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Preview: Ask MetaFilter questions tagged with podcast

Ask MetaFilter questions tagged with podcast

Questions tagged with 'podcast' at Ask MetaFilter.

Published: Tue, 10 Apr 2018 11:07:54 -0800

Last Build Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2018 11:07:54 -0800


Recommend me some Spanish podcasts I'll enjoy!

Tue, 10 Apr 2018 11:07:54 -0800

I'm learning Spanish and want to listen to podcasts but I'm not having much luck finding ones which interest me. I like Radio Ambulante but so far it's the only Spanish language podcast I've found that has held my interest.

Non-Spanish podcasts I listen to regularly include:

Stuff You Should Know
Reply All
Answer Me This
99% Invisible
Omega Tau
Mensch, Otto! Mensch, Theile!

I've seen other similar questions but they were from a while ago and I'm hoping there are some new podcasts people love.

Liberal, inspiring Easter-themed sermons in podcast form

Sun, 01 Apr 2018 09:15:09 -0800

Can you recommend a podcast that consists of good recordings of sermons? My girlfriend missed Episcopal services this morning and would like a replacement. We found this: but the Easter one (from last year) is a little short.

Any denomination is fine, I think we're looking for something a little more traditional/scripture focused than what we'd get from the Unitarians, while still politically progressive. We want actual sermons, not conversations about religion. It'd be nice if the recording quality was decent.


Best podcasts reporting on MRA/RedPill/Alt-right

Fri, 30 Mar 2018 12:26:20 -0800

Can you please recommend the best podcasts reporting on or following the MRA or RedPill or Alt-right "movements"?

What contemporary thinkers have most influenced you?

Thu, 29 Mar 2018 20:59:05 -0800

What contemporary thinkers have most influenced you and why? I want to familiarize myself with the contemporary intellectual landscape. Bonus for book, video, or podcast recommendations.

The RSS feed of my podcasts are not working (Ithink?)

Wed, 21 Mar 2018 15:04:45 -0800

I run several podcasts, including Role Playing Public Radio and RPPR Actual Play. Lately, I have heard from many listeners that the RSS feeds are not updating correctly and I can't tell what is broken. Details below. I use Wordpress with the Powerpress plugin to manage the RSS feeds for the podcasts. They are both listed on iTunes and are updating fine at the moment. I am also using a service called Podcast Mirror to speed up the RSS feeds. It redirects the /feed/podcast to a mirror which is much faster than my own site.

So I think the problem is related to different URLs for the feed - I have had the podcast up for years and I think the URL has changed from /feed to feed/podcast - but this is pure speculation. The RSS on iTunes is correct.

RPPR Actual Play RSS

Role Playing Public Radio RSS

Listeners comment about their problems here.

I'm not sure how to troubleshoot this problem. When I check my podcasting apps, they work fine for me but if all of these listeners are having problems, then it can't just be them, can it? I just checked Google Play Music's podcast settings and it was set to /feed/ instead of /feed/podcast for both feeds. I asked them to change it. Are there other podcast directory sites that might have the old URLs? Where should I look?

Dear Sugar Theme Tune Lyrics

Fri, 16 Mar 2018 09:30:34 -0800

Can't believe I'm wasting a question on this but it's driving me crazy and the internet has proved fruitless, which is quite frankly, astounding to me! Please can somebody help me identify the lyrics to this theme tune? There is one word that eludes me and it's driving me crazy.

In the stupendous Dear Sugars podcast, the theme tune goes something like:

"Oh dear someone, won't you please... share some bitter-sweetness with me

I check my .....WHAAAAAAAATTTTT...... every day.

Oh and the sugar, you've seen my way???"

The word sounds like Love lines or love vibes or something else equally confusing... please help me identify it. This is driving me crazy. I also have no idea if the last line is correct either. Please help!

Clean fun podcast recommendations?

Wed, 14 Mar 2018 09:54:06 -0800

Seeking something to listen to while starting daily workout habit. Complication: Will be playing out loud, no headphones, near the sprog, and therefore it needs to be curse-free. More requests inside. I'm pretty new to podcast land so I'm a little vague on what my tastes are.

