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Realms of Gold Deluxe


Help Odysseus find his way home in Realms of Gold Deluxe. Swap colorful pieces to create matching groups of three or more to move your hero across the board and to the exit.

Delicious winter edition Deluxe


Get your apron on! In the busy month of December Emily could sure use some extra help in Delicious winter edition Deluxe.

Diner Dash - Flo on the Go Deluxe


In Diner Dash: Flo on the Go Deluxe, Flo is busier than ever. With new customers ranging from tourists to lovebirds, this is the best Diner Dash game ever!

The Legend of El Dorado Deluxe


Join an expedition through the South American rainforest in The Legend of El Dorado Deluxe. The map of the Conquistadores shows you the way. Does El Dorado really exist? Seek out the gold!

Plantasia Deluxe


Let everything around you blossom and flourish in Plantasia Deluxe. Plant seeds, water them and the miraculous flowers will shoot up in an instant. Get planting!

Super TextTwist Deluxe


How many words can you create from 6 or 7 letters? You have two and a half minutes! Create as many words as possible in Super TextTwist Deluxe.

Cake Mania Deluxe


Baking runs in Jill's family. Cake Mania Deluxe dares you to see if you have what it takes to help Jill earn enough money to reopen her grandparents bakery in this fast-paced culinary crisis!

Zuma Deluxe


Play Zuma Deluxe whenever you want! 13 new levels to conquer!

Mahjong Fortuna 2 Deluxe


A serene sense of tranquility will descend upon you as you play Mahjong Fortuna 2 Deluxe. It's packed with information about your horoscope, element, birth stone, birth flower and the Celtic Tree of Life.

Mahjongg Fortuna Deluxe


Play Mahjongg Fortuna Deluxe whenever you want! Choose from different settings and tile sets!

Bookworm Deluxe


Play Bookworm Deluxe whenever you want! Make words up to 12 letters long and try the new Action game.

Jewel Quest Deluxe


Play Jewel Quest Deluxe whenever you want! Extended and challenging new puzzles!

Chainz 2 Deluxe


Re-enter the exciting realm of link-matching madness with Chainz 2. Rotate colored links to make matches of three or more. Use 4-way Link to make matches around corners.

Gold Rush Deluxe


Play Gold Rush Deluxe whenever you want! More tools and new bonuses!

Ocean Express Deluxe


Ocean Express is a puzzle game that is both addictive and fun! Pack the colorful cargo perfectly on an ocean liner so that all the pieces fit perfectly together.

Pirate Poppers Deluxe


Calling all landlubbers! All aboard and hoist the sails for Pirate Poppers Deluxe! Fire cannonballs, catch the jewels and treasures and hide your booty in the Treasure Cove.

TriJinx Deluxe


Is Kristine's three-eyed amulet a clue? an ancient curse? Uncover the chilling secret as you puzzle your way through unlock the ancient gates of TriJinx.

Luxor Deluxe


The mysterious goddess, Isis, has enlisted you to battle Set and his evil minions. With 88 mind-blowing levels, the challenge will not be an easy one.

Hotel Solitaire Deluxe


Welcome to Hotel Solitaire. Each of the hotel's 20 floors has 5 rooms, each with its own game of solitaire. Play 15 different card games on 100 levels, either against the clock or with no time limit.

Text Express Deluxe


Play Text Express Deluxe whenever you want! Make words up to 7 letters long and try the new Action game.

MahJongg Mystery Deluxe


Play MahJongg Mystery Deluxe offline whenever you want! Choose between many different levels and 3 tile-sets! Play classic or arcade mode, for beginners and masters!

Bejeweled 2 Deluxe


Play Bejeweled 2 Deluxe whenever you want! Four ways to play: Classic, Action, Puzzle and Endless!

Delicious Deluxe


Have you always dreamed of opening your own restaurant? Are you no stranger to multi-tasking? With Delicious Deluxe, here's the opportunity to roll up your sleeves.

Shangri La Deluxe


Solve all word puzzles and unlock all 48 levels. Make sure the water flows freely again from the waterfalls in Shangri La's cave.

Babel Deluxe


Welcome to Babel, the city where words were invented. Play 25 different word games to build an impressive tower, but don't let the words confuse you, or your tower will start to crumble!

