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My TechLife

UPDATE!! This site was inhert for last couple of months. I will start to work on it soon. Firstly, I need to clean old posts, please help me out to by commenting on non-working posts

Updated: 2018-03-08T09:37:53.912-05:00


Free Rapidshare Accounts| Rapidshare Download Manager


Do you want to download many GB's of files with premium accounts if yes then try this Rapidshare Download Manager. It just the same thing, we non premium user do. I am going to post few working rapidshare download managers. Enjoy.
It's not fake and works like a charm.

what does they do:
1) Varifies for the broken link
2) Read the captcha and enter them automatically
3) You can shedule them to download many files

download link:

Auto update feature is enabled so that you can get the latest updated software.

Condition: working on 24 March 2008

Download Now

More download manager will be posted soon.

More iGoogle Gadgets from Google Desktop Beta


Today Google released more Google iGadgets & new version of Gooogle Desktop Beta 5.5 . Google Desktop let's you organize many things on your computer. It has inbuilt Desktop Computer search feature which is very useful for Windows PC's. Right from listing to music , organizing pictures and doing many things.

Google Desktop has convinced me a lot. You can any widgets available from your own Desktop. Just click add new widget and you are set to go. Mashable has discussed more about Hypercube , which let's you install any Web widget on Desktop. You can try newly Desktop from your available Desktop or just download them from here.

Keep sure that you have update version , that's 5.5 Google Desktop Beta on your computer.

Source: Official Google Blog: More types of gadgets for iGoogle

Advertisers Are Getting Smart While Using Adword


 Now-a-days advertisers are also striving hard to get good amount of traffic from Google Adword. Advertisers are using different language to attract the attention of readers while surfing over net. Gone are the days, when you could have earned huge traffic just by saying "You are 999,999 visitors , and you are lucky one"

Take a look at following ad snaps.


If you like this post don't forget to stumble it.

Featured Post of the week


While browsing on my favorite sites, I came to know about some awesome post from various blog. I just wanted to say you hi and wanted to share with you.

Login LockDown - Enhanced WordPress Login Security : Login Lock Down is Plugin which records every IP address when some try to break your system of Wordpress.

Interview with John Chow (almost) : Well managed interview with John Chow. Must watch.

Analysis of StumbleUpon’s Top 50 Stumblers : Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a ‘Top Stumbler’ at StumbleUpon? Glen Allsopp has done some great analysis on StumbleUpon’s Top 50 Stumblers.

The AdSense API on an e-commerce platform : Today has taken it to the next level by using the AdSense API to allow their users to implement this strategy. Adsense show's you the secret.

No hack! Place your Adsense in Blogger post easily


Just I got a email from Google Adsense support saying that "Now Adsense can be implemented in Blogger post". Adsense lately has started providing good blogger support, so I think this feature is developed to support blogger more. Insertinf Google ads in between post is very easy, just follow the simple step to insert the ads.

1. Login to blogger and navigate to your blog-->Layout-->Page element.

2. Now click on edit button of your Blog post.


3. Now select "Show Ads Between Posts". This will enable you to configure ads the way you want.


What you think guys. Will this promote blogger more?

Mask Your Affiliate Links To Increase Earnings


Many people don't want to let earn main referrals. So they just check your site location and type directly to earn money. No I am not complaining about Human tendency, but it's obvious that you should help your main source who has given you affiliate to earn something on the Net. So, I thought, why not mask the link in order to increase blogger affiliate earnings. There are several ways to do that, I am sure that you may know some of them. But after digging many stories and reading many HTML and PHP guides, I came up with 3 exciting and most simple ways to mask or hide affiliate links.

Mask links using php codes

If you have self hosting blogs then you can use this method safely. Just create a new php file and rename it as link.php or any name with php extension. Now copy & paste the following code as follows.

if ($o == "1") {$link = "";} // Default link
if ($o == "2") {$link = "";}
if ($o == "3") {$link = "";}
if ($o == "4") {$link = "";}

header("Location: $link"); // Jump to the hiddden affiliate URL above

Now just change the links and proceed further as follows. Save this file in root directory or wordpress instalation directory .You can link to first affiliate link as follows.

my link

Mask links using HTML codes

Using HTML codes is recommended when you don't own self hosted blog or site. There are two simple ways to mask links.

1. Use false location indicator : You can show false link message or link URl to mask original link. You can hide link as follows

Go to

2. Use proper HTML code to mask link : This is another way to hide link.

My TechLife

Godaddy Coupon Codes Complete List Collection


Are you looking for Godaddy Coupon codes to get some discount. kam posted collection of discount coupons in DP. It's in form of image. Just take a look at this image and try to find the exact coupon code.


