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Preview: (The WPF Resource Guide) - Recent Posts (The WPF Resource Guide) - Recent Posts

The definitive list of free WPF-related resources throughout the web.

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MultiColumn ComboBox in WPF DataGrid
Code snippet to have MultiColumn ComboBox in WPF DataGrid.(image)

Scrolling hex-map demo
This is an example of the various techniques and concepts that I used to build a (very simple) wargame-type hex map, using C# and WPF. Some of the concepts include DrawingVisuals? (which are a WPF lightweight graphical element) built from a Bitmap Static Resource, creating a custom UserControl? (which uses a custom Value Converter), scrolling the map with the mouse, and turning a WPF application into an XBAP, which can be run directly in a browser. Intended as an exercise in learning WPF, I thought it might be worth posting the code, as an example of pulling together a number of WPF concepts into a complete (although simple) working program.(image)

Windows Presentation Foundation Data Binding: Part 2
A MSDN series that illustrates how to use the XAML-based data binding to perform data manipulation in Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation projects.(image)

WPF and SQLite Database
How to create a master-detail binding in WPF to a SQLite database.(image)

WPF Database connectivity (A sample application)
Shows how to connect to data and populate a ListView.(image)

Nested menuitem in WPF ToolBar
This article describes the way to add a submenu or nested menuitems in a WPF ToolBar.(image)

WPF Collapsible Panel
Shows how to create a collapsible panel in WPF.(image)

WPF MessageBox
Shows how to create a MessageBox in WPF with a rich GUI.(image)

WPF - don't block your UI.
Shows how to use .NET 4 features to create non-blocking user interfaces.(image)

Building Commands Fluently in WPF
Present.Commands allows the reuse of common command behaviours to decorate any command you are building. Quickly add Async Behaviour, "Busy" notification and many more; fluently.(image)

Animating a ListBox (Add, Remove) with MVVM
An article detailing how-to animate a listbox actions using the VisualStateManager and the MVVM design pattern.(image)

WPF (and Silverlight): Choose your Fonts and Text Rendering Options Wisely
An in-depth look at the various text rendering options found in WPF 4 and Silverlight, including many visual comparisons with the results of each option.(image)

Sofa V2
AvalonDock [] is a WPF controls library which can be used to create a docking layout system like that is present in VisualStudio. Sofa V2 wraps AvalonDock and provides an easier way of programming, enhanced and additional features as well as a modular architecture.(image)

A couple of tricks when using the standard WPF .NET4 DatePicker control
Show hows to alter DatePicker to use keyboard up/down for cleverer date selection.(image)

MVVM Training
In the Box is a high quality, multi-media training that is consumed within Visual Studio 2010. Content is navigated and delivered using a next generation computer based training (CBT) experience, the Visual Studio 2010 Feature Extension. This training focuses on MVVM.(image)

WPF RadioButton GroupName Scope
Ian explains how WPF's RadioButton controls are scoped for grouping and shows several options for handling various grouping scenarios.(image)

Stick Figure Animation Using C# and WPF
Discover how to create complex stick figure animations using simple WPF or Silverlight elements.(image)

WPF Jigsaw Puzzle
Shows how to create a puzzle while exploring some great features of Windows Presentation Foundation.(image)

Embedding PowerPoint presentation player into a WPF application
Walks through various issues and demonstrates a solution for embedding a PowerPoint presentation into a WPF application.(image)

WPF Charting using MVVM Pattern
Shows how to implement a WPF Chart in .NET 4.0 using the MVVM Pattern.(image)

WPF - Data Binding Cheat Sheet
A great printable PDF cheat sheet for WPF data binding syntax.(image)

Xamalot is a provider of clipart and other XAML resources (and most of our art is also available in other formats, such as PNG or SVG).(image)

WPF/xaml NotifyIcon and Taskbar (system tray) popup window
Integrates WPF and XAML with the windows forms NotifyIcon control to produce a slick, styled popup window when the mouse is moved over the NotifyIcon.(image)

Validating User Input - WPF MVVM
Shows how to validate user input in a WPF MVVM Application using the IDataErrorInfo Interface.(image)

Simple Empty Template for ItemsControls
Shows how a data trigger can render a template for an empty ItemsControl.(image)

A Pragmatic Approach to WPF Accessibility
A discusssion on WPF accessibility.(image)

WPF Step by Step: Getting Started with WPF and Expression Blend
Shows how to get started with your first WPF Application using Microsoft Expression Blend 4.0.(image)

Power of Templates In Control Development Within Windows Presentation Foundation
Illustrates UI modeling in WPF leveraging templates.(image)

WPF Simple zoom and drag support in a ScrollViewer
Describes a way of zooming with the mouse wheel or a slider and dragging limited content which is hosted by a ScrollViewer.(image)

Attributes-based Validation in a WPF MVVM Application
Description of a method which uses attributes to perform user entry validation in a WPF MVVM application.(image)