Pop and Drop Deluxe


Ball-bouncing fun awaits you in Pop & Drop Deluxe. Develop nerves of steel in the Action game mode and test your strategy in Perpetual.

Tropix Deluxe


We're going on a tropical vacation! If you like puzzles, adventures, Sudoku or card and word games, Tropix Deluxe has something for everyone.

Mah Jong Quest Deluxe


Play Mah Jong Quest Deluxe whenever you want! Reveal unique tiles that provide special powers!

Jewel of Atlantis Deluxe


An undersea adventure of puzzling fun awaits you in Jewel of Atlantis Deluxe. Featuring gorgeous undersea graphics, a wide variety of brain-teasers and hours of family fun, it is the ultimate puzzling adventure.

Super Collapse! 3 Deluxe


Super Collapse! 3 Deluxe is here! Experience the adventure in Quest mode or enjoy the classic game in Quick Play. Once you start clicking, you won't be able to stop!

Feeding Frenzy 2 Deluxe


The sequel to Feeding Frenzy: here's Feeding Frenzy 2 Deluxe! Gobble your way up the food chain. Eat or get eaten!

Word Slinger Deluxe


Sling and string together words on the board to earn maximum points. But place them carefully, you don't want to get stuck!

Mahjong Escape Deluxe


Mahjong Escape Deluxe contains 6 different layouts, 15 hand-painted backgrounds and 5 relaxing soundtracks. You have never felt more relaxed!

Chuzzle Deluxe


Googly-eyed little balls of fur that giggle, squeak, and sneeze as you push them across the board! Once you start popping Chuzzles you might not be able to stop!

Bricks of Atlantis Deluxe


Brick-busting under the sea in the ruins of Atlantis! Explore the lost worlds as you bust your way through 190 levels of magic fish, harpoon guns and power-ups.

Feeding Frenzy Deluxe


It's survival of the biggest in this action-packed deep-sea challenge. Better be quick on your tail or you'll be gobbled up alive!

Diner Dash 2 Deluxe


Flo's back and better than ever in Diner Dash 2 Deluxe! Seat customers, take orders, collect tips, and help Flo and her friends defeat Mr. Big.

Insaniquarium Deluxe


Play Insaniquarium Deluxe whenever you want! 4 Game types and no adverts!

Incadia Deluxe


Play Incadia Deluxe whenever you want! Two Game Modes: Adventure and Arcade!

Aloha Solitaire Deluxe


Immerse yourself in the idyllic Hawaiian Islands of Aloha Solitaire. Relax with a mix of traditional solitaire and mahjong on the warm sands of Hawaii.

Shogun Sudoku Deluxe


In Shogun Sudoku Deluxe you play six different versions of Sudoku. In this historical game, you travel from London to Osaka through 12 levels.

Mirror Magic Deluxe


Mirror, mirror on the wall, what's the most magic game of all? Mirror Magic! Spot the five differences in enchanted mirror images and test your observation skills and your nerves!

Shopmania Deluxe


Shopmania Deluxe combines puzzle solving, management and strategy. Were you born to shop? Shopmania Deluxe is open 24/7, so go for it!

Five Card Deluxe


If you like solitaire and poker, Five Card Deluxe is the game for you. This is your chance to learn poker. Put on your poker face and try your hand at Five Card Deluxe!

Gem Shop Deluxe


Slide colored gems to create matches of three or more. Sell gems and jewelry to smiling customers, but watch out - keep them waiting too long and they will start to grumble.

Giftshop Deluxe


The Christmas rush has started in your gift shop! Sell gifts to happy customers, but be attentive, because they'll get grouchy if they have to wait too long!

Pizza Frenzy Deluxe


The Stromboli family needs your help! Join Lorenzo, Paula, and the whole Stromboli clan to bring their age-old pizza recipe to the hungry masses.

Rainbow Web Deluxe


Free the Rainbow kingdom by breaking the spell cast over this mythical realm. Solve over 50 puzzles to bring the sunshine back to this mystical land of fairies and elves.

Mosaic - Tomb of Mystery Deluxe


This spellbinding new puzzler takes you back in time to Ancient Egypt and the time of the Pharaohs. Mosaic: Tomb of Mystery is a fun and mesmerizing blend of puzzle-pieced excitement and intense gameplay. Give it a try today!

