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6 Steps for Victim Service Providers to Help Victims of Mortgage Fraud


Victim service providers are on the front lines in combatting mortgage fraud. Young people, seniors,...

Tools to Help You Fight for Mortgage Fraud Victims


Mortgage fraud is a crime that hurts homeowners, families, communities, businesses, and the economy. Despite...

Concrete Tools to Help Victim Service Providers Help Mortgage Fraud Victims


As a victim service provider, you’re a first responder in the fight against mortgage fraud....

Do you Help Victims of Mortgage Fraud? Ask the Right Questions to Get all the Facts


The numbers are staggering for victims of mortgage fraud: 93,508 – The number of FBI-reported...

Mortgage Fraud Index (MFI) By State


Take Action: A Toolkit to Help You Advocate for Mortgage Fraud Victims


To fall prey to mortgage fraud is to feel victimized and helpless. People put their...

Valuable Tools to Help Victims of Mortgage Fraud: Knowledge and a Free Online Toolkit


Someone poses as a credible real estate professional and then scams thousands of dollars –...

11 Tips to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Loan Fraud


Ready to buy a new home? Become a happy homeowner, not a victim of mortgage...

Scammers Target Unsuspecting Seniors for Mortgage Fraud


No one is safe from becoming a victim of Mortgage Fraud, especially the elderly. Senior...

Get the Facts about Foreclosure Fraud


The threat of losing your home to foreclosure is bad enough. Do your homework, because...