I've listened to One Bad Mother and The Adventure Zone but both fail the "clean" requirement. In addition, I found that after the first sixty episodes or so I started to get a bit bored of OBM-- I'd like something a little bit less repetitive around a single topic. Ideally I want something with a strong and clear linear progression where you need to listen in order, but "many varied different topics" is an acceptable second choice.

I found Welcome To Nightvale and that podcast where they're in space whose name I don't remember to be way too slow-paced for me. In general I need something relatively fast paced.

I have an allergy to calm therapist-y voices. Could not get through a single episode of Longest Shortest Time for that reason. I think radiolab had the same issue for me if I remember correctly.

I do NOT want anything self-helpy or guru-y. I also want to stay away from: politics, horror, murder, gore, anything depressing.

My goal is something super fun and addictive, so that I can use craving it as a trigger to workout each night.

mic test, mic test, miiiccc teeestttttt

Thu, 15 Feb 2018 10:45:18 -0800

What's the best-working preferably-free OSX software for both connecting and recording podcasts on two+ ends? Last time I was doing this we'd connect on Skype, with each person running Audacity on their end to record their end of the conversation, and a Skype plugin on at least one person's end to catch both streams as a backup. There has to be a better and less jankety solution now, right? Also, what do the Professionals who have to record at least one person remotely do? I mean assume they're not using free software but I just want an idea.

Recommend some 'chatty friends' style podcasts for me

Mon, 12 Feb 2018 09:20:42 -0800

For a long time I thought that I hated podcasts, but it turns out I just hate "NPR voice" and overly serious, professionally-produced podcasts like Serial or Radio Lab. Then I started listening to Another Round and Dear Prudence because I'm a fan of the people involved. I love these podcasts! They are silly, casual, unscripted, and it feels like I'm hanging out with cool friends while they talk about smart stuff. What else should I be listening to? Other podcasts that I like
- Baby Genius: This is great! Funny, feminist, hilarious friends chatting. (But I don't really think Expert Hour is funny, I usually skip that part.)
- Science For The People: It's not as funny as the others, so I tend not to listen as often, but I like the topics and the low-tech, non-scripted feel. They just call regular scientists and ask them questions.

Podcasts I tried that I don't like
- Happiness Project: the hosts are just chatting but they feel too uptight, too NPR-voice. And I can't relate to their lives or topics very often.
- Hilarious World of Depression: too scripted/produced. The host spends most of the show narrating the guest's life, interspersed with some comments from the guest, instead of having a conversation between equals.
- Anna Faris's podcast: I can't exactly say why she bothers me. But she managed to say a enough things in one episode that made me uncomfortable that I couldn't keep listening.

Bonus for feminist, queer, anti-racist, progressive voices, but the podcast doesn't have to be about political stuff. Topics I enjoy include science, science fiction, mental health, pop culture, queer stuff, history, literature. Anything EXCEPT current events. This is escapism for me, so I don't want a podcast that's just rehashing the terrible headlines of the day.

(And just in case this needs to be said: please nothing that relies on homophobic, misogynist, transphobic, racist, ableist kinds of humour. Again, this is escapism for me so I want to avoid stuff that's going to traumatize me or bum me out.)

Recommend an Android podcast app that will keep shows together

Tue, 16 Jan 2018 14:10:42 -0800

BeyondPod is pretty good. But I like to manually select which episodes to add to my playlist. BeyondPod has a single playlist, so episodes from a bunch of shows all get added to the bottom of my playlist and I have to manually move the new episodes to put them next to other episodes from the same show. Is there a podcast app out there that will keep episodes from the same podcast together, or allow me to create multiple playlists so I can just create a playlist per show?

Story based Japanese Language Podcasts

Sat, 13 Jan 2018 09:48:51 -0800

I'm essentially looking for the Moth Radio Hour in Japanese for someone re-learning the language. My wife's parents are first generation immigrants to the United States and so she grew up understanding spoken Japanese but only to a limited extent. She's always wanted to learn the language more thoroughly and is in the middle of an online course. To augment that she'd like to listen to spoken stories in conversational Japanese. A Moth Radio Hour / This American Life style podcast would be perfect. Please help point me in the right direction. Thanks!