Big Kahuna Reef Deluxe


Discover amazing aquatic life as you search for the Mask of the Tiki in this classic puzzle game.

Big Money Deluxe


Play Big Money Deluxe offline whenever you want! All new graphics, dazzling special effects and three different game types: Action, Strategy, and Puzzle will satisfy both arcade fans and puzzle nuts!

Big Kahuna Reef 2


Big Kahuna Reef is back: and how! The calm of the deep sea will now be disrupted for ever more, because Big Kahuna Reef 2 Deluxe is more explosive than ever!

Acropolis Deluxe


Travel across mythical lands and unearth stunning relics in this lexical adventure. Link letters to find words in 50 levels with 10 special tile types and electrifying power-ups.

Dynomite Deluxe


Play Dynomite Deluxe offline whenever you want! Try the new game modes Time Trial and the Fossil Challenge

Magic Inlay Deluxe


Play Magic Inlay Deluxe whenever you want! Additional magical tools and 3 play modes!

Cubis 2 Deluxe


Play Cubis 2 Deluxe whenever you want! 300 beautifully hand-crafted levels!

Bunny Bounce Deluxe


Welcome to the Bunny Bounce Reunion. This isn't just another game of "three of a kind"; it's a new and unique way of matching. The game contains over 70 levels and 3 game modes!

Tumblebugs Deluxe


You hold the fate of your colorful beetle buddies in your hands as you save them from being enslaved.

Cubis Deluxe


Play Cubis Deluxe whenever you want! Play the exciting new Puzzle game!

Twistingo Deluxe


An evil wizard has captured and hidden the cute furry animals on a mysterious island. You must use your bingo skills to explore the island and save the animals.

Aloha TriPeaks Deluxe


Take a balloon ride over the Hawai'ian Islands in Aloha TriPeaks. Relax and discover it all without leaving the comfort of your home.

Pastime Puzzles Deluxe


Jigsaw puzzles just like you used to do round the kitchen table, without ever having to worry about losing a piece!

Caramba! Deluxe


Embark upon an adventure in sunny Mexico! Play Caramba in 15 different locations with this tough game of skills

Da Vinci's Secret Deluxe


Da Vinci's Secret Deluxe is an exciting puzzle adventure with one twist after another. Discover the secrets that are hidden in Leonardo da Vinci's works of art.

Bricks of Egypt 2 Deluxe


Back to block busting in Bricks of Egypt 2 Deluxe! Visit the Egyptian pyramids to go treasure hunting in the uncovered secret passage.

Caribbean Mah Jong Deluxe


Visit 12 Caribbean islands on a luxury cruise in Caribbean Mah Jong Deluxe! A tropical surprise for your gray matter.

Shape Shifter Deluxe


Match the incoming pieces to the moving shapes. Complete a row and watch it disappear.

Luxor Amun Rising Deluxe


Use your mystical winged scarab to shoot magical spheres, making matches of three or more to destroy the approaching colored spheres. The powers of Isis are again at your command.

Hexalot Deluxe


As Merlin, King Arthurs most trusted advisor, it is up to you to build bridges across treacherous puzzlescapes, and bring the Knights of the Round Table back to Hexalot!

Iggle Pop Deluxe


Iggle Pop! puts a fun new spin on an all-time classic maze adventure. It's undeniably addictive! Too cute to resist! Easy to play!

Adventure Inlay Safari Edition Deluxe


Adventure Inlay is new and improved! Place gems correctly on the board to fill it out just right.

Adventure Inlay Deluxe


Plan your strategy as you advance through multitudes of hand crafted levels in this mind-bending puzzle game!

Treasure Pyramid Deluxe


Treasure Pyramid Deluxe is a puzzle adventure game that will take you on an unforgettable journey through the undiscovered temples and ruins of Egypt.

Bounce Out Blitz Deluxe


In Bounce Out Blitz you have to move the bouncy balls around the bin to line up three of the same to remove them. With three unique challenging game modes there's something for everyone.

House of Cards Deluxe


Play House of Cards Deluxe whenever you want! Play 10 exciting solitaire games, including FreeCell, Pharaoh's Solitaire, and Fifteens.

