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Education and Technology by Steve Dembo

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By: Flint

Thu, 02 Jun 2005 23:06:02 +0000

Steve, You said that you would prefer to have these students blogging at the school - essentially in a controlled environment. Isn't that basically what the student were doing with the school newspaper? Writing in a controlled environment? While I don't know much about the story - it sounds like this would be a case of a teacher not exercising proper oversight of the newspaper. So, it's likely that the same thing would have happened if the students were blogging instead of writing for the school newspaper. Also, I think that it's probably very unlikely that these students will continue to write these stories. If the journalism class has been shut down - as well as the school newspaper - they probably won't have the opportunities to write. Also - I'm guessing that the stories they were writing about were controversial - but issues that needed to be exposed - such as the case of the principal smoking on school grounds - or something illegal or unethical happening at the school. I'd be more concerned about the impact of the teacher on this whole situation. Without really knowing anything about it - I'd wonder why these particular stories were being written about. Sometimes I think that there are some people who try too hard to be controversial. There's only a controversy because they have created one. Granted - I don't know if this is the case here. Just my thoughts!