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Techmambo is a weblog dedicated to profiling and reviewing new Online and Offline products, services and companies.In addition to this, we also profile existing companies that are working hard to make gadgets/services more usable for the rest of us. Techm

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e-zwich payment system : an innovative method for improving accessibility to banking and retail services in Ghana.


e-zwich is the brand name for the National Switch and Smart card payment system. The e-zwich payment system is an innovative method for improving accessibility to banking and retail services in Ghana. The e-zwich system offers Deposit taking financial institutions (i.e. Universal banks, Rural banks and Savings and Loans) a platform that enables them to interoperate.

This therefore, enables e-zwich cardholders to perform banking and retail transactions at the outlets of other e-zwich financial institutions.

As an e-zwich cardholder, you have available to you a large group of banks and their branches where your e-zwich transactions can be performed. It is therefore no more necessary to commute to a specific bank just to do banking transactions. The e-zwich smart-card is currently the only card in Ghana that provides the convenience of nationwide access as well as greater control over transactions for cardholders, retail merchants and other corporate users.

Features include:
1 Transaction
2 Security
3 Interoperability

GroupMe lets you effortlessly group text with the people in your life that are important to you.


GroupMe lets you effortlessly group text with the people in your life that are important to you. It's your real-life network, in your pocket. It's totally free and works on every phone.

GroupMe was founded by Jared Hecht and Steve Martocci in the Summer of 2010 and inspired by a project conceived at the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon.

Our investors include betaworks, SV Angel, First Round Capital, Lerer Ventures, and a great group of angel investors.

African Virtual University (AVU) is an innovative educational organization aimed at serving the countries of sub-Saharan Africa (S


The African Virtual University (AVU) is an innovative educational organization established in 1997 aimed at serving the countries of sub-Saharan Africa (SSA).

With a network of 54 partner institutions in 28 countries, the main objective of the AVU is to enhance capacity in ODeL methodologies and support economic development by providing world-class quality education and training programs to students and academic professionals in Africa.

The AVU intends to be the leading continental and virtual education organization collaborating with, and supporting African higher education and training institutions. Through capacity enhancement the AVU will play a major role in effectively increasing access to local and global demand-driven graduate and undergraduate programs in disciplines critical for Africa's socio-economic development.

kaioo is the first REAL Social Community on the internet



kaioo offers its users all advantages of a state-of-the art Social Community platform: they can communicate with friends, upload pictures, post videos etc। The key difference is that kaioo donates all advertising revenues to charity, while the operating costs are covered by sponsors.

Help desk for the agile IT organization of today.


Zendesk is a modern help desk system in a hosted environment.

The help desk is the single-point-of-contact between your end-users and
you as a service provider. With very little effort Zendesk makes it
possible for you to offer a professoinal-grade support service and
capitalize on the valuable user feedback.

Used in an IT deparment the help desk serves as the ERP system of the
IT organization. It encourages and enforces well defined registration
and processing of the data that makes the foundation for resource
usage, -prioritization, and -strategy. The help desk constitutes the
central hub for a company's IT Service Management (ITSM) strategy,
which centers on the customer's perspective of IT's contribution to the


Instant gratification

Get started in minutes and hit the
ground running. Zendesk is hosted, affordable and offers an intuitive
user interface and a no-nonsense feature set.

Help desk 2.0

Zendesk employs web 2.0
paradigms, leveraging modern means of extending the application and
ensuring integration. Beautiful and amazingly simple to use.

ITIL and beyond

Powered by ScribeFire.

The collaborative and reusable encyclopaedia of places



With, internet users collaborate to create a common
database of points of interest of any kind, the most complete ever
realized. On, you can advertise your favorite places,
localize them on the map and even provide pictures or videos. You can
also give your opinion about point of interests through comments and
recommendations. is simple and free: offers a free, user-friendly, online interface to
create, browse and share information about any type of point of
interest from your daily life (social, personal, business, etc.). covers the whole world: you can create points of interest located anywhere in the world.

