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* Concerning all things Contemporary: Poetry, Visual Arts & Letters * More bite than bark since 2005 *

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Hey! Update your links!!


Lemon Hound has a whole new life...see Volume 2  and keep checking back: more content added weekly. VOLUME 2* SAY DEMOCRATIC POETRY FOR ME POETRY Jonathan Ball from The Politics of Knives Mathew Henderson “Migrant” Ange Mlinko Polymer Sonnets Erin Moure the unmemntionable Don Share Four Poems PROSE & NARRATIVE Steven W. Beattie Panning For Gold: The Fate of Short Fiction in a Novelistic World

Thanks & Good Night


It's been a fantastic six years and the site, and my relationship to it, and to the Internet, and to poetry, has evolved tremendously. Thanks to all who have stopped by, commented, forwarded, and returned. Thanks to everyone who has taken part in all of the projects, and to guest bloggers over the years. Thanks to Kate Eichhorn and BookThug for publishing Unleashed, a selection of post from

We're working hard to make something new for you


Not Otherwise Specified...


Let me be the judge of that. You should enter this contest because I'm harsh and Les Figues rocks. We are now accepting submissions for the Second Annual Les Figues NOS Book Contest. All entrants receive a TrenchArt Series title of choice. Deadline: September 15, 2012. 2012 Les Figues Press NOS Book Contest— (NOS = not otherwise specified) A prize of $1,000 and publication by

While we're on the subject of pussies


Patti Smith on Pussy Riots


Lost in each other


I'm having a hard time keeping these books away from each other.

Life's little subversions


And rarely was heard, an encouraging word, still the women don't go away


Is this still the case? I don't think so, but I love this cover. 

Essay: An Excerpt from Lissa Wolsak


An excerpt from An Heuristic Prolusion.  ~ To respond, in making linguistic pavés, to exhilarate transformation, with an art of perceiving movement, within being, within language physiques. And question...can we dispense with our proclivity to sacrificial structures? To subtend the map via fever-chart. To approach separation itself. An enactment of otherness. To exceed speech...language

Kate Durbin from Anna Nicole Show


ANNA NICOLE SHOW CNN: Prosecutors presented this video as evidence that Howard K. Stern conspired to keep Anna Nicole Smith in a drug stupor. Stern’s lawyers say Smith was acting for the cameras. HOWARD: What do you think Anna? Is Riley going to be your new makeup artist? Is Riley going to be your new makeup artist? Have you found a new makeup artist? Cuz your baby. Your other one of your

Kate Durbin: from Ravenous Audience


MARILYN: LEFTOVERS The Clothes a black embroidered handbag     a pearlescent Bakelite clutch     a jewel-encrusted evening bag with a chain strap     a Lucite handbag     a clear bejeweled handbag with an embellished closure      the same bag filled with matching accessories     a red patent-leather handbag with a gold closer     an arrangement of 13 of Monroe’s bags     a wool hat with two

Natalie Walschots on Reviewing


LH: What do you think the purpose of a review is? If you also write about books on a blog, why? What does blogging let you do differently? NZW: The purpose of a review, be it a book review or an album review, is to communicate with that text's potential audience, to place the text in its cultural context, and to engage with both the writer and the potential readers about the text's success. I

Two Poems from Helen Guri


SUBJECTS ON WHICH MY LOVE DOLL COULD CONCEIVABLY HAVE OPINIONS Being secret, like a leg brace from childhood. Not having anything, to eat or worry about. A bus transfer sailing through seven seas of air. The resting places of lost raisins. The lobster, boiling. Surgical procedures to revive the senses of those born blind and deaf. Common senselessness,

The Allen Ginsberg Project: Mind, Mouth and Page (Gertrude Stein)


AG: Yeah, I think we were talking about that at the end of the last sitting here, when somebody asked me - since Williams, what was done, since Williams, what has been accomplished in poetics? - or, what new thing has been added? - and I was talking about the practice of some poets working out of Gertrude Stein, for whom words were objects, and so it was like the building of little sculptures of

Nina Hagen New York New York


Because Monday morning is better with a little Nina Hagen.

Vandana Shiva on Food Systems


Thank you, thank you. Oh my god, such an evil, evil turn of events.

On Lisa Robertson’s Nilling


BY SINA QUEYRAS When I said in an earlier last post that I go to poetry to think, Lisa Robertson was the first poet that came to mind. Hers is a poetry that embraces doubt; that is content to extend rather than conclude, yet never drifts in the sense that Barthes describes in The Pleasure of the Text. “In the pleasant displacement of identity,” she writes, “another time keeps shaping what I will

Adrienne Rich on "Easy Poetry"


Career-minded poets, expending thought and energy on producing a "publishable manuscript," on marketing their wares and their reputations, as young poets are now urged (and even trained) to do, may have little time left over for thinking about the art itself, ancient and contemporary, and why it matters -- the state of the art itself as distinct from their own poems and vitas. This shallowness

If a poem costs nothing to write I don't want to read it


MR: Oh, sure. By my early thirties, I think I'd stopped believing I was going to succeed as a poet. It'd been years since I'd had a poem accepted anywhere, and I could tell that what I'd written up to that point was no good. It was indifferent, middling work. I knew that I didn't really know what to do as a poet. I could write semi-competent poems in a couple of different period styles, but they

Stage Door - Lucille Ball's Story 1/2


One of the greats...these are the Lucille Ball clips...

We Want Reviews: Introducing Laura Broadbent & Call For Work


"The great review is one that approaches the corpus curiously and dissectively, determining if it works and what makes it tick.” -Vanessa Place Who wants a dull review? A good reviewer is a skilled host: ensure your guests’ enjoyment, present the fare slowly, artfully, and with flourish so it speaks for itself. Make your guests want more. Make us want more. If Poetry is thinking made

On Misdirected Energy


The lobbing back and forth of insults between Michael Lista and Jan Zwicky is a depressing thing to watch. I admit I was happy to see Zwicky lob back because let's face it, we rarely see a woman taking on an aggressive young critic the way that Zwicky did. Exhilarating because we see too few women wrestling with public space on this scale. Kudos. Mr. Lista's piece was meant to provoke. That it