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a digital magpie

Updated: 2016-10-24T13:44:47Z


By: Phil Ringnalda


Or run you down off the bottom end for over-optimization, one or the other.

By: Mark Kenny


Stick your name in every title tag on your site. That’ll bump you up from 151 :D

By: Phil Ringnalda


It’s tempting to say that MSN Search’s response to [how many cows in Texas] is ”fuller plumper lips and Tofu” (in case they churn: number one result is a militant vegan site, number ten is a collagen injection ”information” (and text ad) site), but how can you not love a search engine that returns Uncyclopedia’s ’You have two cows’ page for that query?

By: Phil Ringnalda


Ah, misuse of htmlentities(): SimplePie tries to turn CDATA sections into escaped character data before the XML parser gets ahold of the feed, so it can do some liberal fixup of potential parsing errors (a really bad idea, you should always parse first, and only try error recovery when there’s an error), but it uses htmlentities() when it should only use htmlspecialchars(), and compounds the problem by not passing a charset to the function, so that UTF-8 is treated as ISO-8859-1, and the first couple of bytes of a multibyte UTF-8 character are turned into an â entity, leaving the remaining bytes of the character as just invalid garbage.

By: Phil Ringnalda


Though actually [email phil ringnalda] plus some interpretation would work pretty well, since that gets you the feedvalidator mailing list at Sourceforge, where addresses are ”hidden” by only including the first two letters of the domain, which, when they are ”gm” are quite likely to be Gmail.

Other than the obvious, big fat bug in SimplePie, I don’t have any ideas: my feed is UTF-8, and it says so in as many ways as I know to say it: in the content-type header, in the XML decl, and by virtue of being served as application/*+xml even if you ignore both other places that it already said it was UTF-8.

By: Doug


Please excuse me for co-opting your comment form, but I was unable to find another method to contact you. No contact form, no e-mail address, no ”about” page. Google was no help (surprised?). I suppose I could have picked a random username to attach to your domain name, but then I would have looked like a spammer if I didn’t guess just right.

Anyway, I was just going to suggest you look at this bug report I filed for the SimplePie feed parser. No idea if the problem is on your end or theirs, but I’m sure the makers of this fine product would appreciate your input. I’m not associated, I just use their code on my site.

By: Aristotle Pagaltzis


In case you haven’t seen it, you really need to read the Interview with the Search Engine.

By: Phil Ringnalda


I think of your URL as being ”inter rats no autocomplete Sam Ruby.” Now that I’m not Feeling Lucky with addressbar searches, I may have to remember that it’s not ley.

By: Kafkaesquí


What do you want from a butler? You know he’s always spitting in the soup.

By: Sam Ruby


I get that all the time.