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Comment on About the Cows by N. Stearns

Thu, 08 Mar 2007 20:12:07 +0000

Dear Friend, I am with you about the feelings that I have about "I have a affinity to cows." In fact, I said this exact phrase today to myself and to my friends during lunch. I am a busy person, a computer programmer working in Basel, Switzerland, and a mother of two teenagers. I was born and lived in Japan, then lived in the US for many years, then came to live and work in Switzerland. This is where my love for cows got even bigger. I tried to seach for the reasons why I love cows, the pictures of cows, the sounds of cows and cow bells so much. Yes, they are simple and calming. I am glad that someone else feels the same as I do. Best regards,

Comment on Self-designed centralization by Steve Ehrmann

Thu, 01 Feb 2007 20:24:30 +0000

MERLOT is working on including some stories, thanks to a FIPSE grant for a project called ELIXR that is just getting underway. Some years ago I wrote a report on the use of stories for faculty development: A group of us spent a day watching videos and looking at web sites. We concluded, among other things, that we had seen two types of materials, both of which could be classed as stories: a) stories intended to help the user visualize a way of teaching and become interested in trying it b) stories intended to give the user, interested in a particular way of teaching, the vicarious experience of getting into trouble so that the reader (usually in a seminar with others) could learn how to identify and analyze that type of problem, and figure out how to deal with it (e.g., how to turn it into a teachable moment). These kinds of stories, especially "b", are very important for educational uses of technology, but I've seen almost none in use. The University of Victoria in Canada has, I believe, developed a DVD of type "b" stories arising from educational uses of technology. The DVD is intended for use in faculty development. Has anyone seen and used it? Seen and used any other faculty development materials designed for this purpose?

Comment on Ok I’ll play by Bryan Alexander

Wed, 05 Jul 2006 14:34:24 +0000

Enjoy Bernie's class! He's awesome.

Comment on School loans and the jobs graduates seek by ML

Fri, 02 Jun 2006 16:54:50 +0000

Doesn't a significant chunk of the blame for these high loan balances lie with the child's parents? After all, once a child is born, it's pretty clear that hefty college bills are coming 18 years later. So, the parents SHOULD start saving, but many don't. The consequences of their parents' failures then fall upon the children's shoulders. The simple solution is that parents need to have the foresight to plan for and save for their children's futures.

Comment on Knowledge behaviours and information literacy by Chris

Fri, 02 Jun 2006 02:48:57 +0000

Hmm. I agree that the repository notion of a KM enviroment just doesn't provide much traction. Given the rapid pace of the technological development and the turnover in personnel, it would seem that expertise location is the most important thing that a KM ecology could provide. If you can help me find expertise, that person/group can help me find and select the relevant resources. That lets me leverage the stuff buried in people's heads and practices. Chris

Comment on emerging trends/pICT workshop by Kathy

Mon, 22 May 2006 19:57:18 +0000

The morning has been super. Especially exciting is the Writely site. It's very exciting to think of all the uses it has. I can't wait to try it out. Another lovely discovery was an example of a wiki from Bob Hoffman's "Tool page" The Comps Wiki [] provides a very nice guide of how to use and contribute to a wiki, and it's also a helpful example of one of the many ways a wiki can be used. ... and we're just getting started!

Comment on Affordances of technology for teaching by Aaron Smith

Thu, 04 May 2006 19:51:21 +0000

Good point szanne! K12 education is so standards driven that most educators have become blind to anything else. I had never thought about this before. It is increaslying important for students to be technologically literate as they move to the next level. Powerpoint is a good example. Presentation software has become increasingly complicated over the years but is almost becoming a required skill in college in many working environments. Many of these skills and concepts are taught in electives that not every student takes. There needs to be state standards for technology that apply to every student. I know Texas does not have them.

Comment on Affordances of technology for teaching by szanne

Wed, 03 May 2006 19:42:34 +0000

HI Aaron, Thanks for stopping by. I see you're in K-12 :). I wonder what the similiarities and differences of our respective cultures are? In higher ed we seem to be building a cultural expectation that students come to us "knowing" a lot about using technology. Indeed some of them, many of them spend far more time on the internet than with TV. But it's more than that. For example, some of our faculty now assign student projects that require fairly advanced uses of PowerPoint, such as for creating digital poems. There's a slew of skills and knowledge that underpin such an assignment, not the least some basic graphic design skills we file under a "visual literacy" rubric. A caveat however in that our undergraduate rhetoric and writing curriculum is full. Where do we then teach visual literacy? Is it important? We have a little more breathing room than you, not working with state stardards; it's still a challenge though. As you said, we're still alittle too star struck with the technology itself.

Comment on Affordances of technology for teaching by Aaron Smith

Wed, 03 May 2006 19:00:30 +0000

Great post Suzanne. I think another way to put this is, "using technology for the sake of using techonolgy." Professors, teachers, and administrators are often so hyped up about using technology in the classroom that they fail to take into account whether or not it is actually helping their students. ( I just found your blog. I really like it)

Comment on Coolstuff: CiteULike by Pierre

Thu, 27 Apr 2006 10:05:07 +0000

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