Diner Dash Deluxe


You're a one-woman show in this frantic restaurant sim. Diner Dash Deluxe allows you to forget about your dailly routine and dream about your very own restaurant business.

Word Mojo Deluxe


Play Word Mojo Deluxe whenever you want! Timed and Un-timed mode!

Glyph Deluxe


In Glyph Deluxe you use the powers of the elements Wood, Fire, Water, Metal and Air in 255 sumptuous levels and 5 different worlds.

Sudoku! Deluxe


Sudoku! Deluxe is full of helpful features that make it fun for everyone. Whether you're already hooked or you're new to it, Sudoku! Deluxe is sure to be your next favorite puzzler!

Alchemy Deluxe


Play Alchemy Deluxe offline, anytime, with this enhanced Windows version! Features fantastic special effects, soundtrack and hints, and a new Timetrial-gamemode!

Beetle Bomp Deluxe


Experimental electricity eating beetles have been released from a top secret laboratory. Solve the buggy mystery before the lights go out for good!

Rocket Mania Deluxe


Play Rocket Mania Deluxe whenever you want! Play three exciting game modes!

Cosmic Switch Deluxe


Play Cosmic Switch Deluxe offline whenever you want! Always wanted to pause your Cosmic Switch game for a moment? Now you can! Of course this downloadable game also has enhanced graphics and sounds.

Heavy Weapon Deluxe


Hold down left mouse button to fire. Take out the enemy and stay alive while you're at it.

Legend of Aladdin Deluxe


Swap icons in the grid to make horizontal or vertical matches of 3 or more icons of the same kind. When making a match, the underlying tiles will be filled with red carpet.

Big Kahuna Words Deluxe


We travel back to the awe-inspiring reef for a new word game in Big Kahuna Words Deluxe. This exciting torrent of words contains two game modes and 150 levels.

Diamond Mine Deluxe


Play Diamond Mine Deluxe offline whenever you want with this supercharged version of the hit game! 3D gems, hints on demand, high score lists, and a pulse-pounding soundtrack are just a few of the new features.

Lost City of Gold Deluxe


Match three to unlock the gold on a journey like no other! Travel through dangerous jungles, mysterious caves, and hidden ruins on your quest to claim the gold as your own.

AstroPop Deluxe


Play AstroPop Deluxe whenever you want! Choose a story or timed mode!

Fireworks Extravaganza Deluxe


Produce your own personalized fireworks extravaganza using the vast array of glorious technicolor fireworks at your disposal.

Karu Deluxe


Ready for a new, exciting challenge? In Karu Deluxe you have to catch the balls first before you can fire them!

House of Cards 2 Deluxe


Play House of Cards 2 Deluxe whenever you want! Play 10 exciting solitaire games, including Double Klondike and Spider.

Inca Quest Deluxe


Join professor Quest on a color-popping journey which will take him through 10 temples of adventure, 80 confounding puzzles and 8 levels of the Shaman's survival trial in Inca Quest Deluxe.

Ancient Sudoku Deluxe


An addictive brainteaser puzzle that can be solved by lateral thinking alone and has been taking the world by storm.

Zulu Gems Deluxe


Journey into the jungles of Africa in search of ancient relics, and collect treasure to fund your research. Smash stones and gather precious gems before they reach the limit.

Spin and Play Deluxe


Hurry! Hurry! Step right up and have some fun at the carnival with Spin & Play Deluxe - a theme park packed with attractions for all ages! There are 16 thrilling attractions in all!

Froggy Castle 2 Deluxe


You are on a journey with Pit the hamster to free the kingdom from the dreaded frogs. You will encounter numerous hilarious frogs!

Believe in Santa Deluxe


Help Sandy save her granny's toy shop. Two cheerful elves are along for the ride, decorating toys for all the customers. Can you satisfy clumsy clowns and tacky tourists?

Chainz Deluxe


Un-chain your brain with CHAINZ! Rotate colorful links to create valuable chains in this challenging puzzle game. Set up chain-reactions and incorporate bonus links for increased rewards.

Penguin Puzzle Deluxe


Play Penguin Puzzle Deluxe whenever you want! Exquisite puzzle fun is within your reach!