Excellent narrative/documentary nonfiction podcasts for road trip

Fri, 12 Jan 2018 12:11:50 -0800

Leaving on a road trip tomorrow and looking for narrative/documentary nonfiction podcasts (available via iTunes) to pass the time. Favorites, caveats, etc. within! I’m looking for well-written, intriguing, intelligent narrative; serial format is definitely preferable, but episodic is fine, too, if the quality is pretty consistent. Main topics of interest: society, culture, music/film, history, crime (though caveats for crime further down). Examples of podcasts that are in the vein of what I am looking for:

serial format:
Young Charlie
Slow Burn: Watergate
The Butterfly Effect
Inside the Exorcist/Inside Psycho
Hüsker Dü: Do You Remember?
Ways of Hearing

episodic format:
Between the Liner Notes
Rock ’n’ Roll Archaeology Project
Family Ghosts
99% Invisible
Revisionist History
This American Life (at least back in its heyday; I only occasionally listen to it now)

- No fiction (I like Welcome to Night Vale, but it’s not what I’m looking for)
- Not focused on current political horror show, ongoing injustices, etc.
- Episode duration: roughly 30-60 minutes each
- Crime is OK if it doesn’t revel in abundance of gory details and/or primarily focus on violence against women (Stranglers, for example, was excellent from a narrative point of view, but had too much gore/violence against women for my comfort).
- Just to get it out of the way: yes, I am already aware of You Must Remember This; the writing/research is fantastic but I find the podcast itself to be unlistenable (sorry).
- My list is mostly US-centric, but I would welcome recommendations for non-US shows!
- Need to be available on iTunes.


Modern/revisionist/postcolonial WW2 Podcasts/Documentaries?

Wed, 20 Dec 2017 09:28:49 -0800

Looking for recommendations of world war 2 podcast or documentary series I can stream online. I would like something which features modern historiography and a global/postcolonial perspective. I currently rewatching The World at War, which is generally fantastic and has some great interviews. However it is definitely a product into it's time, buying into the "greatest generation" mythos of heroic men doing heroic things and not critically examining things like the British Empire.

So I'm looking for something with a similar scope but a different perspective. A general history of world war two, but with a more modern understanding of the history incorporating the latest research. Something which also casts a critical eye over European Imperialism and includes POC voices would be great.

Sadly I don't read enough books these days, so podcasts or documentaries can stream.

Another call for best podcast EPISODES

Sat, 09 Dec 2017 16:10:18 -0800

I am not a podcast listener because I have a 10 minute bike commute and also am a terrible listener. However, I’m going to be driving for most of the next month, and would love to explore the world of podcasts. There are so many. Please recommend me the best INDIVIDUAL EPISODES of good podcasts. Anything goes, fiction, non-fiction, history, arts, tech, politics, comedy, absurdity, anything and everything else, but I have a slight preference for less chatty. I have seen this and this, but a year contains a lot of episodes, and A LOT has happened in the past year. Feel free to repeat suggestions from those two previous asks because that means I’ll be twice as likely to take the suggestion!

Making Sonos play nice with Apple

Tue, 05 Dec 2017 08:22:16 -0800

We just got a Sonos system. I like to listen to podcasts, and would like my podcasts to play over the Sonos. I also want to listen to my podcasts while commuting, and have the system pick up where I left off when I get home. Can I make this work within Sonos, or do I need to get a new podcast manager that does play nicely with Sonos? If so, which one? I'm still poking around the Sonos app and learning how everything works. Currently I use the pre-built-in Apple Podcasts app to manage and listen to my podcasts on my IPhone 7. I typically download the podcasts and the delete them after they've been played. However, while Sonos can look for and play podcasts that are stored on my phone, it doesn't sync with where I left off. That's a problem, because I also listen to my podcasts while commuting, and I don't want to have to notice and remember the timestamp of where I left off, then meticulously find it on the other device each time I leave or arrive home.

The Apple Podcasts app isn't great and they took away every useful feature in a recent update. So I've been toying with using another service to manage podcasts. Part of me prefers to continue using the Apple Podcasts app because I like simplicity and my podcasts are already there, and part of me wants the dang thing to actually work. Can I make it work with what I've got?

If not, what other *simple* podcast app will work with Sonos and will let me move seamlessly between Sonos and my IPhone? We have a Spotify subscription that we can convert to a family plan, but it looks confusing. TuneIn and Stitcher seem to be options also. I'd rather not have to re-subscribe and re-download all my podcasts into another app, but I guess I can if I know it will work the way I want to.

