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Commentary on the news and events of the day from a libertarian anarchist, technoptimist, neo-traditionalist, high church Anglican, right-wing, Cypherpunk perspective. ----------- frissell(at)panix(dot)commie

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Colleges That Refuse Federal Funds


Here is my current list of 8 colleges that are largely free of regulation because they don't accept federal funds.  It's not definitive since there are so many colleges in the US, but it's the longest I've seen.  All are explicitly conservative save Principia which is affiliated with Christian Science.   I've included only four-year institutions (sorry Deep Springs College) that offer a general

Why Would You Educate Your Children Privately?


Not a question that most people ask directly.  But  over the decades, we've gotten that question indirectly through comments to our children and grandchildren and some veiled remarks to us. Why would you outsource the mental, moral, and spiritual development of your children to the government?  Are they well-equipped to provide those services? The curriculum of government schools is lousy.

Wills and Kate to Use the 1928 English Payerbook Service


They're using Alternative Services, Series One: The Form of Solemnization of Matrimony basically the 1928 (English) prayer book. Chuck and Di used it in '81. So they'll be forced to practice the "the increase of mankind" [1928] instead of "the procreation of children" [1662] and it's OK for them to marry "to satisfy men's carnal lusts and appetites, like brute beasts that have no understanding

There Have Only Been 5 Conservative/Libertarian Films


The recent premier of The Greatest Libertarian Science Fiction Railroad Film ever made has made me (briefly) think about the Conservative/Libertarian Cinema. Contemplation will establish that there have only been 2 conservative and 3 libertarian films ever made (in English).  I must admit that I've never seen the Italian Fascist version of We the Living but it wasn't produced by anyone with any

Public Employees are Exploited


I heard it right here on The Takeaway on National Commie Radio a while back.  Robert Pollin, an econ prof at UMass Amherst said that public employees in America are paid 4% less (including benefits!) than private employees at the same age and ed level. I never knew.  I feel terrible.  We simply must free these workers from the oppression of these working conditions.  Let them go to find wealth

More than a century of American educational reform in one post


1893 - Report of the Committee of Ten on Secondary School Subjects recommends that students in the newly developing high schools be taught Latin, Greek, English, other Modern Languages, Mathematics, Geometry, Algebra,  Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, History and Civil Government, Geography,  and Meteorology. 1918 - Cardinal Principles of Secondary Education is published by the Commission on the

"Baby It's Cold Outside" - The real cause of WWIV


1949 - Egyptian writer, teacher, and the intellectual father of modern Islamic Radicalism Sayyid Qutb visits Colorado State Teachers College in Greeley, CO.  The experience caused him to condemn America as a soulless, materialistic, sex-obsessed place.  He particularly disliked the mixed couples at a Baptist church dance dancing to the hit of that year - Baby It's Cold Outside.    

The Math of Congressional Shootings


--------------------- Hat tip to the WSJ for the interactive timeline. 11 Members of Congress have been shot while in office. 9 House members have been shot while in office. 7 Members of Congress were shot by 'progressives'. 6 Members of Congress survived their shootings. 5 Members of Congress died from their shootings. 5 Members of Congress were shot by Puerto Ricans. 4 Members of Congress

What I Didn't Say to the U.S. PIRG Guy at the Door


U.S. PIRG regularly sends door-to-door solicitors to recruit activists and money in areas where they figure the pickings are good. I've been solicited at my door (in different states) twice but had a hard time convincing them that I knew who they were and I was on the other side. I resisted the temptation to clearly state the situation. "Get off my porch, I hereby specifically cancel your

So You Want to be a Constitutionalist Member of Congress?


In a few weeks, the District of Columbia will be (a presumably temporary) home to a flock of rarae aves -- Members of Congress who've actually read the Constitution of the United States and who've pledged to uphold its original intent. How hard is it for a Congressman to be (and vote as) a Constitutional origionalist?  Can it even be done? The answers are -- in one sense it's easy, in one sense

Crippled, bisexual, communist


So I opened Google this morning to observe that it featured a special nameplate in honor of (presumably the birthday) a famous person. I recognized her but instead of clicking through the nameplate block , I thought I'd frame my own search.So I wrote the obvious search term: "crippled bisexual communist" and, sure enough got 181 hits.