A Document Outline window for C# files, in WPF
A Document Outline Visual Studio tool window for C# files, coded in WPF.(image)

MVVM Validation with Type Checking
There are plenty examples of implementing IDataErrorInfo on the web, but they tend to ignore broken bindings. Broken Bindings occur for a number of reasons such as the binding source can’t be found or the Path is invalid. They also occur when the input value can’t be coerced back to the data type of the source.(image)

Microsoft XAML Toolkit
Microsoft XAML Toolkit is a set of libraries enabling easier manipulation and analysis of XAML for .NET 4.0 and Silverlight.(image)

Using ICollectionView for Sorting and Filtering
Shows how to use ICollectionView for filtering and sorting a collection.(image)

WPF: integrating our application with the Windows 7 Taskbar (I)
Shows how to interact with the Windows 7 taskbar item for an application, with icon overlay and progressbar.(image)

WPF Validation - Using Validation Rules in BindingGroup
Shows how to perform data validation using a binding group.(image)

WPF Validation - IDataErrorInfo
Shows how to use the IDataErrorInfo interface to perform data validation.(image)

WPF Validation - ValidateValueCallback
Shows how to use a dependency property's ValidateValueCallback to perform data validation.(image)

WPF Validation - Using Validation Rules
An example of a simple custom validation rule defined for a specific TextBox.(image)

WPF learning
Muhammad Siddiqi's blog containing useful tips and techniques regarding WPF based development.(image)

WPF Image Viewer
Learn how to create a WPF image viewer in Expression Blend.(image)

Enable MultiSelect in WPF ListView (2)
Shows how to implement ListView selection via mouse drag.(image)

Getting started with shader effects in WPF
All you need to know about GPU - accelerated effects in Windows Presentation Foundation.(image)

The Service Tree Model
A new application architecture as an alternative to composite architectures such as Prism.(image)

SVGImage control
A WPF control for showing SVG images.(image)

XAML Compliance Suite V1
A suite of tests to ensure that a XAML parser is compliant with the XAML specification.(image)

A Potentially Informative Article about the WPF Engine
An article that describes WPF for the beginner and provides some tips for the intermediate developer.(image)

Sample Data in the WPF and Silverlight Designer
Karl talks about how to add and consume sample data in the WPF and Silverlight designer, helping to visualize controls.(image)

WPF Documentation Samples
An visual map showing all of the WPF MSDN documentation samples.(image)

Bee-Eye (Bing Image Viewer)
An open source WPF app that shows the result of Bing searches, and demos multi-touch and Windows 7 jumplist.(image)

Programming the Windows 7 Task Bar with WPF 4
Multiple tutorials on working with the Windows 7 taskbar using WPF 4, such as thumbnail buttons, jump lists, and more.(image)

XAML guidelines and best practices
Corey Schuman gives tips on his best practices for formatting XAML code.(image)

Word to XAML Converter
A Word 2010 Add-in that converts the Office Open XML (WordprocessingML) to XAML.(image)

WPF: Calendar and Datepicker 1.3
Animated and themed calendar and datepicker controls.(image)

Software Rendering Usage in WPF
A discussion on when WPF falls back to using software rendering.(image)

Defining WPF Adorners in XAML
Examines a custom class that allows adorners to be defined in XAML(image)

WPF Map Control using Data
A WPF control that displays data from OpenStreetMap.(image)

WPF localization tutorial -- in real production environment
Describes how you can localize a WPF application in real production environment.(image)

TestApi - a library of Test APIs
A library of test and utility APIs that enables developers and testers to create testing tools and automated tests for .NET and Win32 applications.(image)

Achieve loose coupling with the WPF/Silverlight EventBroker
Uses attached properties in WPF or Silverlight to loosely couple UI element events to arbitrary code.(image)

Custom Bitmap Effects in Silverlight - Getting started
So, while writing custom bitmaps isn't very difficult, getting started is difficult. This article shows you how to write your first bitmap effect for Silverlight and explains how it all works. It is based on the article Custom Bitmap Effects for WPF. The main difference is in how the bitmap shader file is used as a Silverlight resource.(image)

A Real WPF WebBrowser
A mix of Google's Chromium project, a free for non-commercial use wrapper called Awesomium, and some WPF code that provides a web browser control implementation which doesn't suffer the WPF "airspace" issues occurring in the standard Microsoft WebBrowser control.(image)

WPF: Customize your application with Styles and Control Templates (Part 2 of 2)
Customize your application with Styles and Control Templates (Part 2 of 2)(image)

Visual Studio 2010 Pro Power Tools
A set of extensions to Visual Studio Professional (and above) which improve developer productivity.(image)

Custom Bitmap Effects - HLSL
In the article Custom Bitmap Effects - Getting started we discovered how to work with HLSL in WPF. Now we are in a position to write more sophisticated shaders and this means learning some more HLSL.(image)