Can you hear me now?

Tue, 28 Nov 2017 18:46:28 -0800

How do some podcasts get such good audio from call-in guests? I listen to a lot of podcasts now. And one of the biggest distinguishing characteristics of the more successful podcasts is great audio recording. One of the most difficult audios to record is the call-in guest. Yet I listen to some podcasts with call-in guests that sound as if they are in the studio. An excellent example is this conversation with Elizabeth Warren on Pod Save America.

How is that possible? Are calls made and recorded using land lines? What the secret to great (phoned in) audio recording for podcasts?

Need a new Podcatcher

Mon, 20 Nov 2017 13:18:52 -0800

I've been complaining about it for years, but the most recent round of "updates" to the iOS built-in Podcasts app has finally broken this camel's back. I need a new podcatcher, but I realize I have no idea what's out there beyond Apple's walled garden. Details inside. My criteria, in rough order of importance:

- Must be available on iOS (not buying a new phone for this)
- Must be able to reliably download, store, keep track of and play back podcasts without crashing or otherwise glitching out. (I know, I shouldn't have to say this, but given my experience with the built-in app, it seemed worth mentioning).
- An understandable UI that lets me navigate intuitively and easily see what I've got downloaded and what's available from the podcasts I'm subscribed to. (For example, not having a screen called "Listen Now" that doesn't actually have a button to start listening to any podcasts now.)
- Some semi-advanced playback controls would be nice. One of the few things I like from the last few iterations of the iOS app is the ability to listen at faster speeds and skip forward and back in 15 second increments from the lock screen.
- Some sort of personalized recommendation/discovery feature or features would be nice for when I want to find something new. Again, this is something the iOS app has, but it's just not very useful or easy to navigate if you don't already know what you want.
- I'd prefer not to deal with in-app ads, and would be willing to pay (but probably not on an on-going subscription basis) for the privilege.

Are there British podcasts I'm missing out on?

Tue, 14 Nov 2017 11:10:21 -0800

I love podcasts. But I feel like I'm missing out on a wealth of British ones. Do you have any favorite UK podcasts or radio shows? I am a huge fan of podcasts and find them super useful to have on in the background when I work. I have a sizeable list (ranging from comedy narratives, conversational humor, trivia, interviews with creatives and comedians, to topics like history, racial issues, science, tech culture, and food. Not so much True Crime.)-- I'd say I like a balance between laughing and learning.

Some of my faves off the top of my head: My Brother My Brother and Me, Gastropod, Start Up, Invisibilia, Reply All, Ear Hustle, Oh No Ross and Carrie, The Pitch, We Got This with Mark and Hal, The Thrilling Adventure Hour, Rough Translation, The Hilarious World of Depression, Wits, Flash Forward, The Sporkful, Heaven's Gate....

This list though is largely US-centric. I also love British comedy, and I feel like there must be a ton of British podcasters I'm unaware of. These are the ones I know and love (and highly recommend to other Mefites):

Definitely Human Productions-- makers of MarsCorp, The Bunker, The Infinite Bad, and The International Worldwide Global Biscuit Review Podcast.

The Beef and Dairy Network Podcast

Answer Me This

The Allusionist

The Bugle

but can you tell me others I'm missing? I'm open to traditional radio programs as well, provided they're something I can listen to in the US. Thanks!

Basic quality podcast setup?

Tue, 14 Nov 2017 08:28:21 -0800

Can you provide an overview of a basic podcast setup? Looking for specific recommendations for equipment and software. Slight preference for audio equipment that *can* be hooked up to a computer rather than *must* be hooked up to a computer (i.e., would prefer not to purchase a USB microphone etc.).

How to replay KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic from a specific date?

Sat, 28 Oct 2017 12:52:27 -0800

I have a burning desire to replay the entirety of Morning Becomes Eclectic from Thursday October 26th 2017. I've downloaded the KCRW app and search Google extensively and can just not figure this out. Help? Is this even possible? If it's not possible, then if you heard the broadcast and know where I can listen to a copy of just the version of Nature Boy they played along with the poem that preceded it, I would be extremely happy. Or even just the specific names of those tracks so I can find them myself.

What modern technological device will fill my needs?

