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a digital magpie

Updated: 2016-10-24T13:44:47Z


By: PeterV


”because you say ”RSS”, someone else says ”Syndication”, and a third person says ”XML” […]”
That is an issue that is addressed nicely (I’m biased – I wrote it) by XFML: XFML provides two ways of addressing it:
1. a direct pointer between topics (which can be inherited through the network)
2. a pointer to a ”published subject indicator” (psi) (a concept nicked from XTM topicmaps) which is a page describing the topic, so the software can infere the topics are the same if they point to the same psi, even if they use different names.

By: Phil Ringnalda


XFML does indeed nicely handle the ”I say flavor, you say flavour, he says taste” situation. However, what I didn’t really realize as I gave that example was that ”I say RSS because I have a separate category for the Klip .food format, you say Syndication because you lump them both in one, and someone else says XML because they only rarely talk about it, so they mix RSS, XFML, and SOAP all in one category.”

What I personally want from categorization to be able to sort posts from a variety of RSS feeds into my own topic mapping (not the current extremely coarse mapping, but a reasonably fine grained one), fairly automatically. It’s dead simple with a one-to-one match, quite easy when I’m coarser than they are, but baffling when I’m finer than them. The best I can come up with is a set of terms that are certainly within a topic, so that an incoming post from ”Syndication” that includes ”RSS” or ”RDF Site Summary” is an RSS post, one that includes ”Klip*” is a Klip post, and one that includes neither or both requires manual intervention.



Auto trackback and categorising blogs

Ben Hammerlsey wants more. Well ”More Like this” to be precise: Movable Type blogs now automatically create trackbacks when they

By: Burningbird


When Doors are Open

It started with Ben Hammersley getting an idea: So here’s what I’d like. Movable Type blogs now automatically create trackbacks when they can. These trackbacks contain RDF, denoting the category the MT blog has that category within. MT produces RDF