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Preview: The Lactivist Breastfeeding Blog

The Lactivist Breastfeeding Blog

Aimed at supporting nursing moms by promoting issues like breastfeeding in public, milk bank donation and child led weaning.

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Have You Wondered Where the Lactivist Is?


Well, she's living a new life in a new state that's worlds away from what you knew all those years ago. At the same time, she's still the same person with the same love of bento boxes, baking and fun kid projects. You won't find her being too political these days, though she's still super passionate about home birth, breastfeeding and leaving little boys intact.But you will find her sharing life

Stretch Mark Removal Cream


If you are anything like me, you never, ever, EVER had problems with stretch marks until you had babies. Of course if you're like me you also got through at least one pregnancy thinking you were in pretty good shape. I didn't have much of a problem with stretch marks after Nora, mostly because she seemed to fill up my "insides" instead of stretching me outward. (I was a good 32+ weeks pregnant

Lansinoh Breast Milk Storage Bags Review


In an ideal world, none of us would ever have to pick up a breast pump or express milk. Babies would always get it straight from the tap. In the real world, due to things like travel, latch issues, jobs and the need for temporary escape...babies often end up drinking expressed and stored breast milk.Now, any mom who has ever pumped milk knows how much work it is. The last thing we want to have

Breast Reduction Surgery and Breastfeeding


As a fairly well endowed woman, it always strikes me as just a little bit funny when women wonder aloud if they can have breast implants and still breastfeed. Why? Because I always wondered if I could have breast reduction and still breastfeed.I guess no one is happy exactly where they are, eh?While I've done some research into breast reduction surgery and given it a bit of thought, I knew there

Are There Online Breastfeeding Courses?


It's always struck me as funny that breastfeeding is one of those things that requires a "course." After all, breastfeeding is one of the most natural things in the world. Moms and babies have been doing it for thousands of years. But now...moms who want to breastfeed their babies almost have to sign up for a course or class of some kind. After all, it's been generations since breastfeeding was

California Milk Processor Board Goes After Breastfeeding Advocate


Seriously...did the world learn nothing from my run in with the National Pork Board?A few minutes ago, my brother in law pings me with a link to a story that brought back memories.'Got milk' lawyers huff at Talkeetna artist's parodyA snippet: Talkeetna batik artist Barbara Holmes heard from the group behind the "got milk?" brand this month.Holmes made the mistake of advertising T-shirts and "

Beta Moms


Hey ladies! There's a word for us now...It's Beta Moms.What's a beta mom?Beta Moms still want their kids to be successful, but they don't believe that helping their kids reach their goals necessarily involves overachievement or keeping up with what other people define as "norms." In their efforts to adjust to the myriad challenges and stressors in their lives, many moms are beginning to believe

Emmitt's First Phone Call


So Emmitt absolutely loves the phone. Understandable, of course...I mean it's something you hold in your hand and voices magically come out of it. And unlike the Elmo remote control he has, the words and voices are different each time you use it. What's not to love? So I shouldn't have been surprised when I was working in the living room this morning and my mother popped up on Instant

That Older Sibling Thing...


One of the things that has really amazed me about watching the kids in the last six months is the sibling relationship that forms. Yes, I know that often means tears and fights, but it also means some of the most heartwarming (and hysterical) things you'll ever see. Elnora's three and a half right now and Emmitt is twenty months. While they do their share of fighting, they mostly get along really

Another Day, Another Set of Bentos


Bento lunches for ToddlersOriginally uploaded by Jennifer LaycockThese were the kid's bento lunches for school on Tuesday.The top one is Elnora's. It's a single tier box with some divided compartments. By far my favorite box and the one you'll pretty much always see me packing for her.The very top part has a string cheese nestled under some Keebler Honey Wheat cracker sticks and a tiny little

Is My Brain Full...or is it Empty?