Wed, 25 Oct 2017 19:01:36 -0800

I have a 15-year-old under-the-cabinet radio/CD player in my kitchen. It's on its last legs and I need something new. I know I could buy another just like it, but maybe there's something new that fills this niche now? My needs inside. I want to be able to:
-- listen to the radio, non-negotiable
-- if I could somehow listen to what I have in iTunes (my music + podcasts) that would be great
-- podcasts are higher priority than music, so if I needed to listen to them outside of an iTunes environment that would be fine

I have:
-- a single plug available
-- a Mac family
-- wi-fi in the kitchen

-- I have very, very minimal counter space. That's why the under-the-cabinet thing worked so well for me.
-- If it's something that sits on the counter, it has to be as minimalist as possible.

So what do I want?

Building pipeline for an advice podcast

Tue, 24 Oct 2017 08:48:22 -0800

Looking for ways to get more people to write in to our advice show. I've been co-hosting an advice podcast for a year or so and struggling to build a significant backlog of questions and problems to answer. We get enough to do a show roughly every week, but it's difficult to build up a buffer and we tend to record as many shows as we get write-ins for all in one go. It would be nice to have enough of a buffer to know we can definitely run a show a week and not have to scrape for questions and hope for the best each time.

We're struggling as it is to extend our reach beyond colleagues/friends/people who listened to our previous podcast about comics, so a lot of the questions tend to come from people we know, and those people only have so many problems to be solved.

Is this a problem other advice-givers find? Has anyone written about how to build this kind of pipeline and get your name out there when you're people who are taking agony column-style questions? Facebook advertising has been a bust so far but we're open to trying other ideas. General "hey here is a place to go to tell people about your podcast" advice is also welcome.

Simple 2 mic podcasting setups?

Sun, 22 Oct 2017 10:56:23 -0800

I’ve started podcasting with a friend, and we’ve been sharing one of those Snowball mics. It’s not bad, but I know things could be much better. Ideally, I’d get two powered mics and some kind of powered USB input and track directly to GarageBand or Adobe Audition on my Mac. I think I’m ok to find mics on my own, but what USB gadget can I get that will power XLR mics, not have an integrated mixer, and allow me to capture two discrete tracks in the apps mentioned above? Bonus points if this mystery gadget is around $80 or so.

Podcasts about the design process

Fri, 06 Oct 2017 11:54:20 -0800

I'm looking for podcasts that feature creators talking in detail about how and why they created the things that they did. The field doesn't matter so much, but I love listening to brilliant designers/creators take things apart and talk about what works, what doesn't, and why they built things the way they did. Some examples and snowflakes below the cut. Not looking for review podcasts that boil down to buyers' guides for the latest new thing (though I am interested in smart critics dissecting the hot new thing and putting it in the context of previous hot new things). It doesn't just have to focus on great works (sometimes dissecting why something is bad can be just as interesting) but it should be focussed on actually understanding root causes, not just pointing and laughing. (For example, despite an interest in medical history, I completely bounced off of the few episodes of Sawbones that I listened to, because it felt like they spent more time saying "LOL people in the past believed stupid things about biology and medicine" and not digging into why those things fit into their world-view.)

Examples of this genre:

Designer Notes by Soren Johnson (video games)
Ludology by Ryan Sturm and Geoff Engelstein (board games)
Writing Excuses by Brandon Sanderson, Mary Robinette Kowal, Howard Tayler,
et al. (writing)
Song Exploder by Hrishikesh Hirway (music)
Imaginary Worlds by Eric Molinsky (sci-fi and fantasy world-building)

And before I get a hundred comments suggesting Roman Mars' 99 Percent Invisible, 99PI is a great design podcast, but it's pretty much the opposite of what I'm looking for. 99PI is generally framed around "here's a cool designed thing and all the impact it had on the world" rather than "here's how and why this cool designed thing was designed in precisely the way it was".

Tips for LA Pod Fest?

Fri, 06 Oct 2017 10:17:54 -0800

So LA Pod Fest starts tonight (for possibly the last time) and I'm attending. For anyone who's been before, I wonder if you could tell me how it works with attending specific tapings. Is it just first come-first served? I couldn't find the answer online. Other tips would be welcome too, of course. Excited for the Dollop taping tomorrow night!