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Published: 2018-03-13T18:25:24+01:00


Eric on X.5 Time Machine


I realize this is an older post but you seem to know a lot about Time Machine. I’m trying to restore a file folder from Time Machine but the folder in the results is grayed out. When I look at the actual folder on my hard drive, it is also grayed out. When I look at get info, I unlock it, but it won’t let me switch “everyone” to read/write. When I look at other backup days for that same folder, it’s grayed out going back to mid January. Any idea what’s going on?

ssp on UnicodeChecker 1.16


Thanks for the suggestion Bitt.

As you guess this seems to be a tricky issue. Personally I wouldn’t even know how to determine the specific key combination needed with a user’s current keyboard layout. (And seeing that even Apple’s own character palette does not seem to provide this information, makes me think it may not even be possible to do this properly.)

Bitt Faulk on UnicodeChecker 1.16


Would it be possible to include in the information for a symbol what Alt keystroke would produce that character, if any do? I suspect that this is different for different keyboards, so might be difficult prospect. But it would be a nice addition.

ssp on Retina



You can rotate the inner bit of the light meter dial by using the tiny metal knob between the »DIN« and »ASA« text. Try to rotate that and the black triangle will point to a different ASA value.

Lindy on Retina


Can you describe how to set the ISO/ASA? I see all of the settings on the light meter, but cannot figure out how to actually change the ASA. Thanks!

Janez Novak on UnicodeChecker 1.16


You should release a version with updated Sparkle:

The app is wonderful, thank you very much.

ssp on Encrypted Time Machine Backups


@lg: If the network volume you connected to is your desired backup volume, it is. Otherwise you will have to copy the disk image to the drive you want your backup on.

lg on Encrypted Time Machine Backups


Why step 5? Isn’t the sparsebundle already at the top level of the volume?

Nate Silva on UnicodeChecker 1.16


You guys rock! As a programmer working with text, this has been an incredibly useful tool over the years. Thank you.

Enrico Gregorio on UnicodeChecker 1.16


Nice job indeed, the new search feature seems very interesting.

However there are some glitches.

  1. In the Unicode point list on the left the font is not aliased and the appearance is very poor.

  2. It’s impossible to download the Unihan files; the dialog box that appears at the first start is stuck and doesn’t answer requests. The same happens when the “Download and install Unihan data” is chosen. Whether I click on “Cancel” or “Move to Trash”, the dialog box is stuck and the only way out is quitting the application.

ssp on Earth Addresser 3


Hi Peter, thanks a lot for your feedback.

Apple’s Gatekeeper technology seems to be the problem here. Unfortunately it gives an incorrect message to you which makes this confusing: The application is not broken, Gatekeeper just won’t let you launch it. (To make things even more confusing, this only happens on a few machines, for reasons I do not understand.)

You can work around this issue by temporarily deactivating Gatekeeper (go to System Preferences → Security & Privacy → General tab and select the radio button to allow App downloads from Anywhere). Earth Addresser should launch just fine with that setup. You can then revert Gatekeeper to its original setting and Earth Addresser should still launch fine in the future.

I am not 100% sure Earth Addresser is the perfect match for you as it expects the addresses to be in your Mac’s Contacts application rather than a spreadsheet. But I hope you’ll find a way to make things work!

Peter Knight on Earth Addresser 3


I tried downloading the program 3 times, but each time my system (OS X 10.9.5) says the file is damaged. I heard your software is an easy way to create a .kmz file compared with what I have used before. I work from Excel spreadsheet. I certainly hope you will look into this. In the meantime, back to the laborious method of creating, then merging .kml files!

ssp on Retina



Cool that you found the camera you’ve been looking for. Feel free to use the photo and link.

The button-clip’s »pop« is indeed satisfying!

Narjas Carrington-Windo on Retina


I was looking for this very camera! Also the one MY Dad bought in the 50s for himself, his first camera – which he then let me use to take my first ever photos with when I started using cameras for the first time. Will you mind if I link to your blog post and use one of your camera photos (credited) within my own story?

I was specifically googling for old cameras from the 50s and knew I would spot the one we used to use. This is it! I remember ever detail of it, every line, bump, down to the cute little button-clip that shuts the lens back in with a satisfying ‘pop’.

Lovely to find this. Narjas

Pier Luigi on ASCII Projektor 3


Hello, it is a pity that ASCII Projektor is no more working in Mavericks (MacOS 10.9) I made some wonderful works with my students in the past. Now it seems the application is no more developed… :-( Anyway, thank you and best! Pier Luigi