The information from is available at no charge: provides free access to its collectively created database of points of interest (for non-commercial use)

Powered by ScribeFire. : A web platform which allows people to share life experiences through images.


(image), the global web platform which allows people to share life experiences through images and keep in touch .

The community is private and not open to the public. To be one of the first candidates to use it (we are just a few thousands so far...),Your photos, your friends, your life. Keep in touch or meet new people, in English or in your own language. Learn what you can do with Ciaobelli by joining the beta website (in order to register you will need either to be invited by a friend or a... secret keyword!).


Powered by ScribeFire.

See, hear, plan, blog and live the nightlife



PMbuzz was built for the nightlife community. Its where the out late crowd mixes it up with clubs,
DJs, promoters and entertainers. Get the word (pictures, music and video) on the street from the people
making the scene.

Join your favorite clubs crowd (sort of a friends list for clubs) to get notified of events as
theyre listed. Use your calendar to find out which of your friends is planning to be there. Blast a
message out to your crew to let them know where to meet and when.


Get listed with the premiere spinners on the scene. Through your PMbuzz page you can build a fan
base, connect with fans one on one, and let people hear your latest mixes. Fan can track you from gig to
gig through your calendar, following you across town and bringing their friends to hear you do your

Powered by ScribeFire.

The next-generation events discovery service.


eventsPad is a next-generation events discovery service that blends event descriptions
with interactive multimedia and community enhancements. You can add your own text,
images, and video to any event that you're interested in.

Powered by ScribeFire.

Sharyos est un service de partagage d’idées shopping.



Sharyos est un service de partage d'idées shopping.
vous soyez un acheteur compulsif ou réfléchi, Sharyos vous offre la
possibilité de faire découvrir aux internautes les produits que vous
avez trouvés sur Internet.

A contrario vous êtes en panne d'idées
cadeaux, alors venez fouillez parmis les trouvailles de nos
utilisateurs qui alimentent chaques jours notres bases de données de
produits incongrus trouvés sur Internet.

Powered by ScribeFire.

M-PESA is aimed at mobile customers who do not have a bank account


M-PESA is aimed at mobile customers who do not have a bank account, typically because they do not have access to a bank or because they do not have sufficient income to justify a bank account. All they need to do is register at an authorised M-PESA Agent by providing their Safaricom mobile number and their identification card. Once registered, customers can:

* Put money into their account by depositing cash at a local Agent
* Send money to other mobile phone users by SMS instruction, even if they are not Safaricom subscribers.
* Withdraw cash at local a Agent
* Buy Safaricom airtime for themselves or other subscribers

Safaricom, the leading mobile communications provider in Kenya, is pleased to announce the launch of M-PESA, an innovative new mobile payment solution that enables customers to complete simple financial transactions by mobile phone. M-PESA has been developed by Vodafone, the world's leading mobile telecommunications group, with the pilot in Kenya operated by Safaricom.

Life is more enjoyable with perks.



Life is more enjoyable with perks.


MySidekick : a social search engine that learns from you and gets smarter as you search.



MySidekick is a social search engine that learns from you and gets smarter as you search. We allow people to find and submit sites that are automatically tagged with terms used during the search session. These tagged sites are then anonymously shared with the mySidekick community to provide better results for all.

How it Works

When you search for stuff online, you might change your search request a few times before you finally find what you are looking for. In fact, if you're like the rest of us, you'll change your search request about three to four times during an average search. MySidekick groups these search requests together as a set of "tags" that describe the topic you and other people have researched.

They then use our special relevancy algorithms to figure out exactly which sites people liked for those tags, and promote those sites as the "People's Choice" for other mySidekick community members. When other people search for a similar topic, these tags help them more easily find what they are looking for in the People Choice's area. The end result is better search results for everyone.