I always thought the biggest challenge of being a mom was going to be time management. How in the world would I get everything done? How would I put in my hours at work, do the grocery shopping, pitch in with the laundry and cleaning, cook the meals, pack the lunches, maintain some relationships AND care for children full time?And there's some truth to that. While having a baby was exhausting and

A Warning about Nipple Cream


Many thanks to my friend Amber Tardiff-Watson for letting me know about an FDA warning about "Mommy's Bliss Nipple Cream." Apparently use of the cream can cause some health problems in nursing infants. Here's a snippet from the warning:The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning consumers not to use or purchase Mommy’s Bliss Nipple Cream, marketed by MOM Enterprises, Inc., because the

Toddler bento lunches


Toddler bento lunchesOriginally uploaded by Jennifer LaycockAnother round of bento lunches for preschool days.The bento on the left is Emmitt's. Top tier has strawberries, mandarin oranges and sakura cut pineapple. The middle tier has macaroni and cheese, string cheese and some black olives. The bottom tier has two organic mint oreos and some Annie's natural cheddar bunnies.The box over on the

The Love of a Mother (Even if it's someone else's mother)


Lactivist reader "juliefabmom" left this comment on another post and after reading it and taking a bit to compose myself, I realized it needs to be placed as a post in and of itself instead of being left to flounder in the comments.Pull out your tissues folks and take in the love of a mother.from The Electric New Paper, SingaporeHere's the story. it made me cry for 1/2 an hour this morning (I'm

Kid's Bentos for 05/19/08


Kid's Bentos for 05/19/08Originally uploaded by Jennifer LaycockI'll be speaking at the Ohio Web Leaders conference tomorrow, so the kid's will have a long day at Mango's Place. Took some extra time to make sure I put together lunches they might actually eat.Emmitt's is the bento on the left. His top tier has strawberries, mandarin oranges, pineapple cut into flower shapes and (I know! I know! ew

Practicing for Future Mall Trips


EmmitOriginally uploaded by Jennifer LaycockApparently Emmitt is destined to be one of those old men sitting in the chairs in the center of the mall walkways, holding their wives purse.A few days back Nora came in and asked if she could carry my purse around. I said sure. Five minutes later, in wandered Emmitt wearing the purse around his neck. While I applaud her creativity in finding a pack

Missed You Guys


Ever run into your best friend from high school ten or twelve years later in some random location?Chances are, you either talked each other's ears off, or you made small talk for 2.75 minutes before you both started briefly glancing at your feet or watch and saying " was good seeing you."That's kind of where I am with the blog. I miss posting here and I'd like to gradually get back in

The Decision (sort of)


First of all, thanks to all of you for your support, encouragement, birth stories and resources. It is definitely appreciated! I wish that I had time to respond to everyone's comments individually, but there are a few points that came up that I'd like to clarify:1 - Hospital birth with a midwife is not an option for me. I think there might be one practice in Columbus that still has midwives on

Ugh. Image Issues


Sorry for the bland look here at the site folks. Having some server trouble. I'm moving hosts this week as a result, so things should be back up and running by the end of the week. Thankfully, the site still functions and you can still read, comment, etc... You just can't see any images. :)

Oh Where, Oh Where Shall I Birth Our Babies?


I have never wished harder for the ability to see into the future in all my life. Or yearned more for some sort of guarantee... good or bad. "You will have no complications whatsoever and your babies will be absolutely healthy; go for the home birth," or "There will be trouble; birth in the hospital." Really, either one would be completely fine with me. I just wish there were some way to know,

Awesome Lactivist Moment


Getting ready to call it a night after another hectic day, but had to share a story from this morning...Was on my way to the gym with the kids when I heard Emmitt laughing. I glanced over and noticed the guy in the car next to us had made some type of face at him. "That's sweet" I thought."At the next light, I glanced over again and the guy was gesturing to me. I rolled down my window and he



I am incredibly honored that Jennifer invited me to blog on The Lactivist. I hope I can meet the high standards that have been set around here! :)Figured I should introduce myself before I dive in and start posting my opinion on things, so here goes (don't worry - it's quick... I hate introductions!)Let's see... Hi! I'm Anna. I'm 34 and very much a Libra. I've been married to Lee for 6 years

Getting in Over My Head


Ever get a good idea, start to run with it and then find yourself racing downhill at breakneck speed with no ability to put on the breaks?That's kind of what the last few months have been like.For those who don't follow me over at my day job, I'm putting on a conference. Now you guys know I've traveled and done the speaking gig thing for years now...but this time, I'm actually planning and

Quick! Need Your Vote TODAY!


(Yep, I'm back, but it will be another day or two before I can get a post up on my trip...)Need you guys to get clicking for me ASAP. I'm headed to NYC in two weeks for a search industry show. One of the vendors at the show throws a charity event every year to raise money for a different non-profit. This year, four of us got to put in our charity of choice and it's up to a vote to see who the

A Sabattical


I know, I know, haven't been around all month.Leaving for London tomorrow, then on to Italy from there. Will be back on March 1st and will catch everyone up then.