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Self-Hosted Alternatives to Popular Services


A place to share alternatives to popular online services that can be self hosted without giving up privacy or locking you into a service you don't control.

Apps for Android!


A subreddit dedicated to Android apps.



Android news, reviews, tips, and discussions about rooting, tutorials, and apps. Generic discussion about phones/tablets is allowed, but technical-support and carrier-related issues should be asked in their respective subreddits!

[Discussion] How do you get news nowadays? I've grown tired of companies like Google and Facebook cramming down news down my throat using their horrible algorithm. I now use RSS reader again.


I've been trying out RSS reader services for the past month, and it feels so liberating when I get to curate my own news.

Now I kind of get why Google shut down Reader. They wanted to push their horrible news algorithm to everyone. What's frustrating is that they've had so many years to work on it but it's still shit until now. I'm looking at you Google Feed.

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What are some good web RSS readers to replace google reader?


With Google reader's impending shutdown on July 1 2013 it looks like I'm in the market for a new web-based RSS reader.

EDIT: Lots of active discussion going on over at hacker news

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Hey guys, I'm blind - I hope this post is visible to enough people. Can someone please please make a Siri RSS reader? $1000 reward!


I want to be able to add feeds and say "hey Siri reed my feeds / news"

And she should say "1. Blah blah blah, 2. Blah blah blah."

Where she adds a digit to each feed's post as it is read, so I can then say "hey Siri, read RSS 1 / read RSS 16"

Or "read feeds starting at 10" so I don't need to hear them from beginning.

I will pay 1000$ for this, and then you can sell it on Cydia.

submitted by /u/devraps to r/jailbreak
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Readify is a new, lightweight, open source RSS Reader with a lot of potential for those who don't want to synchronize to online RSS services.


For the privacy conscious or those who don't want to create an account, this new open source RSS reader shows a lot of promise.

I personally am still looking for something to replace gReader, which hasn't been updated in a long time. Readify isn't quite there yet, but it shows promise and is open source.

Report bugs here:

I wish the open source community would just combine all their efforts/forks into one big RSS reader so we can finally have an alternative to all the RSS readers on Android that are being neglected right now.

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Privacy Conscious RSS Reader


Hi all, any recommendations for the above?

Inoreader seems to be quite good with their privacy policy - not sure on Feedly, The Old Reader or any of the others... I'd love a free service - Thanks!

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Help a beginner decide how to self-host an RSS reader


I'm new to self-hosting and I'm not sure what I should choose to host an RSS tool.

What I want to do is to have a program that will run on the server and fetch updates from feeds every 20 minutes. It will then populate its database that I will sync with my computer via Syncthing (it will run on the server and on my computer and sync the database, that's the simplest solution I thought of). This way I will always have an up to date feed database on my computer.

The only thing I will require is shell (SSH) access to install the RSS client and syncthing and ability to run a script that will fetch the feeds every 20 minutes. That's not a demanding thing to do, right? Can I just pick a cheap plan for like $5-$10 a year and be fine?

Should I look for VPS offers and providers (e.g. and or can I also choose from web hosting offers (e.g. and just use them as VPS and not host a website as intended?

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What's your favorite RSS reader?


So apparently I've been living under a rock and did not realize how awesome RSS readers are. Now I do not have to visit a bunch of websites throughout the day and just check my RSS reader app. I'm currently using Newsify, but wondering if there are any other alternatives worth considering?

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RSS Reader that has "mark ALL as unread" for any given feed. Can't find a single app that has this.


Apparently this feature, the ability to mark ALL of the posts in a feed as UNREAD is explicitly not supported in many apps. They all offer the obvious "mark all as read", but I haven't yet seen "mark all as unread".

Is there an app that you have personal experience with being able to execute this use-case in?

