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Published: 2009-11-17T00:49:33+02:00


eCraft Labs site launched


The geeks at eCraft have banded together and launched a site, There will be code, there will be apps and there will be articles on a wide range of topics. Personally I will be posting some stuff on cloud computing, WPF and Silverlight there. And hopefully something on Agile and Kanban soon. Head over there and have a look!

eCraft Epistola launched


Over at work we launched a new blog a while back, called eCraft Epistola. You can find it at There’s a bunch of us posting over there, and for the time being most of the material is in Finnish. English stuff will be posted later. I will still be posting to this blog as well, since the topics for the two blogs is slightly different.

Slideshare is featuring my Azure-presentation


I just found out my “Considering Windows Azure”-presentation that is being featured on the homepage. Based on the stats coming through it seems that more people will view it on Slideshare than were at TechDays, even though that was a pretty big event by Finnish standards. Anyway, cool stuff!

Considering Windows Azure (TechDays presentation)


Here’s the first of the two breakout presentations I did at Microsoft TechDays here in Helsinki on the 5th and 6th of March 2009. This presentation was about Windows Azure, and what we at eCraft have learned from considering porting several applications to it. This was not a particularly technical session, I focused on the slightly more philosophical side, by looking at Azure and Cloud applications from a bit of a business perspective as well as an architectural one. I’ll try to put together a post or two later on about a couple of the specifics in the presentation, perhaps...

Microsoft TechDays in Helsinki


I’ve just wrapped up my part of Microsoft TechDays 2009 in Helsinki, and I’m finally at home decompressing. It was a fun event, I did two breakout sessions (one on Windows Azure and one on local data+cloud data+sync framework) and two chalk talks (on Microsoft Surface, together with my colleague Mikael Riska). I’m happy with all four, I think they went well. I won’t post the slides tonight, since I’m too tired to wait for SlideShare to process all 30+meg worth of Powerpoints. Over the weekend there will probably be a post or two about TechDays, and now that Microsoft...