What my grandmother took to the (Pearl Harbor) evacuation center


"I brought up blankets, towels, toilet paper, Kleenex, aspirin, a bottle of rum and the .38"-- What my grandmother Louise Porter Frissell took to the evacuation assembly point at Tripler Army Hospital, Oahu, Territory of Hawaii, on December 8th 1941. The wife of a Quartermaster Corps Captain (he was on the Mainland on December 7th), she and other Army dependents were ordered to Tripler in case a

Is There Anything Amazon Isn't Selling?


Google the forthcoming Honor Harrington novel Storm From the Shadows and you get a real Storm from the Shadows: David Weber: BooksBuy Storm from the Shadows and get Immortality at an additional 5% off's .... Storm From the Shadows (2009) is the second naval SF novel in the - 269k -

1993 World Trade Center Bombing


It's the 16th Anniversary.

Quality Public Schools?


If they are close in quality, I would lean toward public schools.I'm not a fan of government curricula. Too much sex, drugs, rock &roll, and stories about victims of color.Prefer a bit of the Trivium and the Quadrivium, actual history, and good Lit. Want my kids to be able to read, write, compute, imply, infer, and all that hard stuff.While I could celebrate the reduced competition that my

Milestones in American History


Today, above all days, we remember a great pioneer in the history of American race relations. The first mixed-race candidate elected to national office. I'm sure that you, together with all Americans, will be celebrating his birthday on January 25th. Even though he wasn't born in the United States, he achieved great success in local politics and in the US Senate before winning a

More Gitmo Human Rights Violations


Another victory for human rights at Gitmo:Restrictive Guantanamo Bay Homeschool Policy Abandoned This past school year, U.S. military families at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, were contacted regarding a new homeschool policy created by the commanding officer of the base. He indicated that this restrictive policy would take effect at the beginning of the 2008-2009 school year. The families immediately

Wireless Archeology


See the rectangular box hanging from a light standard at Coles & 16th Sts. in Jersey City, NJ? What do you suppose it is?It's a Ricochet POP. Still there 7 years after bankruptcy. The photo was grabbed from Google Maps Street View.I loved Ricochet for the year or so I was using it.

Why would Roe have increased the number of out-of-wedlock births?


Why would Roe have increased the number of out-of-wedlock births?Because the possibility of abortion reduces the perceived cost of fornication (from $200k to raise a child to $250 to kill one). If the perceived cost of fornication declines, then fornication increases. More fornication=more out-of-wedlock births (OOWBs) since many mothers in practice chose not to commit infanticide and other

Married Minority?


Married people aren't in the minority. Married households may be if you really bend the figures but since a married household has 2 married people in it, about 60% of those over 25 are married. Also many of the other households are the divorced and widowed who have been married.



From the dissent:But there is another dimension to the relief plaintiffs’ seek. In their presentation to the Court, they speak of the deep and symbolic significance to them of the institution of marriage. They ask to participate, not simply in the tangible benefits that civil marriage provides -- although certainly those benefits are of enormous importance -- but in the intangible benefits that



There is no guarantee or "quality control" that inherently insures that citizens or greencard holders won't be swept into this extraconstitutional dragnet.Were this true then the US-born Saudi Arabian captured in Afghanistan would not have been brought to the US for processing and then released after he renounced. They would just have sent him to Gitmo or shot him. But they didn't.DemonCats like

Yes Virginia, There is an Anti-Family Conspiracy


is there anything more nefarious going on than denying public funds to discriminatory groups?I guess they didn't teach you in your slave school that the destruction of the bourgeois family was a goal of the Left since its invention in the 19th century.By eliminating traditional institutions that supply a separate source of independent strength, the Left hopes to convert the population to

Exiled Americans


In Gilmore vs Gonzales the lower courts have held that the right to travel doesn't mean the right to travel in a specific fashion.I remember Trop v. Dulles, a 1950s case holding that denaturalization as a punishment was "cruel and unusual". In other words, you can be executed but not denaturalized. [Naturalized citizens can be denaturalized for fraud in procuring their citizenship.] One of the

"Illegal" Aliens


All of the immigration-related federal crimes that can be committed by aliens can also be committed by citizens.Look in Title 18 for "evading inspection at the border".Likewise uttering false documents (citizen presents someone else's passport for entry) (citizen unaccountably decides to apply for a visa to enter and lies on the application).Being an illegal alien per se is not a crime (though