I am starting with yet another site dedicated for Discount Coupons. And this post is dedicated to my new site called Get Free Coupons.

New Google Ad Formats Are Coming! Adsense Experiments Are Not Over!


While browsing DP, I came to know about two different ad formats from Google Adsense. Adsense team seems to be working hard to serve accurate and exact contextual ads for every site. Though both format are under test, but they are expected to be out very soon.

New format 1: Google Ads uses tags to serve ads

Seems that Google has integrated it's ads with search engine basics. These Ads are served depending on the tags used by Advertisers.So definitely we publishers can get rid of wired ads. Even latest published post would have highly targeted ads.


New Format 2: Google is using Show More link

Ibrowsehere was first who reported about this new ad format. This ad format is using read more link under selected ads. On clicking "read more" link, Google will provide you with more description. I think google will charge more for such facilities.


(Image Courtesy : ibrowsehere)

Though both are not made to public, can be considered as Beta.   

We Have Got PR !!!


We have got PR2! At last Google has decided to give My TechLife PR. I am not at all surprised to see my PR 2. And results are very good for me. One of my reader asked me How do I feel about getting PR. And I was bit surprised at this. that's why i have decided to answer all of his questions.

How do you feel about getting PR?

Certainly, I am happy. Though I was waiting eagerly to see PR updates, it came right time.

How does it changed your blogging identity?

(again surprised :) ) Yeah seems many of them don't know about my PR update, I think it won't change my blogging habits as such. But lately I got some exiting offers from some advertisers. Even got some good blogroll offers.

What your next aim?

I will try my level best to increase my readership and will try to increase PR to at least 6.  

Which is your favorite post from My TechLife

Hmm, seems not so difficult. Instead, I wish to choose best 5 post.In past, I had short listed some of the top 15 post from My TechLife,

Discover Hidden Music In Windows XP


Do you know that Windows XP possess hidden music file in Windows folder. Recently, I came to know about this music file. Have you ever heard the Windows XP title music. Well, that's the one hidden in system folder.

How to get it

Well, just few simple steps will give you access to that music file.

  • Just got to Folder option under View tab. Now check the "Show hidden files" & "Show system folders".
  • Now clicks Start button & choose option Run. Now type the following in the run box.


Note: Here C: is my installation drive, if your installation drive is different then make necessary change.

That's it! Just go on listing to Windows title music. Do you think it can be consider as one of Windows XP ester eggs.

Get Paid To Stumble - Earn Quick Money


Today, I have something special for you. Recently, I found a site called Subvert and Profit, which pays you to just stumble advertisement links. So, I decide to write an quick post informing you about this service.

How does it work?

Subvert and Profit has it's own advertisement system. Advertisers pays you to just bookmark their links. It's very easy and takes no time.

Are you sure, It's not Scam?

Well, I have tested the system. Thought, I have not got paid but many claims that it's not a scam. I have just earned 4$ in week and will withdraw money after I earn 10$.

What are the Payment systems?

Well, Subvert pays you instantly through Paypal, Master card, etc. Minimum withdrawal amount is 5$ for Paypal.

What is the payout per click?

Subvert pays you .50 $ per Stumble. They will check your stumble in best possible way.

Last though,

I suggest you to at least try Subvert. And share your experience with the Subvert.If you earn at least 5$, donate me at least 1$. :) I will also inform you whenever I will able to withdraw 5$ from Subvert.

How To Add Adsense Code To Blogger Template


I am sure, there are many who know this trick. But recently, I was contacted by at least dozen of people asking How to add Adsense Code to Blogger. So, Here is brief guide abut adding your Google Adsense Ad code to Blogger Template. This Post will teach you how to add the code, how to show your ads at particular place such as Ads below the post, in the post, before the post, etc.Modify Your Code before adding to your Blogger templateLet me clarify this point. This Method will only work for New or Beta Blogger templates. For Old Blogger, Amit has very interesting and informative article on how to insert Adsense in Old Blogger template.Blogger Template is XML template. So some of the characters such as <-- or !--> are not allowed in Blogger Template. So you will have to modify a bit in order to work in Blogger template.Caution: Before doing any experiments with your template, I suggest you to Download your template first and keep a good backup copy of your template.Method 1 : Modify Blogger Template ManuallyGenerate your Adsense Code and now paste it in any word editor. I prefer WordPad. Now find the code and replace this code with //--> All done!Method 2 : Use HTML parser to do this jobUse automated parser to parse your code. Just use HTML parser from BlogCrowds.Is Modifying Code LegalYeah, Google has responded at least hundred times. Read the clear Google Adsense Support Response.Here We Go!Now you must be ready for the Special Modified code for Blogger templates. Now, I will tell you how to insert the ads at various locations. Following guide includes how to insert Google ads After the Post, Before the Post, Just after the Title of the Post, How to show ads on main page only, how to show ads on Post pages or Label pages only.Show Adsense after the PostJust open you download template in WordPad and find the following code

Now insert your code just after . So you Adsense code will look like this.

