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a digital magpie

Updated: 2016-10-24T13:44:47Z


By: stavrosthewonderchicken


Supergroovy, I think. All this feedystuff kinda boggles me a bit. Anyway, I’m off to make a new comments feed thingo now for the ’bottle, in hopes that someone’ll use it…

By: nick


”over yonder…”

By: Tobias


Wait a tick. So this displays the last 20 comments no matter which entry they were posted on, right? Hmm, I don’t know id that’s any good. The signal vs noise ration would probably be extremely low for my site. Maybe with customizable fields in MT in the next versions there might be a way to selectively create RSS feeds for individual entries that produce interresting discussions.

By: Phil Ringnalda


Well, it’s not conditional, it’s every single post, but I’m about to post instructions for generating an RSS feed for individual posts and their comments as soon as I test it with this comment.

I’m not sure I buy the idea of only creating a feed for interesting discussions, though, since in my experience any entry that someone comments on is an interesting discussion to them. Since you don’t know what entry will produce someone’s first-ever comment on a weblog post, which they will then check for replies a dozen times a day, I think it’s better to just create a feed for every post, and let your readers decide what is and isn’t interesting.

By: Dennis Slagers


Would be interesteing to share your template. I see the permalink to the comment is correctly
(I added your comments xml feed in my syndication page as a testfeed)

It’s working much better than the 404 error I get

By: Dennis


Found it .. :-)

By: Tobias


Yeah, Phil, you’re probably right. It always amazes me what my readers find interresting. Most of the time it’s posts that take me about 5 seconds to write and the ones I deem the most interresting because I put a lot of time into them seldomly create a lively discussion.

OT: Your ”Remember Info” doesn’t work…

By: Princess Sarah


Thanks so much! I implemented this so I can keep track of my comments via the RSS reader in Googledesktop :)

By: tima thinking outloud.


Summarizing the Simple Solution to Comment Tracking and Monitoring.

This is a summary-so-far and for posterity to a on-again-off-again discussion that he been on going for nearly a year — comment tracking and monitoring. The bottom line is there is no need for a new web app and it doesn’t have to be that difficult.

By: nf0's Life


RSS Feed Changes

I read Kevin’s plea to MT blog owners a while back. Well this morning i followed through, i have modifed my feeds to be valid. I should have done this sooner. While i’m making changes, i added a Recent Comments feed here based of on Bill Kearney’s idea…