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Lachy’s Log Comments

Updated: 2012-09-22T15:12:25Z


Comment by: Kevin


When you put a why? in front of the word religion you arrive at one conclusion, CONTROL. Religion was invented to control people”s minds in other words to brain wash you into thinking or not thinking. Religion is like any form of Government it is a means of control and it takes a thinking person to question that form of control. Any human on this earth who does not believe in the science that every thing on this earth has evolved over time does not have the mindset or lacks the courage to question religion. My questioning of religion occured at a very early age, at a required religious class at school, when I questioned the teacher with, and of course you can provide us with proof of what you are telling the class. His reply was that the proof is in the bible. I said the bible is a book of fiction and you cannot prove one word of it. I was sent from the religious class to the head master and I told him the same thing and for my trouble was given ten cuts with the cane.
To this day I still do not believe in religion of any type shape or form and believe me I have done it tough.
My way is to live and let live as long as nothing resembling religion is forced on me, sadly this world today is being torn apart by religion extreme or otherwise and I say to myself and my family, They are like sheep if one runs the whole mob runs they never stop to question why they are running, religious people are much the same as sheep but have 10 times the brain capacity but never use it.
The world and it population will never unite as one, there will allways be conflict and friction caused by religion and governments, so each to their own, live and let live, try to be in control of your own life and die happy knowing that you will be allways be a part of this earth in the form of matter. From nature you came and it will be the natural world that will infold you.
What we should fear most is not what we are told but what we are not told. Peace to everyone.

Comment by: Robespierre


When will you people just accept that you are what you claim to despise so passionately; a religion. You ignore your true history, you evangelize your beliefs, you ridicule those that don’t share your beliefs, you collect money in the name of your faith. You represent the same non-thinking elements that oppressed the masses via traditional religions throughout the centuries. You are just another outlet for prejudice and hatred. Just another religion.

Comment by: Claire


I totilay agree with you. Ever since the dawn of time people have been fussing over religon and discriminating people for what they bielived in, but, we are now in the year 2011 and our technoligy has developed so much and we are still bieliving these insane stories from the bible ( especially the old testiment) Such as someone living inside a whale or, moses wanting to see gods face but instead see’s his backside. If you bielive in this you have to just be afraid of death. People will make up any excuse to bielive that you go somewhere after death and something happens to your spirit later on, but, the reality is that once you die, you get burried, and your body rots underground, and gets eaten by animals. Even Stephen Hawkings said that there is no life after death! Yet again, people STILL beilive this bullshit. Not only is most religon TOTILAY unrealistic and unbielivable, but, most religon descriminates against so many other races! I know a family that are born-again-christians that wouldnt let someone in there house because they were JEWISH! that to me is absoulutley sick. Also, those hard core religous freaks say every one is going to burn in hell if they dont convert to christianity. That meens that Some of the most respectible people are going right to hell, such as, Ghandi, Mother Teresa, and so many more people that only wanted peace! I dont understand that this world has developed so much and we are still bielive this crap. Ever since the age of 7 I refused to go to church because i HATED it so much. They sunday school teachers gave me a piece of there mind when I said, ” God cant be real!!!!” So I walked right out of church untill service was over, and NEVER went back again. I frustrated me when people dont look at the think of the real things are possible besides religon. It has dominated our world for centuries and we haved kills because of it. The world we be such a better place without religon.

Comment by: Shawn W Nippard


I’m an atheist and proud of it! I was 15 when I stopped believing in God! When I last went to church people were crying,throwing their arms in the air and thanking God and Jesus! For what….I have no idea! I felt like the only normal human being in the whole church! I was thinking these people need some serious help! It was a display of childish grown ups! I had to leave to keep my sanity! I left the church and said to myself…. (“There is no God!”) I was right! How intelligent people can have a belief with 0% proof makes no sense whatsoever! Why creationists ignore the mountains of evidence,the discoveries and continuing discoveries,reason,truth and common sense of science makes no sense to me! All religion has only a belief with 0% proof! How can these people be so deluded? Even when the evidence is right there in front of their faces…they still deny it and choose to still believe! I feel so sorry for these blind faith heads! I really do! All the bibles from every religion was writtin by primitive man who didn’t know any better! How many people were slaughtered in religious wars? How many woman were put to death because they were free thinking? I could go on but I think you know what I mean! Religion is a killer and justifies its killings in the name of God! Where is the humanity in that? There is good in religion but the bad outweighs the good ten fold! Science prooves with evidence to support its claims that evolution is how mankind got to be! What does religion have?…..A belief! How can any rational human being support a religion that has so much blood on its hands? All religion has a bloody history! Atheism does not! We are pro life and stand for human rights! All these religious leaders are taking money from the gullible,naive faith heads and then say believe or you will go to hell! What a crock of shit! These poor faith heads just sit there and take what ever the religious leaders spew from their lying mouths! I really hope these people wake from their delusional state and realize they’ve been duped…for thousands of years!Religious leaders stand on the shoulders of the poor and take their money for their own! Religion is dying…more and more people are not going to church! Thank goodness! But there are still gullible,naive people that need rescuing from their weak faith! No matter what a creationist says…he or she will never have proof of their religions claims! Why?…..because it’s only a belief! I would challenge any faith head out there to a debate on the issue of any or all religions,Gods or other faire tales out there…but they’re unarmed so it wouldn’t be a fare debate! How many gods have humans believed in before Jesus, God, Allah, Muhammad, Satan, were ever even heard of by any human? Loads… Thor, Ra, Zuess, Venus to name a few! These are gods and goddesses that humans believed in and died believing in!Where was the God we know of today?…waiting on the side lines for his or hers or its turn?! Now these Gods were discarded over time! What makes the God we know of today any different from the Gods humans have discarded over the thousands of years? They only have one thing in common….they all don’t exsist! Religion is for the gullible,naive,weakminded people who are scared of dying! Every human lives and dies! I’ve accepted this and have no fear of dying! I do wish all people of all different faiths would just get along! Atheists are on the outside of religion and looking in and shaking our heads wondering when the madness of all religion will stop and be nothing but a bad memory! Science with evidence,non stop discoveries, truth, reason, humanity or religion with only a belief? Hmm Science wins hands down! There is no disputing this! So come and say what you like faith heads! I challenge any faith to a friendly debate! Science may have gaps but in time these gaps will be filled with future discoveries![...]