Modified Adsense Code Here

Show Adsense before the PostFind this code in your template. If you are using my first hack then you have already found it.

Now insert the code just before . Now you code will look like this.

Modified Adsense Code Here

Show Adsense Ads just after the Title of the PostJust find the code.
. Add the code below this line.Show Ads in Post FooterJust find the code.

Simple Trick To Test Your Anti-virus


How do you ensure that your Anti-virus is the best. Anti-virus is very necessary part of our Internet life. Recently, I got a script which can be used to decide whether your anti virus is capable of detecting threats. Just check whether your anti virus detect it within 4 sec.

How to use the script
Open any word editor. Notepad is recommended. Just copy and paste one of the script in Notepad and save it with any file name including .exe extension.
For example, save it as itisnotvirus.exe, myname.exe etc.

Show me the script



Disclaimer: I have tested this script at least 100 times. But I will not be responsible for any loss of your data. I suggest you to make a good backup copy of your data. It's not a virus at all. But it is just mock virus. Do not run the file, also if your anti virus is strong then it will find the file as virus without scanning it

Show Blogger Widgets On Post pages, Particular Page, Home Page


Some times we waste much space on Post pages. So I have a found a solution. Now you can show your particular widget on particular url Or just on Post pages Or Just on Home page. Here We Go! Just Click on Add a Page element and select HTML box. Now paste your original Adsense Code. Choose suitable title for your Widget. Now go to your Blog template. And click on expand the Code. Now after expanding your template, search for the title of the code. In my case I used Advertisement as a title, so I am going to explain with same title.Now proceed further depending your widget placement. Show Widget On Post-Pages After you find your code & insert the code shown in bold. ( Method Form Stubborn Fanatics ) Show your Widget On Home Page Only Now Instead of modifying the code as mentioned above, just modify your code as shown below. Show your widget on particular page only If you want to show any widget on particular page, then just modify the code as shown below. Modifications are marked in Bold. Just replace [Your blog page URL here] with actual blog URL.  This method will enable you to show your widgets on any URL. Go ahead. If you find this post very useful then Bookmark it and Subscribe to feeds for latest updates. Technorati Tags: blogger tools, hacks, blogger widgets, show widgets on post pages, particual page [...]

Hello, Internet Has Crashed Forever


Seems that there is rumor about Internet again. This video posted on Youtube explains Why?


Source: Bob Meets World

Why Ubuntu Beryl Is Better Than Ms Vista


Vikas from Tech Bold has posted very good video, debating Windows Vista Aero VS Linux Ubuntu Beryl. So Just watch it and share your thoughts with us.(object)


Rapidshare Premium Link Generator


Recently, I learned about many Rapidshare Premium Link Generators. And I was happy to see that some of them were working fine. Rapidshare premium link maker will increase your download time and enable you to download many files at a time.

My Thought,

You can test the power of these premium links. You can buy them too at very low cost. There are lot's of rapidshare premium account sell on Digital Point. So you can also buy one from there.

1) Now digital points don't allow you to either buy or sell rapidshare accounts, so just forget this method.
2) We have awesome tool called US downloader from SK, just download it and enjoy hassle free Rapidshare downloadings.
Download US downloader

