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Mobile experiences - A blog about mobile devices and good food and lifes big, little and other moments

Published: 2013-11-01T11:44:09+02:00


Do women want more than pink?


Samsung is continuing to build awareness for wearables at the long tail of media, the Swedish speaking newspaper Hufvudstadsbladet. Circulation of about 45.000 per day. This spread appeared in the Saturday paper. I decided to conduct a family focus group....

Designing Language - With Om's article The Intimate Computing era is here.


Who invents words, concepts describing things that do not exist or just taking form? It has been argued that Shakespeare alone added 2000 words to the English language. Late in my career at Fjord I had an insight about design....

Wearables pioneer Polar goes casual with Loop


I have to say I love that Polar decided to go into armbands with Loop. They are the pioneer of wearable sports instruments, respected, broad distribution globally. With its agressive price point and neutral styling I think it will win...

Activity trackers need to evolve to experiences to avoid becoming applications.


Wearable activity tracker market got a new twist with the launch of Apple iPhone 5s featuring the M7 Motion sensing coprocessor. This sensor processing unit enables the main processor to sleep, while sophisticated motion detection can take place. This could...

HealthSPA gaining momentum: Clustering is powerful innovation fuel


When we embarked on creating Koru we selected a few themes that would underpin what we do. One of these themes is Clustering. There are big transformations around Health and Wellness industry driven by Internet and mobility. This means lots...

Dinner of a lifetime


During our annual family crayfish party I got an idea after drinking a blackcurrant wine made by a guy that my father used to work with. Let create a re-union of the advertising and graphic design gurus that shaped Finland...

As world turn mobile everything changes and not all can follow.


The change towards a mobile first tech world has been a revolution in front of our eyes. As Facebook correctly acknowledged in their IPO filings, they do not have a solution for monetising on mobiles. Olof Schybergson most recent writing...

A personal case of proactive health care leveraging the scalpel


I have been a researching the mobile health and digital health space while at Fjord and one of the clear trends is the drive towards proactive healthcare leveraging digital tools like pedometers like Fitbit, fitness platforms like Nike+ and wellness...

Nokia struggles as phones become emotional commodities


My heart was bleeding blue yesterday as the Salo R&D site is closed. This was the epicenter of the business for twenty years. Many of the iconic phones were developed there, many of the heroes of Nokia walked the halls...

Back to building own experiences


A new era in my partnership with Fjord starts as I move from an operational role of Chief Innovation Officer to become a part-time member of the board and advisor to the management business. This is an important transition for...

I crashed, a new intimate digital experience has emerged


Nike Fuelband has managed to seduce me. I love the soft feel, and the way it comes to life. I got it two weeks ago and set-up worked very well. Turning it on is close to magical, the device lits...

Today a new experience awaits - Running a Half Marathon


About 10 months ago I started a new hobby running. Today I have my first milestone big milestone, running the Helsinki City Run, a half marathon. I started running, mainly as I realised that my energy levels were low last...

Nike ID is a moving experience – Custom could stimulate care.


Since the early nineties when Joe Pine, published his seminal book on mass customization, I have been a fan of him. I had the chance to get to know him. He has time after time been a re-occurring inspiration for...

Finns are really not as inconsiderate as Helena Eronen. Shame on you!


There has been a very distrubing blogpost written by Helena Eronen yesterday. She is an aid to a member of parlaiment James Hirvesaari. You can google translate the Helsingin Sanomat reference to the original post, now removed, why?. In it...

A MegaAge breakfast with iPad 3


The iPad 3 with its high resolution display is the first MegaAge mobile computer, one that is providing a Hi-Fi experience. My iPad arrived mid March and the digital life migrated into it. This iPad is my fourth one and...