Please rate your dining experience [How to: Show text labels on a numeric axis with Silverlight/W...
Shows how to display text labels on a NumericAxis in the Silverlight and WPF charting controls.(image)

Programming the Task Bar in Windows 7 with WPF 4, Part One – Thumbnail Buttons
Use WPF 4 to specify thumbnail buttons that appear for your app when people hover over it in the Windows 7 Taskbar.(image)

Using lambdas for WPF animation
Shows how to use lambdas and higher-order functions for WPF graphics work.(image)

Writing a Debugger Visualizer in WPF: Part 2
This article describes writing a debugger visualizer in WPF for multiple data types.(image)

A WPF custom control for zooming and panning.
A custom control that can be used to zoom and pan its content.(image)

GMap.NET - Great Maps for Windows Forms and Presentation
An open source control for displaying maps and related information from various providers like Google, Bing, etc.(image)

WPF: Customize your application with Styles and Control Templates (Part 1 of 2)
Shows how to customize your application with Styles and Control Templates.(image)

INotifyPropertyChanged… I am fed up of handling events just to know when a property changed
An implementation of a property observer object that makes it easy to process property change events.(image)

Custom Bitmap Effects - Getting started
The simplest possible custom effects project is enough for you to see how it all works and to move on to building your own effects that do something useful. This is an introduction to using HLSL in WPF.(image)

How to add a Close button to a WPF TabItem
Shows how to add a Close button to a WPF TabItem. The Close button only shows on the selected tab.(image)

Image Magic - Image Levels using Custom Controls
Shows how to build a custom control that can adjust the levels for a digital image.(image)

Dynamically Update Styles for Multiple Windows/User Controls - WPF
Shows how to update the style for multiple windows at once by changing a single application property value.(image)

Control Storyboards Easily using Behaviors
Shows how to easily control storyboards in Expression Blend.(image)

Using DynamicObject to intercept and marshal property changes
Shows how to use C# 4.0's DynamicObject to wrap access to properties and in this example ensure that properties on the wrapped object are called on the main UI thread.(image)

A library for building MEF MVVM applications for Silverlight and WPF. By using this library you can easily build MVVM application.(image)

How to add mockup controls to your Expression Blend library
Shows how to add the mockup controls to any SketchFlow project, enabling easier creation of prototypes.(image)

SilverShader – Introduction to Silverlight and WPF Pixel Shaders
Explains how to write pixel shaders for the Microsoft Silverlight and WPF platform with HLSL, as well as how to write an extensible Silverlight application for shader demos.(image)

Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows 7 and .NET Framework 4
The Windows SDK, which includes the WPFPerf tool that can be used to performance profile WPF applications.(image)

Implementing a VirtualizingPanel part 4: the goods!
Dan completes his series on creating a custom VirtualizingPanel.(image)

Implementing a VirtualizingPanel part 3: MeasureCore
A discussion on how to implement a VirtualizingPanel's MeasureOverride method.(image)

French WPF community
A French WPF community site that focuses on collecting WPF and Silverlight articles written in French.(image)

Implementing a virtualized panel in WPF (Avalon)
Dan Crevier gives an introduction of how to go about creating a VirtualizingPanel implementation, in the first of a multi-part series.(image)

Implementing a VirtualizingPanel part 2: IItemContainerGenerator
A discussion on using IItemContainerGenerator when building a custom VirtualizingPanel.(image)

Bitmap Effects
Introduction to WPF bitmap effects - including a replacement for outer glow and how to apply them to rendered bitmaps(image)

ExpressionTree visualizer in WPF
A Visual Studio visualizer that displays a Linq Expression tree in WPF.(image)

Automatic WPF Toolkit DataGrid Filtering
Discusses a component that enables automated content filtering for the WPF Toolkit DataGrid.(image)

A Practical Quick-start Tutorial on MVVM in WPF
This article gives a practical quick-start tutorial on MVVM in WPF for application developers.(image)

WPF - how and why
This article is a short introduction to WPF - not only using it but a little of how it works and the philosophy behind it.(image)

Binding RadioButtons to an Enum in Silverlight
Shows how to bind an enum to radiobuttons in Silverlight/WPF.(image)

Writing a 'Hello World' program using wpf+wcf+wf step by step
Creates a 'Hello World' program using WPF, WCF, and WF.(image)

Inside Dependency Properties
Learn how dependency properties really work by creating a custom dependency property.(image)

Sample WPF application consuming Bing Maps Web Services
A sample WPF application that consumes GeocodeService, SearchService, ImageryService and RouteService that are part of Bing Maps web services.(image)

How XAML works
A tutorial on how to use XAML as an object creation and initialization langauge.(image)

WPF Shell Integration Library
A library that helps WPF application implement custom chromes for Windows and integrate with the Windows 7 taskbar.(image)

Stuff – WPF Line of Business Using MVVM Video Tutorial
Karl releases a multi-part video tutorial with full source code on creating a WPF line of business application for storing information about media you own.(image)