Sell Your Products With Ashop Commerce


Guess, what will be your biggest problem while selling your services on Internet. Yeah, that’s true. A useful shopping cart is needed to sell your products. Ashop Commerce is very well known online Shopping cart service provider. Ashop commerce has very wide range of the service for reasonable rates. Why to buy a shopping cart service Well equipped shopping cart provides you the facility of selling your products online at any time. Many well known online sellers are turning towards this new system. Online shopping cart also ensures security and reliability of a product. So at the end, customer will develop a faith in your product quickly. Why I should sell things online Selling your product online ensures many things.Using ecommerce software, you can reach wider customer base with minimum investment. Online Shopping carts allow you to sell these products at time. So your Virtual Store is opened for 24 X 7. So sign Up for Ashop Commerce, and experience the Power of Internet Selling. So why one should use Ashop Commerce Ashop commerce has very distinct features as compared to other online shopping cart software services. After testing this site, I liked some of its features. Later I am going to mention them all. Just try to look after them and you will feel that it's right time to join Ashop for future businesses growth. Features I liked the most Easy setup of your Shopping Cart: Ashop powers you with handy & useful tools. Just be creative and design your own shopping cart. No need to learn any HTML codes. Complete Web optimization: Your Product Promotion page is fully optimized for search engines. It also offers you ready to use Product feed for displaying your products on other Shopping Comparison sites. This will help you to reach wider audience with little efforts. International Payments system: Ashop support wide range of payment system such as Credit card, Paypal, etc. Facilities like Currency conversion, offline credit card processing, and cheque support will help you to add something extra in your business opportunity. Affiliate System: Ashop wants business. Ashop pays you around 30% of your referral transition. So start referring to your friends and earn some bonus income from your side business. Ashop allows you to use your own domain. Free Trial: You can also test these things. Ashop provides you 10 days of full features trial run. So, if you are looking for an opportunity to grow your business. Just quickly Sign Up for Ashop Commerce and place your products on this Virtual Internet Store. Technorati Tags: ashop ecommerce, online shopping cart, net marketing [...]

Receive International Calls To Mobile & Landline for free with Jaxtr


Now, this time I have came up with another great story. Recently, I came to know about Jaxtr on DP. Jaxtr allows anyone to receive free calls worldwide with the help of unique ID. I purposely tested the service before making a brief review of Jaxtr. How to use Jaxtr services Jaxtr is different service than other low cost VOIP telephony. Jaxtr allows your friends, relatives to call you for free. Just follow some quick steps to get your Jaxtr account active. Sign up with Jaxtr and login to go to dashboard. Now you will have to register your phone number at Jaxtr. This is to verify that you are authorized to use this number. Go to register page. You will be provided with one activation code like 45, 87, etc. Now the service will call your number and you will be asked to enter the activation code. Now pick your call and type your activation code. Now you will be informed about complete activation. Bravo! It’s done. How to get my calls Jaxtr will provide you with unique id. Normally it is Now inform you friends through an email address about this URL. You can also your existing email contacts to send them a ping about their service. Use automated email service to send email to your contacts. Is it free for lifetime? Answer is simply NO. As I said earlier this will not cost your caller, but it is only limited off 16 minutes. After this you will have to wait for next month updates. How's voice quality Jaxtr Services are quite good. Jaxtr provides you detailed instruction about using your code on Blogger platform or other website. I have seen a website recently, which uses Jaxtr service to increase communication between seller and customer. Jaxtr offers very good voice quality especially for broadband holders. So dont worry about voice quality. What are the other services? Jaxtr also offers to get text messages and voice calls. So even if your Jaxtr credits are used fully, user can send you a voce messages. So fiends, tell your experiences with Jaxtr. Just now I called USA and Australia using Jaxtr services. So it is fully available in Pakistan & Bangladesh too. I request my international friends to use this service and share whether it is available in your country or not. Related Post: Make International calls for free with GizmoCall Website Technorati Tags: free voip guide, jaxtr, make free calls, free international calls [...]

My Votes For Projects 3


Daily Blog Tips had a group writing project called Poject3, You can also see my post on 3 Good Blog Habits To Get Huge Traffic For Your Blog. View complete entries here, I am going to vote for following stories: 3 ways to use Digital Point Forums to Earn Money Online by Adheeth : Adheeth has posted very unique ideas about DP. His guides on making money earned me over 5$ in last week. 3 Surefire Ways to Advertise Your Blog on a Shoe String by  engtech : Engtech has very good plan how to buy ads for your blog. 3 Costly Internet Business Mistakes to Avoid : I learned a lot from his Mistakes Here are more entries, that I found very Interesting 3 reasons why comment relish is not good for your blog by Vijay 3 Ways To Get Back In The Blogging Spirit by Scott 3 Reasons Why Daily Blog Tips Sucks by Bes Add Impact To Your Photos With “The Rule Of Three” by Brian The 3 P’s for Creating a Successful Website - Passion, Persistence, and Patients by Sarah Ten things I didn’t know about the number 3 until now by Blaiq Technorati Tags: blog project 3, group writing, my votes [...]

Blogger Blogs have Robot.txt file


Markhutch just informed on Digital Point that Blogger Blog do have Robot.txt support auto-enabled. Though Blogger has not officially came up with any announcement, this is indeed true. You can also check you Robot.txt at your blog URL.

Blogger Robot.txt location

Just replace yourbloggername with your blogger blog name.

What is Robot.txt means?

