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'The Power Cut' Chapter 1 - Guns & Roses (Slash) by midnight_moonlight (Finished)
Slash and Izzy find an interesting way to pass the time during a power cut. PWP (or power!).

'Quite Like a Woman' Chapter 1 - Bob Dylan (Slash) by klaudyna (Finished)
"I don't care what you want, kid. You do what I say or you can fuck off."

'Fit To Be Tied' Chapter 1 - Helloween (Slash) by Too_Fast_For_Love517 (Finished)
"You haven't made a sound. Good boy." Low but not harsh; it's plenty nice.

'Something to Do with Echinoderms' Chapter 2 - Rammstein (Slash) by varenoea (WIP)
Irgendwo zwischen Berlin und Schwerin, 1984, zwischen Nudelsalat und Bier, wird Till von einem gruseligen kleinen Punk verfolgt...