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TMZ Celebrity News for Mary Kate Ashley Olsen

Celebrity Gossip and Entertainment News, Covering Celebrity News and Hollywood Rumors. Get All The Latest Gossip at TMZ - Thirty Mile Zone.


Ashley Olsen Gets the Runs


Ashley Olsen's New Year's resolution must be to start exercising ... and dressing more like her ragamuffin sister, Mary-Kate.Wearing the latest hipster aerobic ensemble of industrial strength leggings, vintage grunge-era flannel and 2005 oversized…


Mary-Kate Plus 8 ... Pounds of Accessories


Sportin' a Nick Nolte mug shot weave, '70s nana shades, rosaries leftover from Madonna's 1985 Virgin tour, a scarf made out of the throw from "Roseanne's" couch, a handbag created by an arts and crafts class at day camp and her signature ginormous coffee…


Ashley Olsen's Public Display of Emotion


Defying the Olsen Twin Vacant Stare Code of Stoic Conduct, Ashley Olsen actually showed some human-like behavior and hugged boyfriend Justin Bartha after arriving to LAX last night.No doubt Mary-Kate will have no feeling either way about this.


Nick Nolte, Is That You?


Looking like the illegitimate love child of Nick Nolte's mugshot and Ozzy Osbourne, Mary-Kate Olsen threw on a medical smock and went for an unsupervised ride through the East Village this weekend.


Mary-Kate Olsen -- Human Torch


She only weighs 48 pounds, so it wouldn't take much for the highly flammable Mary-Kate Olsen to go up in smoke. Hence a bad idea to pump gas with a cell phone in hand.


Mary-Kate Gets Some Ozzy Love


Looking like the illegitimate love child of Ozzy Osbourne and Courtney Love, a blood-less Mary-Kate Olsen made her way to an opera gala in NYC on Sunday.Rumors that the 22-year-old wonder twin later bit the head off of a bat and blogged incoherently are…


Posh and Mary-Kate's Curtain Rod Chic


After watching that famous Carol Burnett "Gone with the Wind" skit one too many times, both Victoria Beckham and Mary-Kate Olsen left their houses this weekend sporting some serious drapery hardware.But unlike Burnett, we're laughing at them ... not with…


Mary-Kate: Fur-ocious!


Carrying her trademark 2005 oversized nana shades and a coffee cup, Mary-Kate Olsen maneuvered a NYC sidewalk wearing her finest Chewbacca pelt on Thursday.MKO is in the running for the title of PETA's Worst-Dressed Celeb of 2009. With her denim cutoffs…


Mary-Kate: Miami Yikes!


With a tropical Zorro hat, beachy blue velvet Stevie Nicks blazer, spring shade of black useless scarf, raggedy bell bottoms and Summer of Love platform wedges, Mary-Kate Olsen endured a bitter cold 75 degree winter day in Miami Beach on Wednesday.No…


Mary-Kate's Food Curse


There's been speculation Mary-Kate Olsen has had issues with food. If true, today's car accident won't help much. The driver of the car in which M-K was riding backed into an an El Pollo Loco delivery vehicle in West Hollywood.Poor Mary-Kate wasn't even…


Mary-Kate Knocks One Back


Mary-Kate Olsen tripled her daily caloric intake by enjoying a beer last night in NYC.That will probably go straight to her ... oh, who are we kidding? See Also Mary-Kate Smells Like Teen Spirit Sam + LiLo = Mary-Kate


Mary-Kate Smells Like Teen Spirit


Sporting a vintage flannel shirt dress thing from Kurt Cobain's Spring 1992 Collection, Mary-Kate Olsen -- like all good L.A. area hipsters -- ventured out in public to catch the musical stylings of Radiohead at the Hollywood Bowl on Monday.No word if…


Sam + LiLo = Mary-Kate


The bastard love child of Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan has surfaced.Mary-Kate Olsen was snapped leaving her NYC apartment on Thursday wearing Sam's fedora, hoodie and dress shoes mixed with Lindsay's hair, dress and bag. See Also Sam and LiLo: Dairy…


Olsen Twins Separated After Birth


Usually we could forgive our camera guy for calling Ashley by her sister's name -- like he did last night. But these days we actually can tell them apart.[[tmz:video id='0_t0phbm2i']]Mary-Kate has been a part of all that Heath Ledger drama. Plus, she's…


Name That Olsen Twin/Madden Brother


Wearing matching Sam Ronson hats, one of the Olsen Twins hung out with either Nicole Richie or Paris Hilton's Madden brother boyfriend in NYC on Tuesday night.If you were Paris or Nicole, would you want Benji or Joel hanging out with Mary-Kate or Ashley?…


Mary-Kate's Lawyer: She Knows Nothing


After reports surfaced the Feds have repeatedly tried and failed to get Mary-Kate Olsen to spill what she knows about how Heath Ledger got the drug cocktail that eventually killed him, the tiny twin's attorney Michael Miller has issued the following…


Mary-Kate Trashes Outfit Too


Her former home isn't the only thing Mary-Kate Olsen allegedly has ruined -- her latest outfit is also a huge debacle.Looking like a risen Kurt Cobain, MKO hit the streets of L.A. on Monday decked out in a 1992 frat flannel, Catherine Bach's tattered…


Ashley Olsen Readies for "Annie Hall" Remake


Wonder twin Ashley Olsen's latest costume change was a real drag -- literally.In the course of a few hours on Monday, Ash went from NYC streetwalker to k.d. Lang wannabe. See Also Ashley Olsen Has a Moment


Mary-Kate: World's Youngest "Golden Girl"


From the looks of her rainbow muumuu dress thing, Mary-Kate Olsen's true twin is ... Bea Arthur! Thank you for being a friend?!Done with her 2006 witch boots and oversized '70s shades, the 21-year-old wannabe Snowbird unleashed her latest accessories on…


Ashley Olsen Has a Moment


Greasy hair. Check! Skinny jeans. Check! Holding a beverage. Check! Smile. Check! Check? WTF?