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Published: 2010-07-15T00:27:37-05:00


Shield Bug Wizard


Shield Bug Wizard Originally uploaded by Chuckumentary

Pants status


Pants status Originally uploaded by ChuckumentarySent from my iPants

Toki Wright = Chuck D


Toki Wright vs. Arizona - I'm rooting for Toki.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Battery Park, NYC


John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Battery Park, NYC Originally uploaded by Yoko Ono officialBadass

Colbert = Genius


"Happy Obama Day!"


By the People, For the People Originally uploaded by عleem I'm really digging all the people, especially young African-American people, saying that one man alone can't change the country in 4 or 8 years. It takes all of us working...

Mallman flies


I'll have video of this moment (close to it, anyway) up on MN Stories today, too.

2008.... "whoa"


I honestly can't yet wrap my head around 2008. I spent the year so deeply immersed in politics that a thousand showers will not wash off the smell. But oh, what an exciting musk it is! My man Mike McIntee...

One Year in 40 seconds


One year in 40 seconds from Eirik Solheim on Vimeo.

Take Back the Midtown Greenway


There have been numerous attacks on bikers along the Midtown Greenway in November and December, as detailed in the The Bridge, Star Tribune and the Midtown Greenway Coalition. On Dec. 13, a group of cyclists decided to ride down the...

Blago-style is for me


Don't get me wrong: Blago is a giant fucking douchebag. He is a taint on public service. Holding Obama's senate seat for ransom was bad enough, but a Children's Hospital? If only people worried half as much about what politicans...

One of these guys looks like Mark Wheat


One of these guys looks like Mark Wheat Originally uploaded by ChuckumentaryI haven't updated my blog anymore - you know, because of the Twitters and flickrs have replaced it, you know? So here's WHEAT. I've known Mark since KFAI/Radio K...

Minnesota Senate Recount Update


It's always nice to get featured on the YouTube after working on an UpTake video all night: I spent all day at the Hennepin Country Elections Warehouse... "where good votes go to die." Kidding! It was interesting to see the...

Followed by tiny red televisions


Photographer James Cooper, via rolu dsgn