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Published: 2018-04-22T09:08:47+01:00



When we watch or read about people famous for doing incredible things, we have two thoughts in mind, the first one is that they are (or were) super-human, and the second one is whether we could do som...

4 Tips For Avoiding Divorce


A reality of modern relationships is the knowledge that divorce statistics have been steadily escalating in recent years. Even now, all marriages have between a 40 and 50 percent chance of divorce, w...

Have you ever tried past life regression technique?


If you are the one who is always eager to know about your past-life. If you are super excited but do not know how get started or who can help you go back to your past life. For those who believe in th...

Why You Should Try New Every Day?


Why we feel awkward while having a go at something new? This is one of the components of the human's psychic. We are normally disposed to conservatism.

The Concept of Time With Hypnosis Induction


The concept of time is experienced universally but in myriad ways. Learn how Hypnosis and NLP works in relation to time.



Codependent or Loving? Part I


Individuals and families who operate from love, not codependency, have the courage to be honest with one another.

The Underbelly of Being Nice


If nice is “the right way” or “good,” does it mean I am wrong or bad if I am not nice? If I have been trained to be nice, where are my real feelings going to go?

How HR Persons or Recruiters Can Enhance Their Skills with Social Intelligence


Social intelligence can enrich the repertoire of HR persons by helping them decipher people's real emotional-states through observing nonverbal cues. It’s a valuable tool for hiring, appraisal o...

Social intelligence and Detecting Deception!


Read how Social intelligence help you to detect the deceptive activity of an External being.

Our Thoughts: what should we do with them?


The brain is a wonderful and beautiful thing. Our thoughts impact our actions and every interaction with the world. But let's delve deeper into the core of thoughts: what should we do with them?