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Hitchhiker ascending system

31 Jan 2016 20:21:06 -0800

Has anyone looked at the hitchhiker ascending system made by RopeTek? It is based on a friction hitch and allows you to switch between ascending and

Women Climbing

26 Jun 2015 15:12:53 -0800

I would like to honor women climbing, Post you best pics [image]

Thoughts on bringing multicopters to the crag?

26 Feb 2015 16:35:41 -0800

I'm in the process of building a quadcopter that I'd like to eventually bring climbing with me. The idea is to eventually have the thing programmed

35mm talk

01 Feb 2015 07:49:43 -0800

I've been shooting digital for a few years and have dabbled in 35mm a bit. I've started to notice as time goes on; that I'm just not as pleased with

climbing documentery about the east coast

31 Dec 2014 08:15:19 -0800

Hey, I am in the process of filming a climbing documentary about eastern US climbing. It will cover the whole eastern coast not just a couple states.

Gifts for climbers

27 Nov 2014 11:59:01 -0800

Sell Me Your Best Photos

16 Jul 2014 11:19:31 -0800

Hi there. I am looking to add some beautiful climbing/scenery pics to my new website- the gnarlier the better. I am mainly looking for big mountain

Looking for famous off-width photo - guy with glasses

24 Apr 2014 06:17:20 -0800

Hi, I'm doing a presentation and I want an image of someone placing a cam, in a tenuous spot. The goal is for the image to showcase the hands and the

photo blog Scotland climbing

10 Jan 2014 05:17:06 -0800

hi folks appreciate any feedback walking and climbing around Scottish highlands

Check out aerial footage of Rock Climbing!

12 Nov 2013 20:16:58 -0800

Here's is aerial footage I shot using a remote control Hexacopter of a climber hanging off a rock face on Rim of the World Hwy near Lake Arrowhead,