Robot .txt is small file which is hosted at root directory in your website. Robot.txt has access to search engine web bots.It directs web-bots and tells whether to index the site or leave some pages. Normally, Robot.txt is in this format

User-agent: googlebot

Disallow: /cgi-bin/

But I found that Blogger Robot.txt is bit different and is shown as below for my site.

User-agent: *Disallow: /search Sitemap:

Looks that Blogger has one another secret sitemap too. So I don't think we have to add any extra sitemap to webmasters tools from Google, as Google bot automatically picks the sitemap.

But the result ma very after you remove sitemap

Normally, My post gets indexed within 4 days of publishing on Internet. But this time My last post did not got index after I removed my official sitemap. So I have added it again and see the result, it got indexed in a week.

Related Post: How to submit Blogger Sitemap And get every pages indexed in a week

Featured Blog Contest Of July, 2007


Almost a week ago, I had told you about recent ongoing blog contests in this Blog-O-Sphere. But many told me that they were very limited and 3 were closed. And yesterday, one of my reader asked me whether I know many more such contest. So, I listed down some of the best ongoing blog contest of this month. I found 6 entries and I must say they are all lucrative. As John Chow has started another Contest, it was a perfect time to write another post on recent ongoing blog contest. Win The World’s Thinnest Laptop Mouse with Mr. John Chow - Yet another contest from my favorite blogger. And as usual they are pretty easy to enter. Just drop a comment at John Chow. This time he also wants you to stumble this post to win another ticket. Win NBA Live 2007 with Stephen Fung DOT NET - Stephen is giving away his NBA live 2007 for free. Just drop a comment on his site to enter the contest. Win iPod with Productivity501 - This time again Productivity501 is giving away iPod for free. This time he contest rules are simple and based on point system. Bloggrrl’s $50 Contest : Bloggrrl is giving away prize worth 50 $, all you have to is just mention your contest on Blog and drop a comment. I liked Bloggrrl's Anchor Text: What I Have Been Doing Wrong For 4 Years, I suggest you do drop a comment here too. Win 100$ with Prize Blog - Prize blog knows for it's Blog contest reviews and news. Prize Blog has also started with it's own contest. Enkay’s Mp3/Video Player Giveaway - Enkay's Blog is giving away cool MP3 playback with video capacity. Just link to his blog and enter the contest. Contest News : Recently, I registered to Blog Contest for daily contest news. Blog Contest provides you latest ongoing contest in the blog-o-sphere. Just now, Blog Contest has started new contest where Walt is giving away 100$ to participants. Technorati Tags: blog contest, contest of july, blogging, blog prormotion [...]

Buy Me A Beer Plugin Hack For Blogger


This is another post from the series called Blogger-Make Off, where we are trying to implement all the Wordpress Plugins and functionality to Blogger. In forthcoming days, I am coming up at least 20 such topics to make Blogger Happy place to Blog.  Are you ever jealous at Wordpress user just because they use different Plugins to enhance their blog? So friends, this time we will concentrate on how to use Buy Me a Beer hack for Blogger. Buy Me a Bear Plugin For Blogger Original Plugin called Buy Me a Beer is used as a new form of Donation. As you know Donate ME would make less impact on readers mind that Buy Me a Beer. The main requirement of this Plugin is PayPal, so if you don't have one get the one now. There are mainly two ways for implementing this Hack on your Blogger based blog. Create a code form PayPal Login to your PayPal account and navigate to Merchant Services. Now in Standard Payment Option, click on Donations located under key features. Now feel out the form title- Donation Name/Service as per you convenience but don't forget to select the following option as given below. Leave Donation ID Number blank & fill the amount you want as a donation in Donation Amount. If you want payee to fill the amount then leave it blank. Now under Security Settings, Click No to encrypt your payment button. Now click on Create A Button. Now you will be provided with two types of links. One with HTML and other for Email signature. Copy the link from email signature to your favorite editors like WordPad or Notepad. Now we will do some adjustments as it requires to well parsed in Blogger. Now replace every sign "&" (without quotes) in the link with sign "&" (without quotes). Now you link will look as follows. Now Next Job is to just insert the link. Blogger Guide To Insert The Link I wanted to keep the link in my Post-Footer section, so here I am explaining you the guide, how to insert this link at post footer section. But after the guide you will find the probable list or different sections where you can just copy and paste that link. Firstly, create your code as follows: < a href="YOUR PAYPAL PARSED LINK">Text to be Displayed  Login to your Blogger account, and navigate to Layouts-->Edit HTML page. And click Expand Widget Templates. Now search for