Comment by: NELM


damn. took the words right out of my mouth.
I’ve never really had the guts to explicitly display my contempt for religion like you, instead I always give a little disclaimer, like
“I understand that everyone has their own views..”
or “but who is to say that my atheism is correct….”
jus to avoid confrontation.

but seriously.
to hell with that.

religion should be eradicated. =A=

Comment by: Elena


Hey Elissa, not sure how great is the snippet you have picked. I don’t believe in God, but i go to church (i feel relaxed after it), i don’t believe in spirit, but i practice meditation (i think it makes me calmer and stronger). Fuck Christianity? Why? Because of church and Vatican’s behaviour? They have almost nothing in common with Christianity, they are just freeks seeking for power and domination. Fuck Islam? Because of terrorists? Again, terrorists have nothing to do with Islam, they are just other group of freeks who misundertood Koran. The same with others.
As i said, i dont believe in God, but i try to live like a catholic, because if everyone would keep these rules, that catholic should keep, the life, i think, would be much greater for all of us.
For example take a look at catholic meditation and tell me what’s wrong with it?
I will be following this blog and waiting for your answer, i believe we will have a great discussion.

Comment by: elissa


” I hate religion. Fuck Christianity. Fuck Islam. Fuck Judaism and Hinduism. Fuck Scientology and all other crazy cults. Fuck ’em all. Respect people, not religion. The world would be a much better place without it. ”

amen to this.

Comment by: Shy


Thank you, you’ve sucsessfully and tastefully put my thoughts into words. Religious people make me physically sick, though my best friend too is very religious. I’m 14 and female, I honestly think that religion is no better than cannibalistic cults. People are too weak to handle the fact that there is nothing waiting for us to protect us and give us eternal life when we die, so they have to cling to the fabrications that have been passed down all this time, it shows that mankind has been weak for as long as the bible has existed. A very long time. Unfortunatly, I see no end to the thing that plagues our society. The monster has had years and years to swell and become a major part of modern times. Religion has weakened over the years, it went from being mandatory in the medeval times to only shameful if you traveled on the sabbath day, to simply a choice, an oppinion. In the constitution it states that we have freedom of choice, freedom of religion, freedom in general, therefor religious infections will stay, because we will surely not be rewriting over 200 years of American history. I’d be elated to see it leave us and put people in reality but I also don’t like science carelessly experimenting with the human race and our world, it’s as if we are nothing but beings to them and they don’t care if they distroy us as long as it benefits them. I firmly belive in science, but only to a point. I veiw religious people as weaklings, tints that are codependent on a fabricated story to survive. I’ll be atheist until I am put to rest where I will be thankful that I may finnaly have a break from the stress and pain of reality. While I’m here I hope to live a happy, healthy, fulfilled life.

Comment by: Aleksandra


Yes, I agree with you. I’m a natural born atheist as well.

However I think greed, hate, prejudice, murders, misogyny, racism came well before religion and as such are human traits that will not be eradicated even if religion suddenly disappeared. It’s the human shadow, the dark side of the psyche. It’s always been there and always will be, even if 100% of the world is areligious. It just seems the shadow found a comfortable home in religion, or maybe religion was designed to house those dark corners of our minds.

I wish that by wiping religion out of this Earth we would actually live more peacefully but, to be honest, I don’t see it. The only way is to accept and integrate the shadow, to learn about it, watch it and then accept it.

Contemporary psychology seems to be having more and more answers, that’s what I would put my money on, even though it will be a long and painful process. In my own process working with anger, shame, greed (all the ‘usual suspects’) I can offer that accepting them truly, accepting yourself with all your ‘shit’, actually banishes them. In religion it’s the opposite, you are supposed to repress them, suppress them and put a layer of ‘kindness and love’ when inside you’re boiling.. It’s a recipe for a disaster, that’s how major psychiatric conditions arise as well as sudden outbreaks of killings and murders. The psyche can only hold so much.

Would I want to see religion disappear? Yes. It sanctions insanity. Would I believe humans would suddenly live in peace? No. We have a long way to go.

Comment by: Mari


This is so true. And I think all the ppl who are religious enough to believe that aetheists or homos, or muslims should go to hell- well they should just go die in a hole. You know what, they dont even deserve a hole. Go die on your church mantle!!