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2006/04/11 – kalebeul

ubi bene (hill?) ibi patria

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Antidote to Turkish Rambo


Here's the real-life flipside to Valley of the wolves, Iraq: a Turkish military court has released the phenomenally brave gay consciencious objector Mehmet Tarhan. An excellent piece by Bernard Bouwman in Dutch in the NRC describes how our man decided after 9/11 that this fight was not his in any sense and--traitor!--refused to serve when […]

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The front-page pic is now generated by "goat" rather than "sheep". I hope this causes no offence. See also: Zeus Chit Testing redesign Champions League Final menu Jail for plagiarist, well not exactly

Spring is here


Life is skittles, life is beer, and, where possible, life is adultery. There's a lovely bit in Enrique Jardiel Poncela's But ... were there ever eleven thousand virgins? where he says that amor is Spanish for two people eating stew together. Resistance is futile, my dear, particularly with the roses up in the Cervantes gardens […]