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Faceblast Grindcast. The name explains it all!

Published: Sat, 10 Feb 2018 00:46:13 +0000


May your Ears Bleed

Sun, 13 May 2007 03:43:08 +0000

Old Live show.

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ADR Random Episode 01/05/07

Tue, 09 Jan 2007 20:42:34 +0000

1.Fondle Corpse - Razorblade Attack 2.Electro Quarterstaff - Titanium Overlords 3.Beneath the Massacre - Society's Disposable Son * NEW! 4.Necrotorture - Anal Torture 5.Without Remorse - All is Lost 6.Nailshitter - Gastric Impalement 7.Cynic - Textures 8.Insidious Decrepency - Befouled 9.Whorecore - Chain Reaction 10.Abacabb - Articulation 11.WeCameWithBrokenTeeth - Lets Play Find The Body 12.Anomalous - Revelations 13.Psycroptic - Alpha Breed 14.AIC - Scat Artillery 15.Yyrkoon - From the Depths 16.Cliteater - Camel Fuckers 17.Behold The Arctopus - Paincave 18.gorey Gibbler - Mr. Pitt 19.Inhuman Dissiliency - Self Inflicting Disseverment 20.Guttural Engorgement - Chopsaw Sodomy(Re-recording) *NEW! 21.A Night to Dismember - Chunky Beef Stupid 22.Harakiri - You Too Can Have Your Own Crank lab 23.Subterranean Fecal Root - Beat The Fuck Out Of Jesus 24.Ive Been Shot - Listen Here Mother Fucker 25.Psyopus - Insects 26.Inherit Disease - Dissimulate Invalidity 27.MJincing Fury and Gutteral Clamour of Queer Decay - Lanquished 28.Regurgitate - Copious Head Carnage 29.Sikfuk - Teabagged at Birth 30.Phobia - Cruel 31.Rotten Sound - Decay 32.Slapendehonden - Allah Needs Coke 33.Sons of Slaughter - lead us Not 34.Sulaco - Brunt of the Joke 35.Twitch of the Death Nerve - Pitezel Family Holiday 36.Stabwound - Intestinal Impalement 37.The Amenta - Erebus 38.Fuck Im Dead - Colon Commando 39.Waking the Cadaver - Chased Through the Woods by a Rapist 40.Gorerotted - Her Gash i Did Slash 41.Khann - Quarantined

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The Apparatus New Years Special 12/28/06

Mon, 01 Jan 2007 20:36:52 +0000

Aggressive Decibel Radio and The Apparatus Webzine teamed up for a New year Special, The Apparatus picked the playlist. Also, "Countdown to 2012" w/ Ling-Ling. NOTE: This was a live broadcast on PHR. Playlist: 1.Psycroptic - Alpha Breed 2.Everything Falls Together - Catacombs and Catwalks 3.Amoebic Dysentry - Negroidal Prenatal Uterocoitus 4.Despised Icon - Dead King 5.Into The Moat - The Inexorable 6.Spiketrain - Ryerson 7.Behold...The Arctopus - Sensory Amusia 8.Gorerotted - Her Gash I Did Slash 9.All Hands On Deck - 35 10.Lye By Mistake - Dream As I May, I Feel It And Its So Wrong 11.Necrophagist - Symbiotic Theory 12.Ion Dissonance - The Bud Dwyer Effect 13.Nailshitter - As Maggots Pour From Her Ass 14.Psyopus - Insects 15.Cynic - Textures 16.Fuck The Facts - N.S.S.T.S. 17.Great Adventures Of Chip And Kipper - lets Put on our Sunday best 18.Electro Quarter Staff - The Right to Arm Bears 19.The Tony Tap Dance Eztravaganza - Cliff Burton Suprise 20.Origin - Debased Humanity 21.Abacabb - Articulation 22.Intestinal Disgorge - Crawling With Maggots 23.Carol - Coitophobia 24.Unquintessence - An Epitaph For The Light Bearer 25.The Faceless - Horizons of Chaos II - Hypocrisy 26.The End - Organelle(In She We Lust) 27.Cloacal Kiss - Venison Seraphim 28.Quo Vadis - Break The Cycle 29.Leng T'Che - Overkill Bill 30.Robinson - 4 31.Forever In Despair - Somone's got Secrets 32.Khann - Quarantined 33.Domination Through Impurity - Essence Of Brutality 34.Spiketrain - Cressman 35.Billy Brown - The Cunt Monologues 36.Gorod - Blackout 37.Cystic Dysentery - Engulfed in Feces

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