Suggested Sites

Once you're signed in, you can also suggest a site that would be useful for a particular search request. If other people think your suggested site is relevant to their topic, the site will be placed higher in the results both for the tags you suggested and the tags that other people find relevant to the site.

LINK: allows you to easily keep up with what your friends are doing all over the web.


(image) allows you to easily keep up with what your friends are doing all over the web.
If you're like most people you have user accounts for multiple services on the web. You might have a account to manage your bookmarks, a account to track your diggs and maybe a account for all your videos. Wouldn't it be nice to have all of those content items in one convenient place? So when you want to share your web presence with your friends all you have to do is give them one place to look.

That's what we have attempted to create. is your one stop site to gather all your different services in one place so you or your friends can get an idea of what you find intersting on the web, all in one place.

Since pulls the information that you already have on all the other services you are already using it's a breeze to sign up. And then just keep doing what you've always been doing and as you digg, tag or upload using your favorite service, your page will update automatically.(image)


WikiYou : A place for Unauthorized biographies .


(image) Google might be working to archive all of the world's information, but WikiYou is trying to get unauthorized biographies for every person on earth.

Seems a bit out there, but nonetheless it is an intriguing experiment. WikiYou is breaking new grounds by taking the Wikipedia direction to the mainstream. You see, if you write a biography on Wikipedia, the sources have to be reliable and verifiable, leaving many regular people in the dark. But with WikiYou, regardless if sources are reliable or verifiable, biographies will get up.

Could this project turn in to a giant mess of spam? Or could it actually work out so that we can have open records and stories for everyone on earth? So far it looks like its runny smoothly with many every day people inputting biographies, and many of their friends and contacts adding to them. - Work Hard, Take Credit


(image) Prodigious is for anyone who wants to know who is responsible for a site they like, and anyone that wants to take credit for the sites they make.

For instance, you need a website built and you have found some other sites that you think are great. You'd like to contact the agencies that made the sites to discuss your project, but don't know how to find them.
Or, you are an agency, and you make great sites. You want potential clients to be able to find you.Prodigious can help in both cases. And, it's easy! And Free!(image)

Tweet your google calendar.



It's a free service that connects your Twitter account to your Google Calendar. Add events in a snap from your favorite Twitter client. Follow the 5 steps procedure to get started.

  1. Register for a free Twitter account

  2. Add gcal as your friend

    gcal is a bot that process and forward messages to your Google Calendar.

  3. Grant access to your Google Calendar account

  4. Now add any events by sending a direct message to gcal

    d gcal metting with paul tomorrow at 7pm

    d gcal meeting with fred on monday, 25th of june at 9am

  5. Follow us on

Ishare is a fun and easy way to share your videos , photos and music with your friends



Ishare is a fun and easy way to share your videos , photos and music with your friends

How can I share my files using iShare?

Install the Ishare Upload tool by clicking here in your computer and select the files you want to share . Upload it and it will be available to your friends on Ishare web platform
With iShare, you can upload Unlimited files, as you have Unlimited storage space. However you can upload only five files at a time. You can upload video files of size less than 50 MB and audio files of size less than 10 MB.


RSS Mixer all feeds lead to one


Life without feeds would be one of sifting through thousands of endless stories and visiting website after website for content. Thanks to RSS, our lives have been ever so simplified.

OPML has been the typical approach to combining all RSS feeds into a single file that can be exported and imported into any feed reader. Then along comes RSS Mixer. This online tool lets users combine all favorite feeds into one. The drawback to using this is that you cannot simply upload an OPML file, you have to add multiple feeds. But if you have a few feeds that you wanted to follow no matter where you are, like via a mobile device like an iPhone or a widget embedded in your iGoogle homepage, this is a cool way to go. Users start off by giving a title to their 'Mix', then adding feed URL's into the Mix. When RSS Mixer is complete, users get the option to link to the mix, create an Apple Dashboard widget, create a Web Widget, get an RSS feed for the combined feeds, and launch an iPhone version of the mix.

