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All about fonts for captions & subtitles

Updated: 2009-08-13T13:39:00-05:00


Old screenfonts report for Ascender & Microsoft now published


We’ve now published an old report (from 2006) for Ascender Corp. and Microsoft on screenfonts for captioning. (It was never implemented.)

Captioning Sucks! launches


The Open & Closed Project’s new site about captioning quality – Captioning Sucks! – launches. Of course we talk about screenfonts.

A snippet about HD-DVD and Blu-ray fonts


Not that we have much to say about them

Speaking notes from ATypI Brighton 200y7 available


Speaking notes: “Don’t show printouts to grannies and call that a test.” All about the research flaws of Tiresias. Gives new principles for research into caption/subtitle fonts.

We’re presenting at ATypI Brighton 2007


We’re presenting at ATypI Brighton 2007: “Don’t show printouts to grannies and call that a test: Some scenarios for testing TV screenfonts.”

New font designers on board


We’ve updated the list of designers working on our new fonts. Yes, it’s still happening, though the herd needed a cull to get us there

Full critique of typography in the HDTV captioning spec


What does the HDTV captioning spec say about typography? We have a legitimate copy of the CEA-708-C standard and have reviewed its sections on fonts. It isn’t pretty

Coming clean about our parent project


Now that the Open & Closed Project has launched (see micropatronage), we can finally come out of the closet and stop saying we are part of “an upcoming project”

Calling for real caption-font research in the U.K.


We’re fed up with the British and their insistence on uncritically accepting junk science that purports to show Tiresias Screenfont as an acceptable captioning font. So we’re asking the U.K. broadcasting regulator to commission its own research – and its own fonts, if need be

Dispelling the myth of caption size


Dispelling the myth of caption size: Who says captions on an iPod Video would be too small? All the evidence – from real online captioning and by comparison with other media – proves the contrary

Design critique of Tioga, the Tiresias clone


Tioga, the Tiresias clone dissected. Can you believe it doesn’t have an italic either?

Fascinating fact of the week: Preferred television viewing distance


We dug up and summarized what is apparently the sole reference for preferred TV viewing distances. Pity they don’t back it up with research

Design critique of Tiresias Screenfont available


Finally: Our design critique of Tiresias Screenfont, that oversold, overpriced, near-vapourware font

Screenfont.CA: Still undead!


Yes, we’re still in business – still beavering away on requirements for our first font family, and a design critique of Tiresias is upcoming