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jason rhody

Published: 2008-01-14T08:09:27-05:00


Beautiful Ground


Lovely fan-created video for Grandaddy's "Jed's Other Poem (Beautiful Ground)," found via if:book. the if:book post details the video better than I can at the moment, except to say that Grandaddy kept me going through several late nights during graduate...

Keywords: International Digitization Collaboration


If you find yourself in London on the 21st... [via JISC's blog] Developing International Collaboration for Digitisation: the JISC - National Endowment for Humanities perspective In celebration of their transatlantic digitisation collaboration grants, JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee) and the...

Reading Digital Literature at Brown


dichtung-digital Reading Digital Literature: American-German Conference organized by Roberto Simanowski and the Department of German Studies, Brown University Exhibition in List Art Center, opening: Oct 4, 8 PM Conference Opening: Oct 5, 4:30 PM Sessions: Oct. 5, 5:00-6:30 and Oct....

Only 75 shopping days until...


I'm not one to advertise my birthday, but if you were an early-shopping type, you can never go wrong with these rockin' Space Invaders (set of 4 rocks glasses). I'm just saying......

Claire's Baptism


We have been terrible about uploading pictures, so thank goodness for Natalie, Claire's new godmother, who posted to Flickr several pictures of Claire's baptism this past weekend. In this photo, Father Bill (who married us and baptized Evie) holds...

MT Issues


It seems that most of my posts these days have to do with trying to fix MT... and this is a quick note to say, I'm still trying to fix the Wordherder comments, and I'm very grateful for the help...

Writing and Games


From an interview about the forthcoming Mass Effect: IGN: Mass Effect: The Write Stuff - AU Interview IGN: In terms of novel-lengths, how many pages or books worth of writing would you estimate you've done for Mass Effect? Drew Karpyshyn:...

Where Have I Been? (And where am I going?)


Despite celebrating its fourth year a few months ago, this blog has been quiet of late, partly due to technical problems (MovableType and spam...) and mostly due to time constraints. Unfortunately for the blog, but terrific for me, my writing...

DHI Update (email newsletter)


NEH has recently introduced a distribution list that provides updates pertaining to the Digital Humanities Initiative. The "DHI Update" will give details on grant deadlines, speaking engagements, programs, and other events notable to the Digital Humanities community. To subscribe/unsubscribe:

Humanities Magazine: NEH Chairman Cole Interviews Steven Johnson


I admit no small amount of surprise when I first saw an image of an Xbox controller featured in the latest Humanities magazine, a bi-monthly publication from the National Endowment for the Humanities. While the images are (unfortunately) only in...

Web 2.0 ... The Machine is Us/ing Us


A wonderful, brief introduction to technologies of writing, online media technologies, and Web 2.0, by Michael Wesch. [via Jill]...

Second Person


Another promising offering in the discussion of game fictions, role-playing, and computer games: Second Person: Role-Playing and Story in Games and Playable Media, edited by Pat Harrigan and Noah Wardrip-Fruin. I'm looking forward to reading this one, especially Jordan Mechner's...

A Companion to Digital Humanities


A Companion to Digital Humanities is now freely available online. Edited by Susan Schreibman, Ray Siemens, and John Unsworth, this is an invaluable collection of essays and a wonderful resource for both research and in the classroom....

Zone of Influence


Matt Kirschenbaum has a new blog, Zone of Influence (, in which he talks about games and, specifically, board wargames. In his "Welcome" post, Matt describes these types of games as ... cardboard computers; they are instruments for modeling, prediction,...



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