It's a pretty impressive way to easily mix up RSS feeds, and stay on top of them no matter where you are. Our only wish, give us the chance to upload an OPML file.

A place for people to share their lives, commenting on, and viewing photos and videos.



Matez is a place for people to share their lives, commenting on, and viewing photos and videos.

With Matez, people can:

Upload, tag and share videos worldwide
Browse photos,videos uploaded by community members
Find, join and create video groups to connect with people who have similar interests
Customize the experience by subscribing to member videos, saving favorites, and creating playlists
Integrate Matez videos on websites using video embeds or APIs
Make videos public or private—users can elect to broadcast their videos publicly or share them privately with friends and family upon upload.


Matez is building a community that is highly motivated to watch and share videos. The service is free for everyone. We always encourage our users to contact us with thoughts, suggestions, feedback or otherwise random ramblings.

The Flipping Pad : a new social network for real estate agents.



The Flipping Pad
is a new social network for those involved in real estate, at pretty much every level of involvement.

Within this community are areas to post properties for sale or others that are of commercial interest in one way or another. You can also create a user profile, find other members to conduct business with, or join in a forums discussion to share thoughts about the industry. The listings seem to be the life blood of this site, and you can leave comments and ratings for each listing. The “pads” listed here have accompanying icons indicating if the property is a case study listing, if it’s looking for partners, if it’s a potential bargain, and if it’s actively for sale. As one would imagine, a large amount of the user interaction takes place around these listings.

User profiles will also display their listings as well as their forums comments, and in the forums, there is the ability to subscribe to a particular user’s thread if you’d like to keep up with them. There’s no way to send direct messages between users, or add them as friends.

Send large files. Professionally.



About SEND6

SEND6 is a professional service for fast and reliable file delivery on the Internet. SEND6 solves typical problems with sending large digital files online including:
  • Size limitations when sending email attachments
  • Size limitations when receiving email attachments
  • Complicated FTP setup and account management
  • Blocked transfers through Firewalls, Routers, or NATs
  • No tracking to guarantee delivery of critical files
SEND6 simplifies the complete delivery process by:
  1. Uploading large files to our secure servers
  2. Emailing your recipients with simple download links
  3. Hosting the download of your files on fast and reliable servers
  4. Providing detailed tracking information for each file
What makes SEND6 different?
  • Free
  • Send up to 6 files at once
  • No registration needed
  • No software installation
  • Free delivery notifications
  • Free visit and download tracking
  • Access your address book on Outlook, AOL, Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo
  • Progress bar with percent complete, elapsed time, time left, and speed
  • Servers secured by a managed firewall and intrusion detection system
  • Professional file delivery for businesses

Slangrang : where stuff lives



They’re opening up a limited private beta, by invite only. Sign-up to get on the guest list and stay updated.


Aureos Capital: aims to raise $400m for smaller companies in Africa


Aureos Capital, one of the most experienced private equity groups in Africa, is aiming to raise $400m for a ground-breaking bet on the potential of smaller companies to build businesses spanning the continent, writes Barney Jopson in London.

The group, domiciled in Mauritius, is among a handful of emerging market specialists active in Africa and already runs three funds, dedicated to east, west and southern Africa, which total $140m.

The new pan-African fund is a significant strategic gamble because Aureos is betting on companies' ability to overcome regulatory and physical barriers that have long impeded trade among African countries. It plans to begin marketing the fund in the final quarter of this year and wants to secure commitments by the end of next year.

Comeeko lets you take your photos and put them into our photo strips.


Comeeko lets you take your photos and put them into our photo strips.
Ever had a great night out with a series of photos?
What about a funny comic strip idea?
Comeeko makes it as easy as toasting toat to create your own photo strip!
You can also post your comeeko in your myspace profile, in MySpace comments, or in MySpace bulletins.