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Published: 2006-07-24T23:06:00-05:00


Utterly Surreal … And Equally Lucky


I'm sitting in The Daniele hotel five blocks from our home in University City, Mo., watching Brian Williams report -- briefly -- on the reasons for the impromptu hotel stay: our power has been out since a massive storm front...

Shelley Winters: 8/18/20-1/14/06


I've had the luck to meet and write about a variety of astonishing people. In 1993, one of my assignments for the Chicago Tribune's Tempo section took me into a satellite of the legendary Actors Studio being conducted at Washington...

Reporter Kidnapped In Iraq; Translator Killed


In news suppressed by major U.S. news outlets until now, freelance reporter Jill Carroll has been kidnapped while on assignment in Iraq for the Christian Science Monitor. Her Iraqi interpreter, one of many who risk their lives as much as...

Euphoria, Then Sadness


One of those nights when the name of this blog is reflected in the news. A few hours ago, I came back to my Las Vegas hotel room to drop off some things and caught the welcome news on CNN...

Tsunami Revisited: Evelyn Rodriguez


Getting to know Evelyn Rodriguez, who translated suriving last year's tsunami into something personal for those of us light years away, was one of the best parts of BlogHer for me; even better was the late afternoon we spent in...

Tsunami Revisited: Evelyn Rodriguez


(This is a duplicate that occurred while I was using a new plug-in. I'm leaving it up in case someone is linking to it.) Getting to know Evelyn Rodriguez, who translated surviving last year's tsunami into something personal for those...

A call for professional journalists


Here's something you don't see every day -- a call for more professional journalism. Russell Beattie uses the upcoming launch of Newsvine, which will combine straight news with blog-like conversation, to explain the need for professional journalists compared to blog-columnists...

"Radio. God, that's going to break down a lot of walls."


Just caugh at few minutes of Inherit the Wind -- the version produced the same year I was. Here's a little snippet near the end, a conversation between Spencer Tracy as Henry Drummond/Clarence Darrow and an announcer from WGN that's...

White Sox Win! White Sox Win!


And it only took 88 years. As a baseball fan, I don't like to see a sweep but as my father's daughter couldn't be happier. Even my mother, the born-and-bred Cubs fan -- I come from a mixed marriage --...

Rosa Parks: 1913-2005


I lit a memorial candle tonight for someone I never met, for a moment in time when one woman's decision not to give in meshed with one man's determination to change the world without violence. As the light flickers, I...