insurance claims (attempted anonymized) to be... (image)

Programming Perl



Adopted as the undisputed Perl bible soon after the first edition appeared in 1991, Programming Perl is still the go-to guide for this highly practical language. In this much-anticipated update to "the Camel," three renowned Perl authors cover the language up to its current version, Perl 5.14, with a preview of features in the upcoming 5.16.


Learning Perl Student Workbook



This is an ebook-only question and answer workbook to accompany the 6th Edition of Learning Perl ("the Llama"). If you're just getting started with Perl, this is the book you want—whether you're a programmer, system administrator, or web hacker. This 6th edition of Learning Perl covers recent changes to the language up to version 5.14. Exercises are presented in the first half of the workbook, with the answers in the second.

Topics include:

Scalar Data Lists and Arrays Subroutines Input and Output Hashes In the World of Regular Expressions Matching with Regular Expressions Processing Text with Regular Expressions 10. More Control Structures Perl Modules File Tests Directory Operations Strings and Sorting Smart Matching Process Management Some Advanced Perl Techniques Databases


Top Stories: November 28-December 2, 2011


This week on O'Reilly: Author Clay Johnson explained why information consumption, not overload, is what needs to be managed. Also, Alistair Croll looked at the relationship between business intelligence and big data, and Todd Sattersten made a case for the paperless book. (image)

Links on the side


Digital documents that help readers focus are the ones that we're most likely to remember. Those that send us scampering around the web will be more easily forgotten. (image)

Links on the side


Digital documents that help readers focus are the ones that we're most likely to remember. Those that send us scampering around the web will be more easily forgotten. (image)

Four short links: 26 October 2011


CPAN Turns 0x10 -- sixteenth anniversary of the creation of the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network. Now holds 480k objects. Subtext -- social bookreading by adding chat, links, etc. to a book. I haven't tried the implementation yet but I've wanted this for years. (Just haven't wanted to jump into the cesspool of rights negotiations enough to actually build it... (image)

Top Stories: October 10-14, 2011


This week on O'Reilly: Nick Farina explained why smartphones have yet to crack the indoor navigation problem, we explored the relationship between "Moneyball" and software engineering, and Pete Meyers looked at the pros and cons of links in ebooks. (image)

Linking in ebooks: How much is too much?


Ebook producers must decide if the destinations behind embedded links are worth the disruptions they might cause. (image)

Perl Pocket Reference



If you have a Perl programming question, you'll find the answer quickly in this handy, easy-to-use quick reference. The Perl Pocket Reference condenses and organizes stacks of documentation down to the most essential facts, so you can find what you need in a heartbeat. Updated for Perl 5.14, the 5th edition provides a summary of Perl syntax rules and a complete list of operators, built-in functions, and other features.


ePayments Week: AliPay gets physical


China's top online payment service launches a barcode payment system. Also, an app looks for acoustic fingerprints and mCommerce is predicted to hit $670 billion by 2015. (image)

Learning Perl



Popularly known as "the Llama," Learning Perl is the book most programmers rely on to get started with this versatile language. The bestselling Perl tutorial since it was first published in 1993, this sixth edition includes recent changes to the language up to Perl 5.14 as well as a major overhaul for Unicode. Reflecting years of classroom testing and experience, this edition is packed with exercises that let you practice the concepts while you follow the text.


Developer Week in Review: Are .NET programmers going extinct?


For Microsoft programmers, the week brought fear, uncertainty and doubt regarding their future as an elite class of developers. For a lucky teen, it brought a big paycheck. And for fans of Java, it brought a new version of the popular language one step closer to release. (image)

Developer Week in Review: Buying a lawsuit with an in-app purchase


This week Apple's iOS developer community got a patent wake up call, the recently discarded Mono project found a new home, and a favorite scripting language got a new version. (image)

Four short links: 9 May 2011


UDID DeAnonymization -- a developer exposed an API that connected UDID to other information such as Facebook ID. The API has been closed, but it remains true that your iPhone has a primary key and darn near every app developer has a database linking your UDID to other details about you. Apple requires this to not be public, but... (image)

Four short links: 19 April 2011


Lines (Mark Jason Dominus) -- If you wanted to hear more about phylogeny, Java programming, or tree algorithms, you are about to be disappointed. The subject of my article today is those fat black lines. Anatomy of a clever piece of everyday programming. There is no part of this program of which I am proud. Rather, I am proud... (image)

ePayments Week: Facebook's focus on mobile


In the latest edition of ePayments Week: Facebook wants to be with you always -- which sounds cozy, so long as you trust them to do the right thing with that information. (image)

Four short links: 14 January 2011


What Went Wrong at Borders (The Atlantic) -- a short summary of the decline and fall of Borders. Borders has a special place in our hearts at O'Reilly: it was a buyer for Borders who pointed out that Programming Perl was one of their top-selling books in any category, which got Tim focused on the Open Source story. Virtues... (image)

Developer Year in Review: Programming Languages


This year brought confusion and chaos in the Java space, continued growth for functional languages due to the attack of multicore, and the usual popularity for all of the dynamic languages we know and love. (image)

Open Question: Does a link = endorsement?


A defamation lawsuit hinging on the intent behind hyperlinks leads to a host of questions: Do you assume that a link is an endorsement? Does that assumption apply to your own linking behavior? (image)

Games, Diversions & Perl Culture



Games, Diversions, and Perl Culture is the third volume of The Best of the Perl Journal, compiled and re-edited by the original editor and publisher of The Perl Journal, Jon Orwant. The 47 articles included in this volume are simply some of the best Perl articles ever written on the subjects of games, diversions, and the unique culture of this close-knit community, by some of the best Perl authors and coders.


Web, Graphics & Perl/Tk Programming



Web, Graphics & Perl/Tk is the second volume of The Best of the Perl Journal, compiled and re-edited by the original editor and publisher of The Perl Journal, Jon Orwant. In this series, we've taken the very best (and still relevant) articles published in TPJ over its five years of publication and immortalized them into three volumes.

Written by twenty-three of the most prominent and prolific members of the closely-knit Perl community, including Lincoln Stein, Mark-Jason Dominus, Alligator Descartes, and Dan Brian, the forty articles included in this volume are simply some of the best Perl articles ever written on the subjects of graphics, the Web, and Perl/Tk.


Randal Schwartz on Learning Perl



In this video, Perl expert and co-author of the bestselling Learning Perl, Randal Schwartz, presents a sophisticated introduction to the language. This tutorial is designed to meet the pace and scope sought by today's programmers. You'll encounter detailed descriptions, thorough examples, and eclectic wit.

Perl is the language for people who want to get work done. And this video covers all the important aspects of the Perl language through version 5.10. It will turn you into a Perl programmer.


New OST Course! "Perl 2: Intermediate Perl" by Peter Scott


The O'Reilly School of Technology is excited to announce the release of Perl 2: Intermediate Perl. This is the second course in the upcoming Perl Programming Certificate Series, and right now you can enroll at 50% off normal tuition. Check out the below video of me introducing our Perl author, Peter Scott: (image)