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a digital magpie

Updated: 2016-10-24T13:44:47Z


By: "links for 2007-05-09" by Bob Plankers, The Lone Sysadmin


[…] phil ringnalda : […]

By: a-giâu


The stampede was getting too much, so I disallowed bots from my Gregarius and now all’s well.

–the guy.

By: fluffy


301 seems to work fine as long as the original URLs are still current, but as soon as the original URLs go away, Googlebot seems to forget about that. I recently changed domains (from to, and for a long time I was enjoying being the #2 search result for ”fluffy.” So for the last two months I had generating 301s to the appropriate new URL at for Googlebot (and just putting up an explanatory interstitial page for everyone else, with the hope people would fix their links), and was at #6, which was fine, but then as soon as the domain expired, dropped off of the first page of Google results entirely.

Unfortunately, hasn’t had the benefit of 7+ years of inbound links, and of course now most new inbound links are rel=”nofollow” anyway (hooray for comment spammers), so I don’t know if I’ll ever get my status back. Le sigh.

But I think the entire site’s pagerank dropped as well; used to be the #1 search result for ”i like plaid” (because I have a link to it with that name from many of my forum signatures), but as soon as expired, the result dropped off the front page!

I’m tempted to renew for another year just to have more time for pageranks to converge and so on, but it seems so silly.

By: Phil Ringnalda


Well, no, normal behavior would be to take a chunk of text around the link that caused the pingback to be sent (in that case, the phrase ”Underscores are bad”), but this one apparently choked on excerpting, and settled for concatenating the blog name and post title (misusing a quotation mark for glue, something I’m going to have to start bitching about now that I’m a Yahoo! Search user).

By: didier


That’s ”normal” behavior for WordPress as far as I know. Is HTML even allowed in excerpts?

By: Phil Ringnalda


Interesting. I wonder if that’s a known ”link at the end of a paragraph doesn’t get excerpted properly” bug.

By: phil ringnalda : Another loser heard from


[…] phil ringnalda a digital magpie « […]

By: Aristotle Pagaltzis


Whee. :-D

(Actually, I’m still reflexively trying to that, because smileys in proportional fonts, I’ve always thought, just look weird.)

By: Phil Ringnalda


Okay, I give up, -boy: smilie conversion is off ;)

By: Aristotle Pagaltzis


Much like your “ass odd” typo. :-)