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Preview: Handheld PC Community Forums - News & Editorials

Handheld PC Community Forums - News & Editorials

Handheld PC Community Forums - News & Editorials


nPOPuk 3.04 now available
nPOPuk 3.04 has been released at

Versions for Windows CE 2.0, 2.11, and 3.0 have been posted (along with the Win32 version for Windows 98/ME/XP/7/Vista/8 and presumably 10).

The main change is an update to the OpenSSL version (except in the WCE2.0 versions). Two minor glitches in nPOPuk's user interface have been fixed.

SSH client CE 3.0

I am new to the forum, so please forgive me for stupid questions that may arise.

I am looking for an SSH client for CE 3.0. Can anyone recommend one? I've seen the commercial ones in the software collection section, are they any good? Not sure if I wan't to pay $49 dollars for it.

Also looking for a C compiler for CE 3.0 as I am interested to write network applications for the HP Jornada 720.

Any tips or hints appreciated.


Jlime files for Jornada 720 are still available
Hi to all,

I have read several threads about Jlime recently. Can't make up my mind where this belongs. So, please forgive another thread on the topic.

As mentioned elsewhere, the Jlime site is no longer around.
But the installation files and instructions are still available at
As far as I can see, the hpcfactor software repository directs people to the non-existent Jlime site.

Perhaps, it would be worthwhile for a moderator to download the files from the above site, while they are still available.

A few years back, one of the hpcfactor members was selling a ready made Jlime CF.
See the thread: Jlime Linux CF - Configured to Boot - Jornada 7xx

He sold a few copies. I would have bought one from him recently, but they are temporarily packed away, due to a move.

I was able to successfully put Jlime on my J-720/728, the hard way (using the files and instructions at the above site). However, those instructions are very confusing to a Linux newbie, and I believe there are a few errors in the process as described. (By the way, I successfully used a SimpleTech CF card.)

Was there a repository with additional software suitable for Jlime on the J720?
If so, it probably went away with the Jlime site. There is no link to one at the above site.

Whether Linux on the J720 is worthwhile has been debated. WinCe is much quicker. But I was hoping to get a browser with working SSL, for occasional use. We'll see...

mymobilepro site
haven't been online for a while. What happened to the mymobilepro web site? When I tap on old bookmark, all I get is can not locate site,

Another Clio with MIPS
Before you get all excited, it's not exactly a portable device. The Clio is the car by Renault, and the MIPS is the processor inside the in-dash media/navigation system (called, appropriately, the MediaNav):

I learned about this while reading through a recent thread in the forums. It runs CE 6 on a 667 MHz Alchemy Au1320 processor. :D

Too bad they couldn't put that hardware in a mobile device. :cry:

Hewlett-Packard reportedly splitting up
Just saw this on the news. Dunno yet if the two companies will be called "Hewlett" and "Packard." :p

Windows CE 6 R3 tablet with detachable keyboard

Looks kinda cool, but the processor sounds a bit slow considering that there are CE 6 tablets in the 700-800MHz range already. A bit pricey too - couldn't they sell it for $300 or even less? :hmmm:

Editorial: Why a Task Manager?
Why indeed?

The venerable task manager is something that we all take for granted and have done since the days of NT3 on Windows. Be it the latest retina burning incarnation under Windows 8.1 or the humble and much familiar design of previous versions. The task manager is always there to let you kill off that misbehaving process in your hour of need.

Task managers also do other things, often bringing together features from Task Managers, Task Launchers and Task Switchers in differing combinations in order to service the user with a much needed feature.

Microsoft never graced Windows CE with a task manager despite its Windows lineage. Over the years many have tried to emulate the classic NT task manager for the CE platform, while others have tried to build task management features into wider concepts or tool sets.

Rich Hawley gives an overview of your Task Management options for Windows CE in this latest Editorial.

As ever, let us know what you think and what you use here on the forums.

View: Why a Task Manager

Microsoft Virtual PC x86 Images for Windows CE
As a proof of concept, this evening we have released to the CESD a set of bootable Windows CE Microsoft Virtual PC and Virtual Server images.

The virtual machine image files and scripting have been generated by HPC:Factor are designed to demonstrate Windows CE running as a stand-alone operating system on generic x86 hardware, the hardware that is almost certainly behind the PC you are using right now (older generation Mac users accepted).

The images are free to download and use under the Microsoft Windows CE Platform application, testing and development EULA. In order to make use of the images, users will require an x86 based PC, with either Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 SP1 or Virtual Server 2005 / 2005 R2.

View: CESDS0119: x86 Windows CE bootable VHD images for Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 SP1

Windows Embedded Compact 2013

If this needs to be in another area of the forum, I apologize in advance.

Skweezer has ended free access
:o Bad news for those of us who still like to do internet on our HPCs - has ended free use of their service. Skweezer made large websites doable on HPCs; this is a big loss for me. I think Skweezer is now available only through an ISP who subscribes. :(


Editorial: Handheld PC eBook Reader Solutions
There are more commercial ebook readers in the marketplace today than ever before. Unlike the old Palm devices that used only the PDB file format, today’s ebook readers may use one of several standardized and accepted file formats. This is good because that means nearly any ebook reader sold today will have a vast library of existing ebooks for their customers. Today’s manufacturers can thank yesterday’s devices for this fact.

Yet if you are a Handheld PC user, how do you know which eBook reader is the right one for you and how do you know how to separate the wheat from the chaff in amongst so many reader platform choices?

Rich Hawley delves into the creative world of eBook reader solutions and provides an overview of the main contenders for H/PC in this latest HPC:Factor editorial.

View: Handheld PC eBook Reader Solutions

Windows Mobile Marketplace closing
Got email from Microsoft, Windows Marketplace for Mobile will be closed on May 9th, 2012.

Last year they closed the website, but you could still access the Marketplace app on your WM6.x device. But soon that's no more.

Those who bought software from there better download everything and back it up somehow... I'm not sure but I think you can save the CAB file or prevent it from self-delete. I haven't bought anything though so I'm guessing.

Windows Marketplace comes preinstalled on Windows Mobile 6.5, and is a free downloadable app on Windows Mobile 6.1. It was one of MS first online software distribution services for 3rd parties (other than XBox Live Marketplace).

It will go down in history as a very little known service, but preceded other MS online app stores such as Windows Phone Marketplace, Games for Windows Live, and the upcoming Windows Store.

Windows Phone 8 will not use CE

WP8 will be based on Windows 8 ARM, not Windows CE, as WP7.x did.

I am excited about Windows 8 ARM, and now WP8. Sorry CE, you have been my hero for a long time, and you still power my favorite device which is WP7.5 (and perhaps 7.6 when it comes out). However your time has come, so farewell and I will miss you. Thank you!


Inkel Mud HPC 2008
Hi all,

This is the closest device to an HPC I've seen lately.

- Screen: 4.3" TFT 480x720
- OS: Windows CE 5.0
- Main Memory: SDRAM 128MB
- Storage Memory: 4GB Flash
- Slots: SDHC
- Radio: DAB
- Battery: 1800 mAh
- Size: 148 x 21x 95mm
- Weight: 297g


Greetings. :)