Exact Use Case I Need:

  1. Add a new feed (
  2. With one click or option, mark ALL of the posts in this feed (going back up to 2 years and including hundreds of posts) as UNREAD
  3. Sort feed by Oldest and begin reading
  4. Mark each post READ after I read it

So Far:

  • Feedly - I bought Feedly Pro specifically for this and then figured out not only do they not have this feature, but they explicitly refuse to add it.
  • Inoreader - Is allowing me to do what I want. I can view ALL of the posts, quickly keyboard navigate through their list starring them (n+f), and then in the "Starred" list they are automatically "unread". This works for me. This gives me an Unread location where ALL of the posts are. I can even set a rule, as they come in to star them.
  • gReader solution provided by /u/Joeclu - I can't get gReader to show me more articles beyond the top x number; ergo I can't view the entire list. (But, props to /u/Joeclu as their idea is the one that I implemented in Inoreader. )

edit1 - I edited to explain my use-case more specifically and to be more clear that I'm not looking for suggestions of good apps, but instead for actual experience with a very specific and rare feature. edit2 - Updated list more

submitted by /u/Lynngineer to r/androidapps
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Switched From iOS To Android (Pixel). Can't Find An Alternative To Reeder, An RSS Reader. Need An Android Recommendation.


I just switched to Android after spending 8 years being locked into Apple's ecosystem, and am going through the pretty long process of detaching myself.

Reeder is by far the best RSS reader on the App Store. It has fluid reading and navigation of articles, themes, and worked with the RSS service I had chosen (Feedbin).

So far, I haven't managed to find a really worthwhile app on the Play Store to replace Reeder for me. So far the main two I've found, gReader and Palabre, are decent replacements, but not perfect.

Does anyone have any recommendations for Android apps that really match Reeder?

submitted by /u/winterjoey to r/androidapps
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What's the best RSS reader in your opinion?


I'm looking for a new RSS app either free or paid, what's the best app out there reddit?

submitted by /u/AndroidIsAwesome to r/androidapps
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Light RSS reader



I am looking for a very light RSS reader. My only requirement, is that it checks the feeds, I have defined, and notifies me, if there is something new.

I have checked some readers already, but my problems were:

  • Required too many packages, was not that light.
  • Had too many extra features, I will never use
  • Was updated a super long time ago
  • I use plasma. It would be nice, that the notification is not custom, but uses the default plasma notification

After checking some readers, I don't actually believe, that a this minimalist reader exists, but I hope somebody can prove me wrong.


submitted by /u/IAmFry to r/linuxquestions
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[DEV] Quote RSS reader, with Feedly and Inoreader support, now available on the Play Store


Hello folks! After a couple of months of beta testing (many thanks to all testers for the feedback!), I just release my new RSS reader on the Play Store. Quote is free for anyone to download, but with a single in-app purchase it's possible to unlock some extra features and to remove ads.

At the moment the app integrates with Feedly and Inoreader, but I plan to add support for more services in the future.

Main features of this first release

  • Painless navigation with simple gestures
  • Dark and light themes
  • Full screen reading experience
  • Readability support
  • Articles and images caching for offline reading
  • Article thumbnails preview

With the in-app purchase you can unlock a couple more themes and support for multiple accounts.

Feedback is very welcome. Enjoy!

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Open-source RSS reader with sync?


Can anyone recommend a RSS reader (open-source) with syncing? I don't mind paying for it, I just want something open source and syncing as I can't set up my own server so I need to buy the service.

I would also prefer having "read later" category on it, so I don't need to buy two different services (such as Wallabag) for this. :)

Thanks, Tobias

submitted by /u/AtBios to r/privacy
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What are you using as an RSS reader?


I used to use Reeder, and I'm stuck deciding between Lire and Fiery Feeds. Anyone tried both and could suggest one?


submitted by /u/DipperDolphin to r/iphone
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RSS reader recommendations


Hi all,

Are there any good RSS feeders which are able to store their feeds indefinitely?

I want to download all articles from to read them later.

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Rss reader app design


As per client request it has to be very simple and light app, i created to sketches with the main features, so which one do you prefer? images

submitted by /u/AhmedBarayez to r/UI_Design
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