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ive got an interesting issue with my MC-CS11 WIN CE 1.01 (JPN) handheld. it boots on but the screen will not display. even stranger the backlight does come on just not any text or visuals. i've tried re-seating the RAM/ROM which sometimes helps these, but to no avail. even opened it up to see if the LCD flex cable was severed or pinched in some way, and it looked normal. it worked when it was purchased around 2013 or so and it hasnt been dropped or damaged since i got it, so its a mystery. anyone know how to fix such an issue? or is there nothing i can do for it? thanks

my crown jewel of CE 1.0 collection
thought i would share this. been looking for this since i started collecting mobilepro's and now i can say i finally own one CIB.
something cool to mention about the box, it is only half the size of the 400/450 box. it did not come with a cradle or a/c adapter, i believe that these accessories at the time were extra and did not come standard with the unit.

Casio Cassiopeia A-11 Keyboard (accents)
I recently bought a Casio Cassiopeia A-11 and this device is simply perfect for my needs. I'm a writer and i just need a tiny, light and cheap computer with a good keyboard and a simple word processor to take notes of sudden ideias without having to wait operational systems inicializations. The monochrome lcd is a plus cause i don't like colors nor lights when i write (i suffer from migraine aura). Unfortunately the keyboard is the north american one and i need the accents keys and the "ç" symbol to write in portuguese. Well...They exist on the keyboard (except the ç). The problem is when i type for example "é" it gives me "´e". So... someone can help me with this keyboard issue? Before someone advises me to buy the newest and extremely expensive pocket pcs i tell you that i don't need nothing more that i need (and it includes the internet). And smartphones and tablets are not computers (specially for writers). I suspect that my problem doesn't have a solution and i will be back to the good and old paper notebooks to take my notes.

Lots of Windows CE 1.0 Software
Hey guys!

The bad news for anyone getting a CE 1.0 device nowadays is that pretty much all the software vanished from the internet. I still have quite a collection of applications and games on my harddrive, pretty much all abandonware (either the creator is impossible to trace back or the company doesn't exist anymore).

Since it is discouraged to offer any software in the forums, I wonder what I should do with it. With some programs I am likely one of a few people on the planet who still has a copy of them, so naturally I'd like to give other people with CE 1.0 devices the opportunity to use them!

Compaq (again!) C140, rechargeable batteries
Been wondering about this for a while. I've got rechargeable coins for the backup battery, which I can swap and charge through USB on my desktop. Just been wondering about charching main batteries on the device though - after buying some cheap (really cheap, 800mA) nimh cells, I was wondering if I could convince it that the battery pack is a rechargeable battery pack.

I had a proper rechargeable pack once, but it was broken, so I tried to reverse-engineer it. The main difference I found was that (aside from the cells being a little smaller than AAs, and there not being room for AAs) there was a second metal contact at each end, which was wired to the first - basically meaning that instead of something like


I've got


with the two contacts. Likewise, there's two contacts in each side the battery compartment in the device itself.

This being the case, would wiring both contacts on each side together - to simulate what the "proper" rechargeable pack had - enable me to charge AA cells using the device, rather than an external charger? I've done it preliminarily, and it seems to be working so far - I just don't know if it's something I'd "get away" with...

(And could I use a USB charger for a PSP*? :cower: )

*It's a PSP mains charger I'm using. It does everything I've got except the Jornada - the Compaq, my OpenPandora, my Toshiba e350 and e800. I don't even own a PSP, and never have.

Compaq C120+ IR suddenly died?
Just noticed the IR port on me C120+ seems to not be working. I've confirmed (by testing with and between other devices) that it's definitely this and not one of the others, and that it's definitely not working where it was before. I've taken the little panel off and cleaned (with alcohol on a corron bud) the IR tranciever LED assembly thingy, and cleaned and polished the little panel that protects it. Absolutely nothing happens.

Is there anything I might have done wrong or maybe neglected to try?


palmGB win ce 1.0 download file?
hi , does anyone here have palmGB (GB emu) for windows CE 1.0 ? having a hard time finding it

Got a Windows CE. 1.01Cassiopeia A-51!
Hi guys, I just wanted to share the news that I got myself a Windows CE 1.01 Cassiopeia A-51.

Works great, though I got it used.

This is actually my first mono Windows CE device.

Cassiopeia A-11 in 2015!
Hello everyone,
back in the early 2000s I had an HP Jornada 680 (upgraded to CE 3.0 and 32 Mb if I remember well), but back then I sold it upgrading to a Windows Mobile device.. Nowdays these devices come quite cheap so since I always liked HPCs, the last week, I just got a Casio Cassiopeia A-11! But I have the bare unit only and I am missing the sync cable! I looked for it but I could not find any sync cable (not even on Ebay).. does anyone knows where can I get one? Compatibility with cables for other models?

On another thread pacmania1982 suggested me to use a USB IR adapter with Win 98 drivers, do you have any model to suggest me?

Also on the software side, can anyone help pointing me to a repository of software? Looking on the internet for CE 1.0 software leads to a lot of dead links..
Is there any software (other than Internet explorer) I can install directly from CF card?
Does anyone knows if it is possible to get somewhere the CE 2.0 ROM? That would be really great in terms of usability!


Bought a Casio Cassiopeia A-11
I've been "lusting" after one of these since they first came out in 1997. I remember thinking that they were the ultimate form factor for PDA's. Well, today I won a bid for a used A-11 on eBay. 19 bucks shipped.

Problem is, it only comes with a stylus and no sync cable. I have some cables laying around here from an old Philips Velo 1, does anyone know if that'll work? Also, if that should fail, can I use a PCMCIA flash memory adapter to move files over to the device?

HP320 LX Card Bus SD adapter
So I bought a Card Bus SD Card Adapter (Panasonic PCMCIA Card Adapter for SDHC Card, SD to PC Adapter) and I have a 256 MB SD Card.

Now here the thing - the card is not getting detected (I have formatted it to FAT 16).What do you think might the problem be ?

Emulators for old versions of Windows CE
POSE, the Palm OS Emulator, provides an environment capable of running a surprising number of versions of Palm OS (the HandEra 330's giant screen is fun, and support for the Treo 90's color screen was unexpected); it's even sufficiently backward-compatible enough to work with Palm OS 1.0, which is VERY awkward to use but still awesome to look at, learn about and go "wow, I can run it on my PC."

Is it possible to do this with older versions of WinCE? I kind've get the impression (from some surface-scratching Googling at least) that emulators for this kind of thing doesn't exist. :/ (How on earth did people develop for WinCE 1.0?!)

Thanks in advance :)


NEC MobilePro 400 in 2013
Hi guys.

A good friend of mine, Mikey sent me a Christmas present, which is NEC MobilePro 400.
This is my first real Windows CE 1.0, although I have a Cassiopeia A-51 which runs 1.01.

I'm planning to get the Pocket Internet Explorer 1.1 working on it later.

Any suggestions on game that is worth playing on Windows CE 1.0 will be nice. :)

Check this out . . .

Good luck trying to buy the other titles online. :p

Backlight setting on Windows CE 1.0?
I got a Compaq C120+, my first CE 1.0 HPC that has a backlight, except there seems to be no setting for how long the backlight stays on and it goes off after just a few seconds.

I looked both in Display and Power properties, was there no setting for this in 1.0? Can you at least change it with a registry hack?